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Video: Common QuickBooks Bank Feed Errors & Their Solutions

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Most Common QuickBooks Bank Feed Errors & Their

Resolving Bank Feed Errors in Quickbooks might
appear simple if you know the process thoroughly.

In this video, we will tell you how you can
resolve some of the most common QuickBooks

Bank Feed Errors Effectively.

So, let’s get started!


QuickBooks Bank Error 103

What is it?

When the credentials you enter into QuickBooks
Online don’t match what your financial institution

possesses, you’ll get Error 103.

The most common causes are erroneous credentials
being entered and selecting the incorrect

financial institution.

How to Fix it?

If you’re connecting for the first time,
confirm that you can log into your bank outside

of QuickBooks by going to your bank’s website
and manually entering your credentials (instead

of allowing your computer to auto-fill it).

If you can access your bank’s website, try
connecting through QuickBooks again, this

time manually entering your credentials.

If the problem persists, follow the steps
below to reconnect:

Select Add account from the Banking option
on the left

Note: If you already have a bank account in
your Chart of Accounts, you can connect it

by going to the Action column and selecting
View register (or Account history) from the

drop-down menu.

Enter the complete name of the bank you’re
seeking to connect to or the bank’s URL

in the search area
If many results appear, choose the bank name

for your account from the list
Enter your user id and password to log in

If you get the error 103 again, do the following:
Go back to the previous name on the list and

select the next name on the list.

Repeat this step until you’ve found the
correct website under the bank’s name and

connected to your account successfully.


QuickBooks Bank Error 108

What is it?

Error code 108 occurs if there are changes
on your bank that need your action.

In other words, the bank sends you a notice
that requires you to take action.

If you’re having trouble logging into your
bank account, it could be due to a variety

of factors, such as an incorrect username
or password.

Another reason could be that the user is having
trouble connecting to the bank server.

How to Fix it?

Method One: Disable the popup blocker

The first step is to visit the bank’s or
financial institution’s website and login

The user must now go through all of the notifications
or messages that have been received

The pop-up blocker could be the cause of the
user’s inability to read the messages

As a result, the user must disable it before
checking his or her messages

The following step is to either act on or
dismiss the communications

The user must browse QuickBooks after completing
the preceding steps

Moving on, the user should select “Banking”
from the left-hand menu

In the Banking page, the user must now press
the “Update” button.

If the error persists and you continue to
receive banking error 108, proceed to the

next troubleshooting method.

Method Two: Try to run the system file checker

First, go to the Start menu and type Command
into the search field

After that, the user must simultaneously press
the Ctrl + Shift keys before pressing the

Enter key
The user will now be presented with a permission

dialogue box, which they must accept by clicking

Moving forward, the user will see a dark box
with a blinking cursor appear

The user must then input “SFC/scannow”
and then press the Enter tab

After you’ve completed the above steps,
the “System File Checker” will begin scanning

At last, perform on-screen instructions to
proceed further.


QuickBooks Bank Error 353

What is it?

QuickBooks prompted you to renew the bank
connection (Error code 353).

How to Fix it?

You can try to update your bank account to
refresh the connection.

The below help you how:
Navigate to the Banking section

Click “Update” after selecting the bank

Enter your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
credentials if required and then click the

“Continue Update” tab.


QuickBooks Bank Error 192

What is it?

Error 192 indicates that your bank requires
additional sign-on information, which stops

QuickBooks from downloading banking transactions

In some situations, accessing your bank account
requires entering an ever-changing code.

However, there are numerous occasions when
users come up with QuickBooks Bank error 192

because of Windows framework records damage.

How to fix it?

Check out the solutions to easily get rid
of banking error 192:

Solution One: Verify the account information

From the QuickBooks Lists menu, select the
Chart of Accounts tab

Choose the account name that you’re using
when you receive QuickBooks Bank Error 192

In the Chart of Accounts window, click on

the Account button which is at the bottom
of the list

After done with that, select the Edit menu
Now, click on the Online Services tab when

you enrolled in QB within Edit Account
And then make sure that the number in the

Customer ID field which matches the username
that you have chosen

Make sure there are no dashes or spaces in
your account number

Make sure your routing number is correct by
looking it up online.

If the above solution will not work then try
manual restore (Advanced Computer User Solution).


QuickBooks Bank Error 323

What is it?

QuickBooks error 323 is a banking error often
occurs when you sign-in credentials that you

entered which are not being accepted by your
Financial Institution’s website.

This can happen if you’ve two accounts with
the same account name and the same account

number or when you added the same account
two times.

How to Fix it?

To overcome QuickBooks Bank Error 323, try
the following solutions:

Solution One: Rename one of the Accounts at
Bank’s Website

First, go to the Banking menu in the navigation

Select account which you wish to rename
Next, select the Edit menu >>> Edit account

Now, choose the option named “Disconnect

this account on save” in the Account window
In the end, select the Save button.

Solution Two: Download the required transactions

Initially, open the Settings then select “Set
up transaction download”

Next, select the option “My bank is not
listed” in order to update the bank list

It will display the current date when the
list is updated

Now, move to the Show List >> Enter the name
of your bank >> Enter login credentials >> Continue

A list of all accounts with bank details will
pop up on your screen

In the end, connect each of the accounts to
the appropriate account you’ve created.


QuickBooks Bank Error 187

What is it?

Error code 187 occurs when the wrong answer
was given for the Two Factor Authentication

(2FA) question that was asked.

The error message usually pops up when users
are attempting to import transactions into

QuickBooks from your bank due to improper
software uninstalls or missing files which

were accidentally deleted from the Windows

How to fix it?

Check out the list of solutions for how to
fix QuickBooks Banking Error 187:

Solution One:

Select the Banking tab from the left menu
Next, click on the Update button from the

upper right-hand corner
Click on the option to clear unwanted accounts,

if you only want to update some of your accounts
Now, click on the Update Now button

After that, enter the credentials of Multi-Factor
Authentication (MFA), if prompted

In the end, click on the “Continue Update”

Solution Two:

Select the Banking option from the left menu
Next, click on the Update button which appear

on upper right-hand corner
Under the Last Updated column, you can see

the date and time of the last update will
be listed.


QuickBooks Bank Error 591

What is it?

Users experience this kind of QB banking error
591 when they’re trying to connect Santander

and Cahoot (UK) accounts in QuickBooks Online

How to fix it?

Moreover, keeping your account updated also
helps users to resolve the banking error 591

as soon as possible.

Let’s see how:

Go to the Banking section of the menu
Choose from two options: Upload transactions

or Upload from a file
Select the file you downloaded from your bank

by clicking Browse or select files
Then choose between Next and Continue

Select the account you wish to upload the
transactions to from the QuickBooks account

drop-down menu
Then hit the “Next” button

To match the columns on the file with the
correct fields in QuickBooks, follow the onscreen

Again hit the “Next” button

Choose the transactions which you want to
import and then choose Next

Moving further, “Yes” should be selected
Select the “Let’s go” when you’re


After you’ve imported your transactions,
you’ll need to examine and/or match them

to the current records in QuickBooks.

This is to ensure that your data is correct.

Hope You have resolved your QuickBooks Bank
Feed Error.

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