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QuickBooks Printing Issues – Zebra Printer Problem & Errors

Zebra Printer Problem & Errors

Undoubtedly, Zebra Printer is very recognized in the range of printers that are quite reliable and easy to use. Whether it is a Desktop printer, Industrial printer, and Mobile printer. You can quickly print Fax, Scan, and Copy the documents, all just by using a single device. Behind the fruitful working on the printer’s functionality, its drivers and software also perform a very important role.

However, Zebra Printer has the utmost and advanced features that provide the quality printing service. All reasons, arising issues are common to happen anytime if the device maintenance is not done correctly. No doubt, Zebra Printer Problems hamper users work and to ensure your printer continues to work efficiently and effectively, you need to understand numerous interpreting indicators, instructions, and more. But you don’t have to worry, if you are facing Zebra Printing Problems and looking for reliable ways to overcome such issues.

What are the common QuickBooks & Zebra Printer Problems Issues? 

  • Install new drivers in Zebra Printer 
  • Configuration and Setting changes to the printer 
  • Zebra Printer Offline errors 
  • Grinding noise in Printer 
  • Toner smear and white lines problem 
  • Zebra Printer power On the issue 
  • Connectivity errors occur in the printer 
  • Paper jam issue in Printer 
  • Problems in replacing Ink Cartridges 
  • Low Ink warnings occur in the Printer
  • Adjust Zebra Printing is faded or poor quality 
  • Label print is not correct in Zebra Printer 
  • Problems in replacing Ink Cartridges 
  • Slow print rate while connecting to mobile devices. 

Why do users face trouble with their Zebra Printer While Using QuickBooks?

Users often face problems with their Zebra printers. However, the issue can occur due to the following reasons: 

  • Either your Zebra printer isn’t connected to the internet or it’s stuck.
  • Your Zebra printer is either out of ink or lacks system permissions.
  • The drivers for the Zebra printer are corrupted, and it is having problems with other printing and security applications.
  • Software and hardware issues plague the Zebra printer. 

Troubleshooting Methods to Fix QuickBooks & Zebra Printer Problems

Get a step-by-step approach to troubleshooting in a straightforward manner. Simply follow the steps outlined below:

Method 1: Install New Drivers in Zebra Printer 

Many users face an install a new driver in the Zebra Printer issue, which is a very common issue and easily fixed by simple troubleshooting steps:

  • Visit the official site of Zebra Printer to find an updated driver 
  • Next, install the driver before connecting the USB
  • After that, install a driver with “Network” followed by using “Settings” once the driver is installed to configure the IP address
  • If the driver is not communicating then try using the different connection cable 
  • The driver installed under the section called “Devices and Printers ” on your PC 
  • You should come online or a new driver will install automatically 
  • Finally, test a print. 

Method 2: Desktop Labels Print is not correctly on Zebra Printer 

If you’re observing that your Labels show small or blurred on your Zebra Printer then you should follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps to change the size and clarity of the label. 

  • Go to the Control Panel on your desktop and then select “View Devices and Printers” 
  • Move to the “Printing Preferences” by right-clicking on the Zebra Printer 
  • And then select the option “Stocks” followed by clicking on the “New” option 
  • This will allow entering different custom selections for your Label 
  • After that, look for the name or label size and then modify the setting according to your choice 
  • Once done then click on the “Ok” button 
  • Now, go to the Options tab and click on “Stocks” from the drop-down menu 
  • Then you’ll see the option to select “4X6” which lets you use the “4X6” printer label setting and save it or choose as per your option then click “Apply”. 

The label will be larger and you can print with more clarity. 

Method 3: Adjust Zebra Printer for media or Ribbon to use 

If you’re not able to adjust the Zebra Printer for the media or ribbon that you want to use then precede the following steps to fix the error:

  • Initially, check the Labels to define Gap >> Notch >> Mark 
  • As per the labels, the sensor will require to be positioned correctly 
  • Verify the ribbon which is installed correctly also make a note of the color of the ribbon (Black ribbon is the most common)
  • Then the auto-calibrate will hold the position afterward the printhead is closed 
  • In case, the “Auto-Calibrate” doesn’t run then “Manual Calibration” will be required to be completed.

Method 4: Zebra Printer Power on issue 

To remedy the power issue, use these troubleshooting steps:

  • Attempt using a different power cable
  • Next, double-check the power cable and turn on the printer via the power outlet
  • After that, see if the printer is still supported, and if it is, a repair order may be required
  • Visit the official website to place a repair order
  • Repair the printer right away if it has been discontinued. 

Method 5: Zebra Printer printing is faded or poor quality 

The troubleshooting procedures below will help you resolve the issue of Zebra Printer printing being faded or poor:

  • Using a cleaning pen, clean the print head
  • In the software, change the print speed and darkness
  • After that, double-check the medium and make sure the print surface is facing up
  • Make sure you’re using the right thermal media
  • Check to see if the “Darkness” option is right
  • Now that the printer is no longer faded or printed in low quality, you may easily print the document.

Furthermore, all of the aforementioned frequent troubleshooting issues might be frustrating at times. As a result, the troubleshooting techniques listed above are accurate and will repair your issues in a matter of minutes, restoring the smooth flow of your Zebra Printer. 


  1. Will Inbuilt Printer Troubleshooter help me troubleshoot the error state in Zebra Label Printer?

    To begin, hit the Windows + I keys to launch the Settings application, and then select “Update & Security” from the drop-down menu. On the left pane of the window, select Troubleshoot, then select “Run the Troubleshooter” to have the troubleshooter run automatically. After that, let it discover and fix the problem that’s preventing your Zebra Printer from working properly.

  2. How do I fix the Ports Update Settings?

    1. To open the Run window, press the Windows and R keys together, then type devmgmt.msc into it.
    2. To launch the Device Manager window, click Enter, then pick View, then the Show hidden devices option.
    3. Then right-click on the Ports (COM & LPT), select Properties, go to the Port Settings in the next window, and select Use any interrupt assigned to the port.
    4. After that, choose the checkbox next to Enable legacy Plug and Play detection, and then click Ok.

  3. Why does light or faint printing occur in Zebra Printer and how do you resolve it?

    The error occurs due to incorrect driver setting and it can easily resolve by applying the below steps:

    1. Select “Devices and Printers,” “Printers,” or “Printers and Faxes” from the Start Menu
    2. Select “Printing Preferences” from the right-click menu on the Zebra printer icon
    3. Increase the “Darkness” option to 13 in the “Options” tab 
    4. After that, click “OK” and print a sample of your label
    5. In the end, the label should print properly.

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