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Video: Create, Edit, or Delete QuickBooks Memorized Transactions

Source: AccountingError Youtube Channel

Transcript Version of This Video

In this video tutorial, we will be discussing
the ways to automate or get reminders for

transactions that often occur, like monthly
bills or recurring invoices.

Thus, if you also wish to create and modify
QuickBooks memorized transactions, then stick

to the article till the end, and it will definitely
be helpful to you.

Never miss a transaction again with QuickBooks
memorized transactions, and let the software

memorize a recurring transaction to get a
reminder each time it is due.

So, let’s get started!

Significant features of Memorized transactions
in QuickBooks

Enhanced accuracy

Accurate bookkeeping
Keeps better tabs on the cash in the bank

Things That Can Be Memorized in Certain Transactions?

Customer invoices
Vendor bills

Purchase orders
Credit card charges


Journal entries

Procedure for creating QuickBooks Memorized

Want to create QuickBooks memorized transactions?

If yes, then go through the steps below, and
make sure that you follow the same order.

So, without further ado, let us have a look:
To begin with, the very first step is to ‘Enter

the transaction‘ in the same way as you
want it to be memorized.

Note: The point to be noted here is that the
user can leave those fields blank that contain

the information that might change.

The next step is to visit the ‘Edit menu‘
and then select the ‘Memorize option’

that is seen there.

Now, in order to ‘Memorize the transaction’,
the user is required to press the ‘Ctrl

and M‘ keys simultaneously and then click
on the ‘Memorize‘ icon.

Once done with that, the user is required
to enter the name of the transaction that

is being memorized.

The name you enter should be the one with
which you wish to handle the transaction in


Add to My Reminder List:

Now comes the process of adding the same to
the reminder list.

For this, three simple steps can be followed,
which include the following:

The first step is to ‘Add the memorized
transaction‘ of your reminder list.

After that, the user is required to enter
‘How often the user wants the reminder to


Now, the last step is to ‘Enter the transaction
next date‘ when the transaction will be


Don’t Remind Me:

Another case can be when the user doesn’t
want the software to remind for the same.

In such a case, the user is required to select
the ‘Do not remind me‘ option available,

and the transaction will not be used to get

Robotic Transaction Entry:

Well, in this case, the transaction will be
automatically entered at the times when it

will get due.

This actually means that the QuickBooks software
will automatically enter the details, and

the users need not be concerned for the same.

The first step is to enter how often the user
wants the software to enter the transaction.

The next step is to enter the next date when
the transaction will be due.

This means that the user will be required
to fill in how often and next date fields.

Points to be noted:

The very first thing is to ensure that the
‘Next Date select‘ is set to a day in

the future due to its automatic schedule.

While filling in the number remaining field,
the user is required to make sure that it

includes the ‘Next Date transaction‘.

Also, another point that the user should be
concerned about is, in case the user wants

to enter the other important information in
the Transaction, he/she is required to enter

the same and then tap on ‘OK‘.

The last and most important thing to consider
is to click ‘Save & Close‘ or ‘Save

& Next‘, to enter the ‘memorized transaction‘.

Select the ‘Clear button‘ and close the
window, in case the user is only entering

the transaction information for the future

Simple Process to update QuickBooks Memorized

To begin with the procedure, the user is required
to visit the ‘list menu’ and then choose

the ‘Memorized transaction list‘.

After that, the user is required to double-click
the ‘Preferable memorized transaction‘.

Moving ahead, if you want to make any kind
of changes in the transaction, then you can

also make changes.

Now, simply click on the ‘Close and Save‘

And the last step is to select the ‘next‘
option, in order to ‘Enter the memorized


Insight into creating memorized transaction

To begin with, the user is required to visit
the ‘file menu‘ and then select the ‘Memorized

transactions list‘.

Once done with that, from the pop-up menu,
the user is required to select the ‘New

Group’ option.

Now, fill in the important information like
the group name and then select the ‘action‘

and the ‘date‘ options.

To end the procedure, the user is required
to click on the ‘OK‘ button.

Add a transaction to a memorized transaction
group by following simple steps:

The first step in this procedure is to open
the transaction that the user wants to memorize.

After that, choose the ‘Memorize‘ option.

And then, opt for the ‘Add to Group‘ options
and enter the group name.

The last step is to click on the ‘OK‘
option, in order to ‘Save‘ it.

Procedure to edit or delete the Memorized
transactions in QuickBooks

This procedure involves three basic steps:

The first step is to go through the ‘QuickBooks
memorized list‘.

Tap the ‘Edit‘ button.

And then ‘Edit the original memorized transaction‘,
followed by clicking on the memorize button,

and you are good to go.

Rectifying issues encountered while memorizing

In case the QuickBooks user encounters any
error message while attempting to memorize

the report, then QuickBooks will not retain
the report.

This basically might be done on the grounds
that the report’s definition is excessively


In such a case, the user is required to take
a stab at lessening the number of channels

or the particular quantities of things that
are picked in each of the channels to curl

up the report’s size.

If the user selects the ‘Process Multiplier
Reports‘ from the ‘Reports‘ menu, and

the same doesn’t appear, then it might be
brought about by a harmed report or a report

that is imported from another form of the

In such cases, the user is required to discover,
erase, as well as re-make the report causing

such an issue.

Hope Now You Create, Edit, or Delete QuickBooks
Memorized Transactions?

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