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Quickbooks Memorized Transactions Not Automatically Entering

Quickbooks Memorized Transactions Not Automatically Entering

Why Do Quickbooks Memorized Transactions Not Automatically Entering?

Reasons for QuickBooks memorized transactions not entering automatically are Memorized transaction details are incorrect, The frequency for transaction entry is wrong, Inaccuracies and conflicts in the accounting data, Company file damage.

Error: QuickBooks memorized transactions aren’t entering automatically

QuickBooks memorized transactions are not automatically entered, forcing users to often post manual journal entries and then work accordingly. This requires users to devote more time to entering the data and ensuring accuracy. However, the memorized transactions feature is already available, and when working correctly, it should automatically enter the transaction.

If you have QuickBooks memorized transactions turned on, removing them will cause the transactions to not automatically enter your account. If you want to keep the memorized transactions, you’ll need to turn off QuickBooks memorization and manually enter each transaction.

In this post, we’ll help you resolve the problem of QuickBooks memorized transactions not automatically entering.

Why aren’t QuickBooks Memorized Transactions Entering Automatically?

Quickbooks memorized transactions are not automatically entered into your account because the program does not recognize them as transactions. To have Quickbooks enter a memorized transaction into your account, you must first designate it as a transaction in your account. Once you have designated it as a transaction, Quickbooks will begin to automatically enter the information from the Memorized Transaction Form into your account on a regular basis.

3 Simple Steps to get QuickBooks Memorized Transactions to Enter Automatically

Here are a few simple steps that you can follow in order to have the QuickBooks desktop work with automated transactions smoothly.

Follow each step one by one.

Total Time: 20 minutes

Step 1: Remake The Memorized Transaction

In this solution, we’re going to delete the old memorized transaction and create the new one so that QuickBooks can recognize and enter the transaction automatically.

Here are the steps to follow when QuickBooks does not enter memorized transactions manually:

💠 Go to the Lists option.
💠 Click on the Memorized Transaction List.
💠 Choose the Transaction that you had memorized and that doesn’t automatically enter information.
💠 Click on the drop-down menu titled Memorized Transaction.
💠 Click on Delete Memorized Transaction, then Ok.

You’ve successfully deleted the memorized transaction so that you can create a new one in place of it.

Step 2: Create A New Memorized Transaction

Once you’ve deleted the old memorized transaction, you need to create a new one so that QuickBooks can once again automatically enter memorized transactions.

Here are the steps for creating a new memorized transaction in Quickbooks for automatic entry:

💠 Go to the File menu.
💠 Choose the Memorize option against the Transaction Name.
💠 Click on Name.
💠 Enter the necessary details.
💠 Choose Automate Transaction Entry.
💠 Click on Ok.
💠 Choose Save & Close.

You’ve now created a new memorized transaction that QuickBooks should automatically enter. You also have the option to use the List function to create a group of memorized transactions on the QuickBooks desktop. You can choose the name of the group and the frequency of automatic entry of transactions.

Step 3: Rebuild And Verify the Data

Data-related issues can prevent QuickBooks from automatically entering memorized transactions. So verifying and rebuilding data is an easy way to troubleshoot for data errors and fix them.

Here are the steps to verify and rebuild data on the QuickBooks desktop:

💠 Go to the File menu.
💠 Click on the Utility option.
💠 Click on the Rebuild Data option.
💠 When the Information window appears, click on Ok.
💠 Follow the on-screen steps to create a backup of your company file.
💠 After the tool scans your data and rebuilds it, click on Ok.
💠 Go back to the File menu.
💠 From the Utility
option, choose the Verify Data option.
💠 Wait for the scan to finish.

If there’s any error in the data, the QuickBooks desktop utility will fix it for you so that QuickBooks memorized transactions enter automatically.

Note: if there’s serious damage to your company file, then this utility may not be able to fix the problem. In this case, you can get in touch with our accounting expert immediately.


When QuickBooks doesn’t enter memorized transactions automatically, you should create a new memorized transaction to replace the old one. Then you should verify and rebuild your accounting data to resolve any underlying data issues.

Note: For any help with QuickBooks memorized transactions or company file recovery, get in touch with our accounting software experts via chat or call.


What are QuickBooks memorized transactions?

A Memorized Transaction is a transaction that you have entered into QuickBooks manually. If you use the Memorized Transaction feature in QuickBooks, it will remember the information about the transaction so you don’t have to enter it each time.

If you forget to enter a transaction into QuickBooks, and then later try to process it, QuickBooks may not be able to find the transaction and may give you an error message. In this situation, you’ll need to enter the information for the transaction again.

How do I ensure that memorized transactions enter automatically?

If you use Quickbooks to manage your finances, you may find yourself entering transactions manually from time to time. This can be a hassle, particularly if you have a lot of transactions to memorize. In this article, we’ll show you how to create and use a memorized transaction, so that you can quickly and easily enter all of your financial transactions without having to remember them.

To create a memorized transaction in Quickbooks, first open the transactions tab and select the memorized transaction icon. This will open the Memorized Transaction dialog box. In this dialog box, you’ll need to provide the following information:

💠 The name of the transaction – This is the name that will appear in the transactions tab and in your bank account statements.
💠 The date of the transaction – This is the date that the transaction will take place.
💠 The amount of the transaction – This is the total amount of money that was spent on this particular purchase or sale.
💠 The category of the transaction – This is one of the categories listed in your account statement (for example, Income or Expenses).

When and how do I remove QuickBooks memorized transactions from automatically entering?

Quickbooks users often memorize transactions to avoid having to enter them each time they open the program. However, if you have a lot of memorized transactions, it can be helpful to remove them from Quickbooks so that the program will automatically enter them. Below are four reasons why you might want to remove memorized transactions from your Quickbooks account:

💠 You want your transactions to be entered automatically every time you open the program. 
💠 You don’t want to have to remember which transactions you’ve already entered into Quickbooks. 
💠 You want to track your spending more accurately by entering all your transactions manually.

You’re having trouble reconciling your bank and Quickbooks statements because Quickbooks is not automatically entering some of your bank transactions.

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