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QuickBooks POS Cash Drawer Not Opening

QuickBooks POS Cash Drawer Not Opening

A cash drawer may refuse to open for a few reasons. The thermal printer is the main reason. The thermal printer is directly connected to the cash drawer, and it is the printer—not the POS computer—that manages the cash drawer. The cash drawer won’t open if the printer is not turned on. Additionally, if there is a paper error, such as if the thermal printer is extremely low on paper or out of paper, many thermal printers won’t permit the cash drawer to open.

Replace the paper roll to rectify this. Finally, a lot of cash drawers are locked. The cash drawer is locked if the lock is turned to the left. Cash drawer locks if the lock is turned to the left. To unlock, turn the lock back to the right after using the key. 

Balancing your cash drawer should be done at least once a day and should be an important part of your routine. You’re doing yourself a great loss if you’re used to opening your cash drawer, depositing that money, and closing it without giving it another thought. We explain why it’s crucial to balance your cash drawer like a pro in this post, as well as how you can do it. 

Everyone wants the sales to go smoothly; nobody ever wants to deal with an unforeseen POS system issue. But eventually, something will cause a problem. You can be sure that a tech call is necessary if these fixes don’t resolve the issue. With our in-depth knowledge. We can resolve several printer and cash drawer issues. Naturally, if all else fails, switch it on and off again! 

How do I set up my printer to automatically open the cash drawer?

You can set up your cash drawer to open automatically after you print a receipt for each transaction. You can configure your cash drawer using the steps outlined in this useful guide.

The following describes how to configure your printer to open your cash drawer:

  1. Connect the RJ12 connector cable from the cash drawer to your receipt printer. This cable resembles a phone line.
  2.  Next, select Printers & Scanners from the left-hand menu under Devices in Windows 10’s Settings menu.
  3.   Choose the printer you want to customize, then click Manage.
  4.   Select ‘Cash Drawer’ as the Peripheral Unit Type under Installable Options.
  5.   To have the drawer open after the receipt prints, change the Peripheral Unit 1 and Peripheral Unit 2 fields to ‘Document Bottom’.
  6. Press OK to save these settings and run a test sale to make sure everything is set up correctly. 

Solve the cash drawer won’t open and receipt printer problems:

One of the following receipt printer errors occurs when you print a report or a receipt:

  • The cash drawer won’t open, and the printer won’t print receipts.
  • Blank receipts are printed using a thermal printer.
  • Before the receipt printing is complete, the receipt is cut numerous times. 

The font is very small or compressed when displaying or printing a report or receipt.

Here are some troubleshooting instructions to help you fix your receipt printer. Choose the one that most accurately reflects your situation and then follow the instructions.

Both the cash drawer and the receipt printer refuse to operate.

These factors may contribute to this problem:

  • There is no power or the printer is unplugged.
  • The status of the printer is paused.
  • There is a problem with print spooling.
  • The incorrect printer driver has been set up.
  • The printer has been installed multiple times. 

Test the printer and cash drawer after each numbered step to see if the problem has been fixed:

From the Point of Sale, test the printer as follows:

1.  Select Workstation under File > Preferences.

  • Click Print Test Page after selecting Documents & Printers.
  •  From within the Point of Sale, check the cash drawer:

2.  Select Workstation under File > Preferences.

  • When the Cash Drawer Connection and Receipt Printer are set up correctly, select Cash Drawer and then click ‘Open Cash Drawer’. 

Solution 1: Delete all printer data.

  • Switch off the printer. 
  •  Restart the printer by holding down the feed button.
  • Release the feed button once the printer starts running its self-test.
  • Try printing again from within Point of Sale after the test is finished.

Solution 2: Make sure the printer is powered up. 

Verify that the printer’s power cord is attached and that the power light is on when the device is turned on. The receipt printer should not be connected to a USB hub because the printer won’t receive enough power to operate properly.

Solution 3: Make certain that the printer is not paused.

  • Select Control Panel from the Windows Logo menu.
  • Double-click the receipt printer after selecting Devices and Printers.
  • Choose Printer > Cancel All Documents after selecting X documents in the queue. To confirm the action, click Yes.
  • Click the Printer menu again, and then click Pause Printing if it is checked.
  • Close this window and try the cash drawer. If it fails, proceed to the next step. 

Solution 4: Avoid using the print spooling process.

  • Right-click the receipt printer in the Devices and Printers window from the Control Panel, then select Printer Properties.
  • Select the Advanced tab, then select Print directly to a printer.
  • Click OK to run the cash drawer test. If it fails, proceed to the next step.

Why is it important to balance your cash drawer?

In order to balance your cash drawer, all types of payment methods, including credit cards and checks, must be taken into consideration. As a merchant, you must be concerned with cash flow within your company. It’s also important to take into account the growing popularity of mobile payment systems. A clear understanding of your company’s financial situation is provided by balancing your cash drawer, which makes sure that every profit generated by your business is taken into account. 

It’s crucial for businesses that deal with cash transactions to implement cash-handling procedures, even if you have the utmost confidence and trust in your employees and even consider them to be family. By holding all parties accountable for what enters and leaves your register, these procedures not only safeguard you as the business owner but also your employees. To avoid shortages brought on by improper cash handling or theft, the most crucial reason you should balance your cash drawer. However, you should also check that your employees are giving customers enough change and that you never have too much cash on hand.

For QuickBooks Point of Sale 19.0, how to configure a cash drawer 

Check if your receipt printer is connected and operational before setting up your cash drawer. This fuels the operation of your cash drawer. Here’s how to install your printer. 

How to install cash drawer for QuickBooks POS 19.0

  • After choosing File, choose Hardware Setup Wizard.
  • After choosing Cash Drawer, attach the cash drawer cable to the receipt printer.
  • Choose your preferred printer from the dropdown menu for the receipt printer.
  • Choose the cash drawer you use from the dropdown menu. 
  • Choose ‘Check the Cash Drawer’. 

Fixing Point of Sale issues in Windows 10 

The most recent release of the Windows operating system, Windows 10, includes a number of upgrades and improvements. You might experience or get one of the following errors after installing Windows 10: 

  • Company file loophole
  • Outdated hardware drivers
  • The configuration of the firewall is incorrect.

Note: For Point of Sale (software and hardware) to operate properly, you might need to change a few settings if you’re using Windows 10.

Important: Before installing Windows 10, make a backup copy of your Point of Sale company file if you’re upgrading to that version of the operating system.

Saving your file to an external drive, such as a USB flash drive or other external hard drive, is good. When upgrading to Windows 10, this safeguards and secures your company file from any potential threats. 

Following the installation of Windows 10, you might experience the following problems: 

Company file loophole: 

The Point of Sale Company Operations screen is getting loops, making it impossible for customers to access their company data file. The Windows Operating System had terminated the Intuit Entitlement Services, as a result.

This happens when a Windows update makes it impossible for the Intuit Entitlement Service, which allows Point of Sale software to open a data file, to function as it once did.

Hardware drivers that are incompatible:

Windows has the ability to automatically download and update device drivers.

Note: The Windows 10 operating system has the ability to identify and install default hardware drivers automatically. These include tools like bar code scanners, cash drawers, pin pads, and cash drawers.

Install compatible hardware drivers for Point of Sale provides guidance on configuring compatible hardware drivers for Windows 10. Make sure the hardware being installed is on the list of Point of Sale: Compatible Hardware.

The firewall’s configuration is incorrect:

If you upgrade to Windows 10, you might experience connectivity issues. A firewall or other security system that prevents communication between the workstations and your company data may be to blame for this. To fix this problem, the firewall may need to be configured. 


In QuickBooks, how do I install a cash drawer?

After choosing File, choose Hardware Setup Wizard. After choosing Cash Drawer, attach the cash drawer cable to the receipt printer’s back. Choose your preferred printer from the dropdown menu for the receipt printer. Choose the cash drawer you use from the dropdown menu. 

What exactly is a point-of-sale cash drawer?

A cash drawer is constructed of strong materials. It can function completely independently or as an integral part of the registered hardware. Underneath these POS cash drawers is usually a manual release catch. This is done to ensure that a company’s cash is still accessible in the event of a power outage.

What is the procedure for connecting the receipt printer to the cash drawer? 

Attach the cash drawer cable to the back of the receipt printer after selecting Cash Drawer. From the Receipt Printer dropdown menu, select your preferred printer. Select your preferred cash drawer from the Cash Drawer dropdown menu. Check the Cash Drawer is the option. When you open the cash drawer, you’ll notice: Choose the Drawer, and then the Drawer will be Opened. 

How do I transfer money from my cash drawer to my bank account?

Select Transfer Funds from the Banking menu. Transfer Funds Choose the Cash in Drawer account from the drop-down menu. Transfer Funds and then Choose the ‘Undeposited Funds account’ from the drop-down menu. Enter the amount of money to be transferred in the Transfer Amount field. Select Save & Close. Deposit the transferred funds. 

How do cash drawers and receipt printers work?

There is a physical cable that extends from a typical cash drawer and plugs into the receipt printer. You give the printer a command to open the drawer. The cash drawer will receive a signal from the printer that will cause it to open.

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