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Delete Company in QuickBooks

Delete Company In QuickBooks

You need to Purge or delete the QuickBooks Online data but you have no clue as to where to begin. This quick guide will lead you through the process very smoothly and ensure that you can delete company in QuickBooks.

Further, you can find how to replace the online data with the QuickBooks Desktop file. The process is simple and you need to follow it step by step to ensure a quick resolution to your problem.

How to Locate The Company File in QuickBooks

There are different methods to locate the company file in quickbooks versions, Some of the best methods are mentioned below:

1. Steps to Locate the Company File in QuickBooks Windows (Pro, Premier, and Enterprise)

  • Go to QuickBooks and locate the file that you want to delete ( Go to File >>> Open or Restore Company).
  • To open the company select “Open a company file” >>> Click Next.
  • Choose the file which you want to Delete and click open.
  • Get the location of the file, to do that click F2 which shows the path of the file stored in your computer(example – C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files\Name of the files).
  • Close the QuickBooks >> click the File and exit.

2. Steps to Locate The Company File in QuickBooks Mac

  • Double click the QuickBooks and the company file which is going to be deleted.
  • Go to the Top menu bar after that click Help >>> select options Product information.
  • You can see a new screen opening, go to the bottom, and see the file location.
  • You can go as per this file path to delete the path.
  • The path would be like Documents >>> Intuit>>>> QuickBooks>>>Company Files >>> File Name.
  • Now close this screen.

How to Delete Company in QuickBooks

There is a different method to delete A company file in quickbooks for each type of version;

How to Delete a Company from QuickBooks Online

You can follow the below steps to delete the Company in QuickBooks online.

  • Before deleting the company verify that you have that company.
  • Open the QuickBooks and go to the Gear Icon which can be located at the top right corner.
  • Now click options Accounts and Settings >>> Billing and Subscription.
  • Now see the “ Subscription “ Status and click the Cancel link available beside the subscription status.
  • You will be prompted to ask whether you want to cancel or change the plan but if you want to delete click Continue to Cancel.

Alternate Methods

Resolution: We will follow different guidelines for different kinds of accounts. Ensure that you follow the right one:

A. If your account is older than 60 days in activation:

You cannot purge your company data if it has been active for more than 60 days. In this process, we will cancel the account and take a new subscription:

1. Cancelling the account
  • Sign into your QuickBooks Online Company.
  • Go to the Gear Icon and select it.
  • Browse to your Account.
  • Click on Update Credit Card.
  • Now, go to the Subscription Status section and click on Cancel Subscription Link.
  • Follow the prompts shown on the screen to complete the cancellation process.
2. Starting a New Account
  • Type in the search field of your browser and press Enter.
  • You can use the same old user ID and password to log in, or you can fill up the information and set up a new account.

B. If your account is not older than 60 days in activation and you need to import the QuickBooks Desktop Company File:

Please note that the QuickBooks Online data once deleted or replaced by the QuickBooks Desktop Company File cannot be restored later. The process is irreversible.

  • Sign In.
  • Go to the upper right corner of the screen and choose the Gear Icon.
  • Click on Import Desktop Data.
  • Choose the appropriate version and follow the instructions to import your data.

In case you get stuck at some point, get in touch with the QuickBooks Tech Support team.

C. If your account is not older than 60 days and you need to purge the data:

Please note that if QuickBooks Online data has been deleted once, it cannot be restored later. The process is irreversible:

  • Go to your QuickBooks Online Company by logging in.
  • You will see the URL. Change it. Ask our experts.
  • You will be forwarded to the next screen where you will be able to see the summary of the items you need to delete. Once the data has been deleted, type Yes and then move on to click
  • Once you have made your selections, click on Wipe Data.
  • QuickBooks will reroute you to the homepage once you have completed the process of deletion.
  • Create your new company file or exit the website.

How to Delete a Company from QuickBooks Mac Version

There are pretty simple two-step guides to delete a company file in Quickbooks Mac. First & foremost: Locate the File & than Delete,

Use steps blow.

1. Locate the Company File 

  • Open the Company File in Quickbooks then Select product information in the Help section from the Top Menu Bar.
  • At the bottom of the new screen file location. Point the cursor over the path & note it down. You have to use this path to delete a file, for example, Documents > Intuit > QuickBooks > Company Files > (the name of your file).
  • Click on the (X) mark to close the screen.

2. Delete the Company File

  • Navigate to the file you have noted in the above steps (ex: Documents > Intuit > QuickBooks > Company Files > (the name of your file).
  • Now click on the Company file you want to be deleted. Just drag the file to the trash bin.
  • Delete all related files & disc images for the same company file you have deleted. (Note: All the files are backup copies of company files).
  • The company file now has been deleted. If you want to delete it permanently or want to restore it. Just simply head to your system trash bin and take the required actions.

How to Delete the Company File from QuickBooks Desktop

  • Double-click the QuickBooks application.
  • Now go to the File menu.
  • Choose the option Close Company.
  • Click the Edit option available on the right-hand side.
  • Make a checkmark in front of the file which you want to delete.
  • Select Ok.

You should be able to purge or delete the QuickBooks Online data by following the processes given above. If you were not able to do so, or you faced some technical issues while operating, call our QuickBooks Technical Team. They have a terrific help desk which comprises extremely experienced experts. You can give a call at the toll-free helpline to get in touch with the QuickBooks Experts.


  1. What is a company in QuickBooks?

    It is a file that carries the company’s financial details. You can delete the same whenever you want but before deleting that file make sure that you are deleting the correct file. Deleting any wrong file might put you in trouble.

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