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How to Unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop?

Unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks freeze error occurs when the user is working with his reports or trying to enter transactions. The reason for this may include a lack of space to run the application or some problem with Windows files. This article helps you provide proper solutions to unfreeze QuickBooks easily. There can be many reasons for this error which are mentioned below.

Why Is It a Big Deal When QuickBooks Freezes?

Efficiency is adored by all. This is especially true in business. You have important tasks to complete and some of them have deadlines that must be met, so you don’t want to be working on software that keeps hanging. Projects are always completed on time and with little to no compromise in quality, whether they are for the organization as a whole or a specific client.

Not only does it freeze, but occasionally, this problem can result in a disastrous situation that harms company files and data. Frequently, this error can also only appear in specific circumstances, such as when QuickBooks freezes while printing, etc. When this problem arises, it is specific and its causes are simple to identify.

So, if QuickBooks freezes frequently, you must try to fix this problem as soon as you can. In either case, the software shouldn’t hang frequently because it is a red flag for a problem. As a result, this situation shouldn’t be taken lightly and should be solved according to its root cause.

Possible Causes of QuickBooks Freezes

Below are the mentioned possible causes of QuickBooks Freezes:

  • Your company name may be too long.
  • Your hard drive may be corrupted.
  • Your Windows operating system may have corrupted.
  • You may have a damaged or missing QBWUSER.INI file.
  • Program files or the QuickBooks Desktop installation may be damaged

The following are symptoms that QuickBooks may freeze:

Users frequently wonder why QuickBooks Desktop freezes when it opens. There are many ways that this error might manifest itself, some of which include:

  • A brief period of freezing is followed by your system shutting down.
  • Daily accounting tasks in QuickBooks become more challenging to complete as the system lags and performs poorly.
  • Input from the keyboard or mouse is received slowly by QuickBooks, and the computer hangs and becomes sluggish.
  • Frequently, QuickBooks hangs or freezes, and an open window crashes with a series of errors.

Why Does QuickBooks Freeze or Hang?

The following are the main reasons why QuickBooks locks up:

To fix additional issues, you can review all QuickBooks Desktop Errors.

Several times while using the application, QuickBooks will abruptly lock up. The basic causes of software freezing are as follows:

  • There are times when certain files prevent you from opening the window.
  • Inaccurate updates are made to the Windows operating system.
  • QuickBooks may freeze because of background programs using up data and storage.
  • It is enabled to use User Account Control.
  • User-specific files and corrupted DDF.

How to Unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop?

Here are the mentioned solutions of QuickBooks Freezes, follow a list of solutions carefully:

Solution 1: Download and Run the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

  • Before resolving any issue, the user has to create a backup rest file to prevent any loss
  • Firstly, you have to download the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool
  • Hit the double-click on the downloaded file
  • Agree with the license agreement 
  • Then, choose the QuickBooks version and hit the OK button 
  • Now, you are all set to reinstall the QuickBooks and you are all resolved with this issue.

Solution 2: Use the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic software:

  • You must download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool as your first step.
  • Save the downloaded file thereafter in a convenient location.
  • Execute the downloaded QB install software after closing all currently running software.
  • As the process ends, wait.
  • Check that every component has been accurately updated by restarting the computer.

Solution 3: Change the names of the DDF and DAT files:

  • To start, you must delete every corporate file from the system.
  • Change the file named DAT to OldUserPRef after finding the company directory. DAT.
  • The next step is to completely remove the DDF extension from the file.
  • You must open the company file in an identical directory and then click the Confirm button to save the changes to the payments.
  • Select print to finish.

Solution 4: Exit QBW32. operation of the exe file:

  • Choose Start Task Manager after finding the taskbar on your computer.
  • Option: find processes.
  • To apply an alphabetic filter, click Image Name.
  • Look up EXE.
  • Finally, click the End Process button.

Solution 5: Run & Verify QuickBooks Rebuild Data Utility Tool

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop, then pick the option Utilities from the File menu, then Verify Data.
  2. If no problem warning appears after verifying the data, the rebuild tool is not required because the company file is now error-free.
  3. If you see the error notice “Your data has lost integrity,” it signifies your data file is corrupted and has to be restored.
  4. Select Utilities from the File menu, then Rebuild Data.
  5. On the backup company file popup window, click OK.
  6. Click OK after selecting a location on your computer to save the backup of your company file.
  7. The data reconstruction process will begin immediately once the backup file has been properly saved on your desktop.
  8. When the message “Rebuild Completed” comes on the screen, click on OK.
  9. If no issues are found after running the Verify data program, you can restore your company file’s backup by going to the File menu and selecting Backup.

Solution 6: Restore QuickBooks:

  • Prior to performing an uninstall, you must first create a backup of QuickBooks.
  • Choose Restore Company from the File Menu after finding it.
  • After learning to Restore a backup copy, select Next.
  • Select Next after clicking Local Backup.
  • Navigate to the “Look In” dropdown and choose the desired location.
  • From the listed folder, select the backup file. Please make sure that the file name begins with. Extension for qbb.
  • Then select Next after clicking on Open.
  • The location where you need to save the restored file should be selected from the Save in the drop-down menu, which you can find there.
  • Save the file after typing in a new name for it.

After making a backup, proceed with the uninstall procedure:

You must first display the Run command window by pressing the Windows R key on the connected keyboard to carry out this action.

  • To choose the OK option, click Control Panel.
  • Learn about available features and programs.
  • Following that, click Uninstall a Program.
  • Find QuickBooks on the list, then select it and click the Change/Uninstall button.
  • Now complete the process by adhering to the directions shown on the screen.

Solution 7: Using the Task Manager, you can unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop:

Verify that you have the most recent version of QuickBooks before using Task Manager to unfreeze it. Update QuickBooks first if necessary. After updating, you can use the task manager to shut down every part needed for QuickBooks to function. Here is how this is broken down step by step:

  • Mark all of the tasks that begin with .qb, Intuit, or QuickBooks in your task manager.
  • At the bottom, select End Task.
  • Close the task manager at this time.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you can disable QuickBooks Desktop when you restart QuickBooks and open a company file. This step will assist us in identifying the true cause. The steps listed below can be used to disable QuickBooks Desktop, depending on whether the problem is with data, an application, a user, or a system.

  • Keep the Ctrl key depressed while starting.
  • On the QuickBooks icon, click twice.

But you can take the following actions to prevent QuickBooks Desktop from opening a company file:

  • In the window that says “No Company Open,” choose the desired company file.
  • Hold down the alt key while pressing and clicking OK.
  • As soon as the login window appears, keep holding the alt key.
  • Let go of the alt key.
  • Enter your username and password at this time.
  • Hold the Alt key once more.
  • Press the Alt key while selecting OK to force the file to fully open. A blank Desktop should be visible in QuickBooks.

Solution 8: Exit the programs that are listed in Task Manager:

Learn about Task Manager first:

  • Now you must highlight all of the QuickBooks, Intuit, or .qb-extension software.
  • The bottom of the page has an End Task button; click it.
  • Finally, close the Task Manager window.
  • Discover the answer to the question of whether QuickBooks 2020 can be run on the Mac Catalina.

Solution 9: Run the clean install program for QuickBooks:

  • Download the clean install tool for QuickBooks.
  • Save the files and the document.
  • Next, open the utility program file for QuickBooks Clean.
  • After the license agreement has been shown on the screen, click I accept.
  • Then select the Continue option after selecting QuickBooks.
  • Good hit.


You can correct QuickBooks Locking Up errors with the help of this article. Follow these improved troubleshooting steps, and if you have any questions, get in touch with our team. The expert team is available around the clock to provide you with better support. If QuickBooks Hosting is something you’ve never heard of.


Q 1. How Can I Fix An Issue With QuickBooks’ Software?

Launch the QuickBooks Tool Hub document that you just downloaded. After checking the box to accept the terms and conditions, install the utility by adhering to the on-screen directions. Once the installation is finished, double-click the tool hub icon on your Windows desktop to launch it. Program Problems can be found in the tool hub. Select Fix My Program Quickly.

Q 2. Is It Possible To Thaw Out QuickBooks Desktop?

Use a Task Manager Tool to Unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop Make sure you have the most recent version of the program before attempting to unfreeze QuickBooks through the task manager. Update QuickBooks first if necessary. You can shut down all the components required to run QuickBooks using the task manager after upgrading.

Q 3. Why QuickBooks Desktop Freezes When It First Launches?

Users frequently encounter the issue of QuickBooks Desktop freezing when opened. There are many ways that this error can show up, some of which are as follows. The Run as Administrator option must be chosen from the additional options before QuickBooks will restart, which can occasionally fix issues.

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