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QuickBooks Printing Issues – mPOP Printer Not Detected/Cash Drawer Not Detected

mPOP Printer Not Detected/Cash Drawer Not Detected

The mPOP mainly has two mechanical functions. One is it can print receipts another is it can open its cash drawer. Many times, it happens when your cash drawer is not detected and also the receipt printer device i.e., mPOP printer is not detected while printing. You may usually think that the device is broken or might be flawed.

However, to print receipts or open the cash drawer, the mPOP must meet several requirements to function properly. But in case, such issues are caused due by other reasons then you’re supposed to go through this guide as it provides you with step-by-step troubleshooting to fix mPOP and cash drawer issues. Also, you must stick to this post and perform each step as explained to you in this particular guide. 

Reasons Behind mPOP Printer Not Detected or Cash Drawer Not Detected 

Below listed are the factors responsible for such issues:

  • The printer status is paused 
  • The wrong printer driver has been installed 
  • The printer is unplugged or has no power 
  • The print spooling process is damaged or corrupted 
  • More than one instance of the printer has been installed. 

An important pointer must be considered to ensure that the Cash Drawer is working perfectly

  • Use a Cash Drawer that is compatible with QuickBooks Point of Sale 19.0
  • When you install the printer then make sure you run test pages outside of the POS 
  • Try to run Hardware Wizard 
  • Test receipts printed as they should 

The solution to Fix QuickBooks mPOP Printer Not Detected / Cash Drawer Not Detected Issue

However, there are multiple ways to get rid of such printing issues. Below are a few reliable solution steps that may help you overcome this issue with ease.

Let’s execute one by one:

Solution 1: Purge the printer’s memory 

  • Start with turning off the printer 
  • Turn the printer back on while pressing and holding the feed button 
  • Release the feed button when the printer starts its self-test 
  • Once the test is finished, try printing from within Point of Sale once more.

Solution 2: Make sure the printer is powered up.

Check to see if the printer’s power cord is attached and if there is a power light on when it is turned on. Connecting the receipt printer to a USB hub will not provide enough power for the printer to function properly.

Solution 3: Confirm if the printer is on or off.

  • Choose the Control Panel from the Windows Logo button
  • Then double-click the receipt printer under Devices & Printers 
  • Choose Printer >>> Cancel All Documents after selecting X documents from the queue 
  • Confirm the action by clicking the “Yes” button
  • If Pause Printing is checked, click Pause Printing on the Printer menu once more 
  • Close this window and run a test on the cash drawer. Proceed to the next solution if it fails.

Solution 4: Bypass the spooling process for printing

  • Right-click the receipt printer in the Devices and Printers box 
  • Then select Printer Properties from the Control Panel 
  • Next, go to the Advanced tab and then Print to the printer directly 
  • Test the cash drawer function by clicking OK. Continue to the next step if it fails.

Solution 5: Remove the printer and reinstall it.

  • Right-click the receipt printer in the Devices & Printers box, then select Remove device  
  • To confirm the action, click “Yes”
  • Repeat this procedure for any additional printer copies that may be installed  
  • The receipt printer will be reinstalled
  • The cash drawer should now function properly. 

How to verify if the issue is resolved

You can try testing the mPOP printer and cash drawer:

Perform the below steps to test the printer from within the Point of Sale:

  • First, go to the File menu >>> Preferences >>> Workstation 
  • Select the option “Documents & Printers” 
  • And then click on the “Print Test Page” option.

Steps to test the cash drawer from within the Point of Sale:

  • Select File >> Preferences >> Workstation from the File menu
  • Select Cash Drawer and then click Open Cash Drawer after making sure the Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer Connection are set up correctly.


The above suggested are a few quick ways to resolve the mPOP printer not detected / Cash Drawer not detected issue. Moreover, you can reach out to a team of Experts via Live Chat or you can visit our to learn more about printing issues in QuickBooks. 


  1. How do I open the cash drawer by hand?

    You can open the cash drawer by hand by using the lock release lever. You can also use the multi-function button to open the drawer if the drawer open function is functional with the multi-function button.

  2. What do flashing lights indicate in an mPOP printer?

    The flashing lights will indicate mPOP’s status. For example, whether it is on regular standby, if it is waiting for Bluetooth pairing, or if an error occurs.

  3. What can be the reasons if the receipts are not printed properly?

    There can be multiple reasons behind this issue:

    1. The power might be turned on 
    2. The power cable is not connected properly 
    3. The sheet might be facing the right direction 
    4. The LED display in display status is turned off 
    5. The paper may be jammed in any way 
    6. The self-printing is not working properly.

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