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Create Annual Payroll Reports in QuickBooks

Annual Payroll Reports in QuickBooks

An Annual payroll reports in quickbooks includes the annual information about payroll items detail, summary of payroll, transaction detail, liability balance and payroll tax detail.

How To Create QuickBooks Payroll Annual Report?

QuickBooks Payroll software initiates all payroll tasks of the user and effectively completes them without leaving much scope for errors. Not the only day-to-day payroll tasks, but Payroll taxes can also be processed with QuickBooks software at hand.

These payroll tasks are grouped under a report wherein all the imperative details regarding the company’s employees and payroll are provided. The information relating to payroll expenses and taxes is also included in the reports.

Certain reports generated are specific for the current employees, their earnings, time off balance, and payroll. If you are using QuickBooks payroll the first time, first find the details on How to Create Payroll Reports in QuickBooks.

What Needs To Be In Yearly Payroll Report QuickBooks?

Below is a list of payroll reports provided to the users. These reports not only offer information regarding the expenses incurred with payroll but also respective liabilities and other important payroll deals.

  • Payroll Item Detail: The report generated under Payroll Item Detail provides an overview of all the recent payroll transactions made under one particular payroll item.
  • Payroll Summary: The Payroll Summary Report showcases to users the accumulated totals for all payroll items on each employee’s paychecks.
  • Payroll Detail Review: The Payroll Detail Review Report shows users what values are being used to calculate each payroll item on the employees’ paychecks.
  • Payroll Transactions by Payee: The Payroll Transactions by Payee Report tells the net pay of each employee and what checks were cut for the payroll taxes and other payroll-related expenses.
  • Payroll Transactions by Detail: The Payroll Transactions by Detail Report gives users a step-by-step breakdown of all payroll transactions by employees.
  • Payroll Liability Balances: The Payroll Liability Balances Report showcases users the payroll taxes that their company owes and users can easily create QuickBooks Payroll Liability Report.
  • Payroll Item Listing: The Payroll Item Listing Report offers users the latest details for all the payroll items for their company.
  • Employee Earnings Summary: The Employee Earnings Summary Report shows users the total earnings and deductions for each employee.
  • Employee State Taxes Detail: The Employee State Taxes Detail offers users details about the wage and withholding for state payroll taxes. Also, users can easily Run QuickBooks Payroll TAX Reports.
  • Jobs, Time & Mileage Reports: These reports offer users details regarding their job estimates along with the amount, time, and mileage spent for each job. Learn the full process of QuickBooks Payroll By Job Report in easy steps.

Create Annual Payroll Reports in QuickBooks Online

Learn how to create an Annual Payroll report in QuickBooks Online.

Follow the mentioned steps for the generation of the Annual Payroll report:

  • Go to Menu “Report”
  • Select the Payroll Section -> Payroll Summary
  • Set the date range for one year
  • If you need to create a Payroll report for a single employee then select the option “single employee”. If you want more than 1 employee then select “group of employees”.
  • At last click on the Run Report.

Create Payroll report Annual QuickBooks Desktop

  • Go to the Menu “Report” then click on the Report tab
  • Select the Employees and Payroll.
  • Now choose the Payroll Summary
  • Select the Date Range for one year
  • Run report
Get More Help Yearly Payroll Report Intuit QB

The above reports are imperative to have a clear overview of all the payroll transactions and dealings made over one financial year. However, if faced with any issues, users can call the QuickBooks customer help team set up by Intuit who is proficient in tackling all sorts of QuickBooks payroll issues.


  1. What do you mean by annual payroll reports in QuickBooks accounting software?

    A payroll report refers to a form used to determine the government of employment tax liabilities. This report is of several types or forms used for different employment taxes. An annual report contains information regarding employee payroll salary and the W-2 data. These need to be submitted to the IRS to monitor the calculation of quarterly tax returns.

  2. What is a payroll detail report?

    Once you complete a pay run, then you are eligible to create a detailed payroll report. You have to include information like an employee Pay-slip summary, payments, and deductions log.

  3. How do I print Annual Payroll Reports on QuickBooks desktop?

    Here are the steps:

    💠Locate Reports
    💠Click on Payroll Summary through Employee Report.
    💠Filter the preferred date
    💠Select the Run Report
    💠Hit on the Drop-down arrow appearing in the upper right corner of the display
    💠Select Export to Excel
    💠Now locate and open the downloaded file.
    💠Once done, print it

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