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QuickBooks Payroll By Job Report


How to Create QuickBooks Payroll By Job Report

There are many reports that are to be generated under QuickBooks in order to get a complete picture of the business and its growth. One such report is related to Job Cost Report also including total payroll / labor burden costs and hours worked.

Generating a job cost report showcasing the hours put in by the employee, on a particular job or for all jobs, for a particular week or at the end of a job including payroll/labor burden costs ensures contractor is provided with imperative job costing details so user can verify whether the bid of number of man hours and payroll costs required for a job is authentic or not. In case need more clarification contact QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service Number now .

NOTE: It is highly imperative that user starts with a single pay period and a single paycheck to ensure that the report generated is authentic. Once the report’s credibility is verified, memorize it and then user can either finish their payroll process or change the dates to better suite business requirements.

Generate Payroll Summary Report by Job

  • Go to main menu bar and locate Reports option and then click on Custom Transaction Detail report from the drop down menu bar (the Modify Report:Custom Transaction Detail Report window may or may not automatically pop-up; if it does not, then click on the Modify Report tab)
  • Next select the Display tab, locate the Columns section and using the scroll bar on the right of the window select (select) only the following options – Date, Num, Name, Source Name, Item, Payroll Item, Qty, Sales Price, Amount and Balance. All other items in this list that were pre-selected should be unchecked.
  • Selectthe Filters tab
    • UnderChoose Filter section, click on Transaction Type and then on the Paychecks option from the drop down menu
    • From Choose Filter segment again, click on Accounttab and then choose Multiple accounts from the drop down menu and then in the new window select all the required Payroll Expense or Payroll Cost of Goods Sold Payroll Costs accounts.
  • Click on the OK button.

Printing QB payroll Job Costing Report

Now print the report without closing it off by following the instructions below:

Firstly, the user needs to make a comparison of the report with that of the employees paycheck in order to ensure all the imperative amounts included in the Paycheck Details category of Company summary is available within the report as well.

Once all the amounts are verified and included for, user needs to follow steps below:

  • Select Modify Report button, followed by clicking on the tab for header or footer.
  • Next step is to make changes under Report Title by naming it as ‘Job Cost Report with Hours & Payroll/Labor Burden Costs.
  • Click on ‘OK’ tab and then on Memorize Button followed by Save tab.

User can now generate the memorized report at any time of their convenience and make further modifications for a specific date range or even a specific job.

In order to generate memorized report for any particular job, follow steps below:

  • From the main menu bar of the software, locate and select Reports tab followed by Memorized Report option and then Select your Report tab.
  • Now the select button called ‘Modify Report’ under which select the tab labeled ‘Filters’ and then Filtersbox.
  • Next select the option of ‘Name’ and from the drop down menu click on the particular job for the report.
  • Now go to ‘Date’ option and from the drop down menu click on ‘All’ option.
  • End the process by clicking o ‘Refresh’ button.

The above steps will generate a complete report for the particular job including payroll / labor burden costs till the last date. This is one of the most imperative report to garner once the job is complete.

Help for Creating Job Report Intuit QB Payroll


  1. What is a job cost report in QuickBooks?

    It is a type of report, including components that help in tracking the cost of the project. The information mentioned in the reports is beneficial for future tasks.

  2. Can I get Job costing feature in QuickBooks?

    Yes, QuickBooks Online plus & Advanced provides Job costing options to determine the cost of the projects. It lets you the ease of organizing transactions regarding Job and later monitors the process of each transaction. It helps in enhancing the productivity of the business.

  3. What can you get in job reports?

    QuickBooks ‘ job reports contain the details regarding total Payroll, employee burden costs, and working time of employee inaccurate hours.

  4. What is the advantage of creating a job report?

    It helps get a clear picture of the number of labor hours and payment costs needed for a particular job. It showcases the hours allotted for a specific task.

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