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Video: How to Install & Use QuickBooks Password Reset Tool

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Transcribed Version of This Video

Do you need to reset the password for an admin account in QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Password Reset Tool can help you with this.

Note that the QuickBooks Password Reset Tool does not work with QuickBooks 2020 and above. These versions have an inbuilt tool to help you reset the password.

Steps to install the QuickBooks Password Reset Tool

Now if you’re using an edition older than QuickBooks 2020, then you can get started with the process. But before you start, you’ll need your purchase details to verify the purchase and access to the email address registered with Intuit.

If you’re ready, then let’s get started with QuickBooks automated password reset tool:

  1. Download the QuickBooks automated password reset tool.
  2. Save the tool on the desktop to easily find it.
  3. Double click on the downloaded application to launch it.
  4. Enter all the essential information such as:
    1. the 15 digit license number
    2. first name
    3. last name
    4. email address
    5. business phone number and zip code
  5. Accept the terms and agreements
  6. Input the token number that you received on your registered email address.
  7. Choose the correct version of QuickBooks Desktop from the drop down menu.
  8. Click on browse for company file and then select the company file for which you want to reset the password.
  9. Enter the correct admin username for the company file.
  10. Enter the new password and then enter it again to confirm the password.
  11. Click on reset password to complete the process and login into the company file using the new authentication details.

Now use your new password to log into the admin account. (same QB lottie file)

When a user forgets his or her password for QuickBooks desktop, he or she can rely on the QuickBooks customer account management portal to reset the password.

Steps to reset company file’s admin account password

While the password reset tool works for older versions of QB, it does not work with versions that came after 2019. (QB lottiefile)

Users have to reset the admin password in two particular cases:

  • If the user forgot the password that is to be entered for an account that has its name automatically appear on the login screen.
  • If the user forgot the password and only gets the username of the admin account as admin on the QuickBooks desktop login screen.

If you want to reset the admin password for your company file, then you can follow the steps given below:

  1. Launch QuickBooks desktop while holding control.
  2. Go to the I forgot my password option.
  3. Click on next and QuickBooks will automatically send you an email on your registered email address.
  4. Copy the token from the email and paste it into QuickBooks to reset your password.

Steps to reset the password of a standard user account

Here are the steps for resetting a standard user password in QuickBooks desktop:

  1. Launch QuickBooks and sign into your company file with an admin account.
  2. From the company menu click on setup users and password.
  3. Click on setup users.
  4. Go to the user account and click on edit user for the user account that you want to change the password.
  5. Enter a new password for this user account.
  6. Click on next and then next again.
  7.  Click on finish.

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