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Reset QuickBooks Payroll PIN for Assisted Payroll

Reset QuickBooks Payroll PIN for Assisted Payroll

For companies who make use of a payroll service, there are certain numbers that are critical. The Personal Identification Number (PIN) verifies that no unauthorized transactions take place on the company’s account and ensures security for the company’s financial information. There are certain ways that can be used to reset QuickBooks Payroll PIN for assisted payroll service.

What do you understand by PIN in the QuickBooks Payroll?

A  Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a password that gives security to the financial information of your company. This helps prevent unauthorized bank account access which could potentially expose sensitive data to people who are not authorized and thus boosting your company’s security.

What are the most common issues that relate to your Payroll PIN?

When you are ordered to access your QuickBooks Payroll account from a different location using a new computer, there is a chance that you may have forgotten your unique password or have no knowledge about how to work on the browser system. You are still not left without any options; however. QuickBooks allows customers to reset their PIN for the QuickBooks Assisted Payroll by just following simple steps. It is quite easy, so all you need to do is demonstrate your authority and after that, your account’s reset is done.

Why is there a need to access the QuickBooks Payroll PIN?

Accessing the QuickBooks Payroll PIN is really important because of the reasons that are mentioned below.

  • To ensure Authenticity: You need to access the Payroll PIN every time while sending the Payroll data to any specific payroll service to prove your authenticity.
  • To print or navigate the tax file arises: Being a QuickBooks user, you need to enter the PIN for accessing or printing the arises of the tax file in your Assisted Payroll. 
  • To ensure the account’s authenticity: It is important to add the payroll PIN if you want to make any changes in the bank account’s information for the successful verification of your QuickBooks Account. 

What are the basic requirements that should be kept in mind prior to resetting the QuickBooks Payroll PIN?

Before you go ahead and try to reset the QuickBooks Payroll PIN for Assisted Payroll Service, it is recommended that you should have an idea of the basic requirements that are necessary to successfully reset the PIN code. Therefore, a list of prerequisites has been provided to you below for reference.

  • The PIN that you enter needs to be at least  8-12 characters long. 
  • There must be at least one alphabet in the PIN that is thus created. 
  • There should be at least one numeric digit in the unique payroll PIN that you create. 
  • The use of any special characters must be avoided.

Now, you have learned about the prerequisites for resetting the code. It’s high time to know about the ways to reset the QuickBooks Payroll PIN for Assisted Payroll.

What are the Resolutions to Reset QuickBooks Payroll PIN for Assisted Payroll?

This article will explain these elaborative steps to help you set up your payroll product’s password so that you can use assisted payroll, which is a new feature in the  QuickBooks Assisted Payroll.

Resolution 1: By making the use of the QuickBooks Application

  • The first and foremost step is to access your QuickBooks Application in the administrative rights.
  • Then, you need to search for the Employees tab. Once found, you need to click on it to open it. You will find it in the toolbar located at the top of your QuickBooks application.
  • After that, you are supposed to make a click on the option named Payroll Data.
  • Once done, go to the Send/Receive Payroll Data Window and hit the send button found at the bottom.
  • You now need to head to the Payroll Service PIN Window and pick out the option Forgot your PIN.
  • After that, you need to fill in the Admin password in the Password field and then hit the OK button.
  • When clicked the OK button, you will find that a new window appears on your computer screen that has the command Enter New PIN. Once prompted, you are required to execute the same.
  • The final step is to click on the option named Submit.

Resolution 2: With the help of My Payroll Solutions

  • To begin with, you need to visit the Employees tab.
  • After that, you have to go to the option My Payroll Solutions and then Account Details.
  • In the next step, you are required to log in to your Payroll account.
  • Once done, you will find that QuickBooks now sets up a particular payroll PIN number automatically.
  • After that, head on to the Direct Deposits menu.
  • In that, you need to choose the option named Update Web Link Together along with the Direct Deposits PIN.
  • Finally, you have to add the current PIN and create a new one followed by the authentication of the new brand.  

Take Away!

This article is a complete guide in itself that explains how you can reset QuickBooks Payroll PIN for Assisted Payroll Service in detail. Hopefully, this task might seem doable to you and you can now understand and execute the steps provided above easily to perform the same. Sometimes, resetting QuickBooks Payroll PIN for Assisted Payroll can be difficult but if you follow the steps correctly, you should be able to complete this task easily. If resetting is becoming a hassle for you, just reach out to the experts of the QuickBooks Customer Helpdesk who are always there to assist you with the best possible solutions to all the issues associated with the QuickBooks Assisted Payroll.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the various privacy requirements that are essential to be ensured beforehand to reset QuickBooks Payroll Pin for Assisted Payroll?

    Following are the privacy requirements that you should complete before going ahead to reset the Payroll PIN:

    1. You must have access to the Admin password.
    2. The password must be at least 7 characters long.
    3. Ensure the system to which you sent the data before is in use.

  2. In what circumstances does it become crucial to add the payroll PIN to reset QuickBooks Payroll PIN for Assisted Payroll?

    It becomes very important to enter your Payroll PIN under the following circumstances that are given below:

    1. You need to add the payroll pin while sending the payroll data to a specific payroll service to ensure authenticity.
    2. You need to enter the pin code when you are trying to have a look at the raises in the tax that is filed in the Payroll Tax Center.
    3. If you want to change or edit your bank account information that has been shared under the Account Maintenance page.

  3. What are the steps to customize or change my current PIN to reset QuickBooks Payroll PIN for Assisted Payroll?

    You need to make use of the following steps or ways that are mentioned below to successfully change or customize your current PIN for resetting the QuickBooks Payroll PIN.

    1. First, make a click on Employees.
    2. Pick out the My Payroll Service option.
    3. Then, choose the option Billing/Bank Information.
    4. Now, you need to look for Service Information.
    5. After that, click on Change Next to my PIN.
    6. Collect the information in the respective fields and click on Submit.

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