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QuickBooks Troubleshooting EFILE Errors in Pro-Tax

EFILE stands for an automated feature that permits certified tax preparation service providers to file for the returns instantly through the internet independent of paper documents. This process is done on behalf of the customers. One can easily transfer the tax logs directly from the system to the IRS. This article will discuss QuickBooks troubleshooting EFILE errors in Pro tax and other mandatory concepts regarding EFILE credentials.


QBOA (QuickBooks Online Accountant) Pro tax referred to a cloud-dependent application that let clients to electronically claim for returns precisely to the CRA through EFILE service.

When professional tax preparers want to EFILE for a return through Pro-Tax, an electronic filter plays an essential role. They should need to apply for the CRA and get a preparer ID, EFILE number & password. Several errors message occurs that interrupt EFILE returns. These errors must be fixed before the completion of a transmission.

Pro-Tax information entry fields:

Clients may get a notification about the rejected returns. In several cases these rejections may occur due to the failure of correct tax flow.

 Description of several EFILE errors:


  • 2130:


This error message notify there is a present year displacement date documented with the Canada Revenue organization but absent in return


  • 2252:


This error represents home buyer plan repayment claim of RC 383 at field 5883, is lesser than the needed repayment or field 5508 is missing in HBP repayment


  • 2250:


This claim is for Home Buyer Plan repayment of Schedule 7 at field 246 or when entered field number is beyond the required repayable.


  • 2302:


  • This claim is provided for home Buyers of Schedule 1 at field 369. It usually occurs when the value crosses the maximum permitted repayable. 
  • Check the written data. If the return is accurate, then reach CRA and confirm that file information matches the data received through the tax preparer.

EFILE Rejection errors:

These issues might occur when you attempt to e-file for returns with IRS via QuickBooks Desktop.

 Major Requirement of EFILE:

  • A strong internet connection
  • Updated payroll
  • QuickBooks Desktop Compatible versions 

Following is the list of reject issues along with solutions: 

Issue 1:

When you have a PIN but still face rejections:


  • Monitor the 10 digits numerical PIN code provided by IRS during enrollment to file the 94X
  • Re-write the code into QuickBooks Desktop and then re-submit the fillings.

Issue 2:

When you have an existing successful filling but still face rejection:


 This might occurs due to corrupted Credential Vault 


  • Locate the E-file Login page and unselect the field named Remember My information for Next time 
  • Check and re-fill the 10-digit pin code that you get through IRS after e-file enrollment of 94X
  • Submit again 

Issue 3:

When you modify Bank account in your QuickBooks for EFTPS payment and still unable to send a payment


  • E-payment bank account modification in QuickBooks Desktop you need to modify it on the official website too. Moreover you require notifying the financial agencies associated with it for getting bank account e-payments to change. 

How to fix EFILE issues in QuickBooks?

Following is the basic troubleshooting steps to resolve EFILE errors:

  • Locate an error message and double-click on it
  • The return displays with a selected auditor option
  • Check the notified issue appearing in the red-colored text 
  • Select the source of each error displaying in the return. For instance, whenever the user clicks on an error that occurs due to an in-accurate SIN number that lets you enter in an info web-page where the SIN is filled.
  • Fix the remaining errors appearing in the auditor
  • Save the change on the return
  • Re-try to perform the electronic transmission.

Communicate with QuickBooks experts?

Expectantly, the above-mentioned guidance assisted you to perform QuickBooks Troubleshooting EFILE errors in Pro-Tax effectively. So dedicatedly follow each step. In case, the issue still appears on the screen, so without wasting your time, simply reach QuickBooks at +1800-816-6849. They will assist you with the best possible method to resolve the error permanently in the least possible time. You can also do a live chat with the experts to fix any other QuickBooks issue or send an email

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