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Common Errors & Their Solutions in QuickBooks

Common Errors & Their Solutions in QuickBooks

The QuickBooks is one of the most common accounting software and it provides the good functions to the users for account managements. You can use this software for your small business and can track the business activities easily.

You can track the various activities like expenses and income, profit and loss, invoices and the business records. You can store the business information and data in this software.

If you are also using the QuickBooks, you can store and manage all data of business accounts in this software. But you never want that you face any problem or issue in this software. But like any other software if you are using this software then you can face the following errors in this software.

List of Common Errors of Quickbooks with Solutions

1. Error #1 : Lost connection to data file:

It is one of the most common errors that can occur in the QuickBooks. This error depends on the QuickBooks version you are using and the network used by system. The connection of the QuickBooks file can be lost due to any network issue.

Solution of Lost connection to data file Error in Quickbooks

If you want to resolve this issue, you have to re fix the network of your system. You also check if there is any firewall or any antivirus network that is blocking the connection.

2. Error #2 : Unable to find licensing information:

You will face this issue when the system is unable to find the license information. This error mainly occurs when the user tries to call the support services.

Solution of Unable to find licensing information Error in Quickbooks

If you want to resolve this issue, you just have to press F2 or CTRL1 while using the QuickBooks. You will get the licensing information of QuickBooks.

3. Error #3 : Unable to print:

This is also very annoying error which can come in the QuickBooks. You never want to see this error in your system.

How to Resolve Unable to print Error in Quickbooks

If you are using the QuickBooks and it shows that unable to print error, you should try to log off and restart the QuickBooks. Then you should restart the printer and connect to the system. Sometimes the printers lost the connection due to the sleep mode.

4. Error #4 : Lost the admin password:

It is one of the most difficult problems of the QuickBooks to lost the admin password.

Troubleshoot of Lost the admin password Error in Quickbooks

If you also lost the admin password then you can try to use the QuickBooks automated password recover tool to get the password. This solution works most of the time.

5. Error #5 : The slow speed of QuickBooks:

The speed of QuickBooks depends on the version of this software and the hardware specifications of the system.

Troubleshoot of The slow speed of QuickBooks

You can close the background updates and application in your system. You can optimize the data file of Quickbooks to increase the performance. You can try any cleaner application in your system to use the QuickBooks smoothly.

Need Professional Help?

So these are the common QuickBooks error that can happen. You can try to resolve all these errors by these solutions. If you are unable to resolve the problem of the QuickBooks, you can contact to the Technical support service Number. You can get the online help for all your queries and problems in QuickBooks.

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