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Create Certified Payroll Report in QuickBooks

Create Certified Payroll Report in QuickBooks

What Is a Certified Payroll Report?

Certified Payroll Report is another imperative report generated under QuickBooks Payroll Desktop software. To generate it, the user first needs to be aware of its internal working process and related functions that aid in its creation. Users can also find How to Start using Reports in QuickBooks Payroll in easy steps.

There are certain projects taken up by the companies in which the funds are acquired through the public. Under this, the contractor has to provide the worker with prevailing wages at a rate decided under Davis-Bacon wages. To provide details regarding the same, the contractor has to prepare a Certified payroll report for every payroll period.

A certified Payroll Report acts as the basic alternative for the Federal Form WH-347 with all the required details enabled in it. The report consists of details regarding the company, related project, employee’s name, and social security number’s last four digits along with the job classification.

The report also provides information on how many hours are put in by the employees, the rate of their pay, gross wages, and net pay along with deductions. The report at the end is printed out and then signed by the authorized personnel of the company to ensure the authenticity of the report.

Requirements for Prevailing Wages & Certified Payroll Report

1. Assumptions

It is assumed that the user has an active subscription to QuickBooks Desktop software which is the latest and up-to-date.

2. Requirements

The user must ensure that the following criteria are met in full to generate a working Certified Payroll Report:

  • The user must have a completely up-to-date version of Microsoft Excel. If they are using a trial version, then they need to ensure that the trial period has not expired yet.
NOTE: QuickBooks Desktop 2013 and 2014 are not compatible with any version of Microsoft Excel 2003.
  • Use the QuickBooks Desktop time tracking feature.

3. System Requirements

  • You have to create the template according to you with the help of CRP XML schema V1.3
    • Download and use the XML schema file
    • Then view a Sample XML file

(XML schema file- 

 Sample XML file- )


  • You have to use the software that is compatible with it and helps you create the Certified Payroll records in XML format.

Create QuickBooks Certified Payroll Report

Enter the time by job for each employee using the payroll items that the user uses to pay employees. It is best if they enter time and then pay the employees using that time so that the time records and hours paid will be in tandem.

Users can still use the same report without using the time feature, but they will need to input their daily hours directly into the report. You have to check out QuickBooks Payroll By Job Report in full mode to clear your doubts.

Points to Note: Creation of the Certified Payroll Report in QuickBooks

You need to keep things considered while creating the Certified Payroll Report in QuickBooks:

  • It is required to generate Weekly Timesheets for swift record of wages
  • Assigned on timesheets should match the classes on paychecks.
  • Weekly payroll: users have created a weekly payroll and have included their certified payroll job on their paychecks, which occurs when time tracking starts automatically.
  • Users’ paychecks employ earnings items named after their work categories. For example, users might use hourly items with names like Carpentry, Electrical, or General Labor for their work classification codes. The item names they use will appear on their
  • If the employees work overtime, then the user has to pay the employees with the actual Overtime Earnings field, not just a regular item named overtime. (They need to check to see if they are using a special overtime item by editing the item from their Payroll Items list and looking for the Define Overtime slide. If it does not appear, the item isn’t an overtime item).

How to Generate Certified Payroll Report in QuickBooks

Follow the mentioned steps to generate the Certified Payroll Report with the help of QuickBooks:

Total Time: 12 minutes

Step One

Go to the Menu “Report”

Step Two

Select the option Employees and Payroll Report

Step Three

Click on More Payroll Reports in Excel

Step Four

Click on New! Certified Payroll Report.

Step Five

Enable Macros, if required excel base report

Step Six

Click on Continue the fill in the Pay Date.

Step Seven

Click on Next

Step Eight

Enter the Employer Information

Step Nine

Enter the required information on the window of Project Information such as Project Name and Last Date of Work Week. 

Step Ten

Feed the required information on the Other Questions & Options screen.

Step Eleven

Select the option Create Report

The above details regarding the Certified Payroll Report should help to generate the report successfully. However, if faced with any issues, users can call the QuickBooks Payroll Customer Support team set up by Intuit which is proficient in tackling all sorts of QuickBooks payroll issues.


  1. How frequently can I submit the Certified Payroll Records?

    You can submit it every month after the end of the payroll period. It can be more frequent like weekly.

  2. Who has to submit the Certified Payroll Records?

    The records of certified payroll have to be submitted by all the contractors and the sub-contractors who are working on the projects that are public work projects. They have to submit the electronically certified payroll records to the Labor Commissioner.

  3. Is it most important to review the payroll record before submitting it?

    Yes, it is the most important thing that you have to review it using the navigation tools that help you in reviewing and editing if there is an issue. If you sign it then after that you won’t be able to make any changes to it.

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