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ADP Payroll Integration With QuickBooks

ADP Payroll Integration With QuickBooks

Learn to Save Time Using the Integrate ADP Payroll with QuickBooks:

Payroll technology company ADP is strengthening its integration into Intuit’s QuickBooks platform. An extension of its current integration incorporates enhanced mapping of the General Ledger Interface via Accountant Connect, enabling accountants to connect and interface seamlessly with QuickBooks and other accounting platforms to manage the finances of their small-sized business customers.

ADP is also implementing enhanced Compensation Benchmarking, an ADP DataCloud solution that connects accountants to information that can be filtered and evaluated by the employee, industry, location, type of work, business profits, type of pay, and more.

The feature allows accountants to benchmark the financials and other information of their customers against industry peers, and arm them with more data to provide their customers with deeper advisory and consulting services.

Advantages Of ADP Payroll Integration With QuickBooks

  • Streamlining remuneration is simple with a premium installment program. ADP likewise has retirement plans, which are an additional advantage for your representatives.
  • You can allow every one of your employees to look at their advancement, which will keep them motivated all through the journey. Additionally, you can add data and make their compensation stub appealing to them.
  • With ADP you can be certain because it will help you select, recruit, and file taxes easily.

ADP QuickBooks Payroll comparison

Here is the mentioned features comparison of ADP and QuickBooks Payroll, this will make it easy to decide which one you choose.

QuickBooks PayrollADP
Direct depositSame day and next dayTwo day
New hire reportingNoYes
W2s and 1099sYesYes
Time trackingYesNo
Unlimited payrollYesNo
Customizable reportsYesYes
Tax filingYesYes

ADP and QuickBooks Payroll Pros and Cons

Here are the mentioned ADP and QuickBooks Payroll Pros and Cons:

ADP✦ Scalable schemes are better for growing businesses
✦ Customized Solutions.
✦ Complete HR Suite.
✦ Lack of apparent pricing framework
✦ Analytics tools are limited.
✦ Confusing setup.
QuickBooks Payroll✦ Provides strong integration with QuickBooks Online.
✦ Flexible Setup.
✦ Strong reporting equipment
✦ Original time tracking is not available.
✦ This can integrate only with QuickBooks Online
✦ 24/7 customer support is available only for the highest-priced plans.

How does ADP payroll work with QuickBooks? 

Import your account list from QuickBooks into RUN seamlessly to allow simple account mapping and one-click push payroll transactions from RUN into QuickBooks!

If you are a bookkeeper or another accounting professional, you will have access to Accountant Link, where you will enjoy single-sign-on access to all you’re RUN. 

ADP is a complete company-developed software that helps you to get payroll right. These include:

  • Garnishment Payment Services: It effectively helps you in managing the process of wage garnishment.
  • Hiring: Here you can get help in finding the right candidates with ZipRecruiter now included with Run that ADP powers.
  • Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Reports: You can access payroll data here which helps you in calculating the PPP loan forgiveness amount.
  • Compliance: Get assistance in complying with ADP’s labor law poster enforcement notification service regulations.
  • Tax Filing: Here, you can easily calculate, deposit, file, and reconcile your payroll taxes.

Why Should You Integrate ADP Payroll with QuickBooks?

Here are some points on why you should integrate ADP Payroll with QuickBooks.

  • As a successful businessman, it turns into your obligation to take care of your worker’s payroll. For getting great results, ADP RUN is a magnificent software that can help you in doing so.
  • It assists you with a simple accounting process, and it likewise empowers you to push payroll transactions from your ADP RUN to QuickBooks for simple handling.
  • With just a solitary login, you can do the needful for being an essential counselor of an organization.
  • RUN is powered by ADP and is one of the most utilized and essential accounting/bookkeeping software for small businesses to maintain track of their control subtleties, stocks, payroll, etc.
  • It is mobile-based programming that works on the go. With ADP and QuickBooks praising one another, you don’t need to stress over anything else aside from tracking down different procedures for expanding usefulness.

ADP Payroll Integration With QuickBooks

To help accounting professionals add a payroll revenue source to their practice, ADP offers solutions such as RUN Powered by ADP. ADP-powered RUN provides a simple setup and seamless QuickBooks connection to help you easily deliver high-quality payroll services while saving you time and money. 

It is a web-based and mobile-based program that manages the nitty-gritty information of running a small business so that you can concentrate on what you do best. It’s a breeze to connect RUN with QuickBooks.

There are two ways in which the integration helps accountants view their QuickBooks accounting details from inside RUN and vice versa.

  • Initially, login to your ADP RUN payroll account 
  • Next, choose the “Setup General Ledger” option
  • Now, select and log into QuickBooks 
  • After that, follow the new and easy setup process 
  • At last, click “Post to QuickBooks” when you run payroll next time.

With this, you can save a lot of time and run your business efficiently. 

Set of packages offered by ADP 

ADP provides a range of packages designed to meet the needs of all small companies, from start-ups to existing enterprises, to those who want hands-on HR assistance from consumers with basic payroll needs.

  • ADP Enhanced Payroll: All Critical Payroll features plus payment services for garnishment, administration of state unemployment benefits, and compliance with labor law posters.
  • ADP Essential Payroll: You can enter payroll online via a mobile device, or over the phone. Essential Payroll includes tax filing, new hire reporting, direct deposit, online reports, general ledger interface, and key government forms. Employees can check to pay online or on mobile.
  • ADP HR Pro: It is a complete package including Payroll and HR Plus features, online training for your employees, access to legal services, a discount shopping membership, and a work/life employee assistance program. Also, proactive HR consulting from our team of HR specialists.
  • ADP Complete Payroll and HR Plus: It includes all Enhanced Payroll features, plus access to our HR platform, which includes an HR helpdesk for common HR questions, an employee handbook wizard, a job description database, and background checks for new hires, and ZipRecruiter for hiring.


Does ADP payroll integrate with QuickBooks?

Import your account list from QuickBooks into RUN without difficulty. Powered by ADP® payroll, which allows for simple account mapping and one-click pushing of payroll transactions from RUN into QuickBooks!

How do I sync ADP payroll with QuickBooks Online?

The Process For Integrating QuickBooks And ADP Payroll:

  • Open an ADP RUN Payroll Account and log in.
  • Choose General Ledger Setup.
  • Select it and log into QuickBooks in the following step.
  • Before moving on to the next phase, follow the new and simple setup procedure involved.

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