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QuickBooks Not Taking Out Federal Taxes

QuickBooks Not Taking Out Federal Taxes

Reasons for QuickBooks not taking out federal taxes are The salary of the employee exceeds the salary limit, the Salary of the employee is too low based on the last payroll, The latest tax tables and forms aren’t available, Payroll items aren’t ordered properly

Error: QuickBooks not taking out federal taxes

QuickBooks will not take out federal taxes if you haven’t installed the latest payroll updates that include the tax tables and forms recently introduced or amended by federal and state governments. Further, the information you’ve saved for each employee must be correct and be within the limits set by you. Limits help you ensure that you’re not making any inaccurate calculations when filing your taxes.

Before QuickBooks can take out federal taxes, you need to install the latest updates for the payroll software. Then you have to verify the information for each employee is correct. Further, check that the deductions and calculations aren’t exceeding limits set by the particular employee. You’ll have to proceed with caution because changes made can alter calculation by a large magnitude.

In this post, you’ll learn why QuickBooks is not taking out federal taxes, and how to fix this problem.

Why is QuickBooks not taking out federal taxes?

When QuickBooks is not taking out federal taxes, you need to check the preferences set for each employee. Then you have to view the payroll data for the employee and verify the minimum and maximum limit that you’ve created for that employee. Further, without access to the latest tax tables and forms, QuickBooks payroll cannot take out federal taxes accurately because it doesn’t have the latest tax rates.

Here are the factors used by QuickBooks for calculating federal taxes:

  • Total taxable wage
  • Frequency of payment received
  • Status of filing
  • Total number of dependents with the employee
Note: use an admin account to apply the solutions so that you won’t encounter any errors while trying to fix QuickBooks federal taxes error.

Solution Steps to Fix QuickBooks not taking out Federal Taxes Problem

When QuickBooks isn’t taking out federal taxes or calculating federal taxes inaccurately, you can use the following solutions that have proven to work to resolve this error.

Total Time: 21 minutes

Step 1: Review And Correct Employee Payroll Information

Review And Correct Employee Payroll Information

When you create an employee in payroll, you need to save related information so that QuickBooks can automatically calculate various taxes and file them when you want to. However, if the information itself is wrong, then QuickBooks won’t be able to calculate taxes correctly.

When QuickBooks is not taking out Federal Taxes, follow these steps to check payroll information for your employees:

💠 Log into QuickBooks.
💠 Click on Employees from the main menu.
💠 Click on Employee Center.
💠 Double click on Employee’s Name.
💠 Click on the Payroll Info option available on the left side of the window.
💠 Check Pay Frequency information and verify its authenticity.
💠 Go to the Taxes button.
💠 From the Federal Tab, view the Filing Status filed.
💠 Make corrections to the Allowances and Filing Status fields if necessary.
💠 Click on Ok, then Ok again.

Further, you may have to check if the payroll items are deducting accurately and set as gross or net values:

💠 Choose the Lists option besides the Employees option.
💠 Click on Payroll Item List.
💠 Then choose a particular deduction and Right Click on it.
💠 Click on Edit Payroll Item, then Next.
💠 Upon reaching the Gross vs Net screen, choose the correct option from the two, then choose Next.
💠 Click on Finish, then again Finish.

Note: you should consult someone who is familiar with the payroll process of your company so that you don’t end up causing errors in the data itself. Further, you’ll need admin rights to change employee data.

Step 2: Update QuickBooks Payroll for the latest tax tables

Update QuickBooks Payroll for the latest tax tables

QuickBooks may not be taking out federal taxes because it doesn’t have the latest tax tables nor the latest tax forms. So it cannot accurately calculate the taxes, and refrains from putting numbers ahead to the user.

To ensure that QuickBooks taxes out federal taxes, follow these steps to get the latest tax tables and forms:

💠 Launch QuickBooks Desktop.
💠 Go to the Employees menu.
💠 Choose the Get Payroll Update option.
💠 Then, select the Download entire payroll update option.
💠 Click on Update.
💠 Go to the Enter Payroll Information window.
💠 Right click on any Pending Paycheck, then select Revert Paycheck.
💠 Enter the paycheck details once more to calculate federal taxes accurately.

Step 3: Verify The Order Of Payroll Items

Verify The Order Of Payroll Items

Paycheck components are calculated in the direction issued in the paycheck’s Additional Payment Components page. For instance, if a garnish wages deduction component is established to determine predicated on gross salary and is mentioned within Other Payroll components 2nd to an Advance extension object, the Progress object will quantify initially, and the garnish wages tax cut will be determined by calculating based on the integration of gross income items plus the Progress.

To see if the ordering of the payment components on the check is impacting the computation, look at the ordering of the payment components on the check:

💠 Reset the items based on the component that you want the payroll calculation to be based on. The first item usually serves this purpose, so make changes accordingly.
💠 To ensure deductions or additions of certain items, but those items after the ones that you want the payroll calculation to be based on.

Do not make these changes without consulting with an accountant first. These changes can result in drastic variance in payroll calculation, the variance that may result in incorrect payroll and tax calculation. Further, it may be difficult to identify the problem later down the line.


When QuickBooks is not taking out federal taxes, users need to verify the preferences and information of the employee. Further, updating the payroll can introduce the latest tax tables that contain the most recent rates set for federal and many state taxes.


  1. Why should QuickBooks take out my federal taxes?

    QuickBooks is known as one of the most popular and reliable software programs for managing finances. QuickBooks payroll generally accurately calculates federal and state taxes based on the most recent tax rates, if you’ve installed the latest payroll updates.

    QuickBooks should automatically take out your federal taxes based on the tax rate and payroll items. Further, the order of the payroll items can also influence the final calculation made by QuickBooks. If the preferences aren’t set correctly, QuickBooks will not take out federal taxes from payroll.

  2. What should I do if QuickBooks has taken out my federal taxes?

    If you’re using QuickBooks to manage your federal taxes, there’s a good chance that the software has taken out your federal taxes and mentioned them. If this hasn’t happened for a particular employee, then this can result in penalties and interest. Here’s what you should do if this happens. If you discover that QuickBooks inaccurately took out federal taxes, you’ll need to review the documentation and calculations provided by QuickBooks to make sure they’re correct. You may also need to file an amendment if necessary.

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