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Convert QBB File to QBW File

Convert QBB File to QBW File

QuickBooks accounting software is an excellent example of software that has advanced features and tools to help businesses automate their accounting processes. QBB is the file extension for a backup file type used by QuickBooks. A QBB file is a backup file made by QuickBooks. It comprises a compressed copy of your company’s file as well as all of its financial data. This file is prepared as a preventive step in the event of data loss or corruption. If something goes wrong with your company file, you may utilize the QBB file to recover your data.

QuickBooks is a collection of codes with a highly visual interface that assists you in making payroll management much easier. QBB business files are backups for QBW files that include critical information about your company. All you need to do to work with your QBB files is save them with the QBW file extension.

What exactly is a QBB file

QuickBooks backup files are known as QBB files. It includes a compressed duplicate of your company’s file as well as all of its financial information. This file is produced as a backup in case of data loss or corruption. If something goes wrong with your company file, you may recover your data using the QBB file.

A QBB file is a backup file made by QuickBooks, a popular accounting software used to handle financial data by businesses and individuals. The QBB file contains a duplicate of all financial data held in the original QuickBooks company file (QBW file), such as invoices, transactions, and customer information.

The QBB file is simply a compressed and encrypted backup copy of the original QBW file. To defend against data loss or corruption, make frequent backups of your QuickBooks data. QuickBooks’ recommended backup format is the QBB file, which may be readily produced within the software.

QBB files can be utilized for transferring QuickBooks data between computers or to transmit data to an accountant for examination, in addition to generating backups. QuickBooks can open the QBB file and restore it to a QBW file, allowing users to view and interact with the financial data saved in the backup file.

What exactly is a QBW file

The actual company file used by QuickBooks to hold financial data is called a QBW file. You may input transactions, make invoices, handle payroll, and more using this file. A QBW file is created when a new company file is created in QuickBooks. This file, which keeps all of your financial information in a format that QuickBooks can read and interpret, is crucial to the operation of QuickBooks.

The QBW file is the primary file that houses all of a company’s financial information, including transactions, invoices, details about clients and suppliers, and other significant financial documents.

Users handle their financial data daily using the QBW file, which is produced when a new business file is configured in QuickBooks. The QBW file is where QuickBooks saves all of the financial information, and users may access and edit this information using the QuickBooks program.

When should I open .QBW files outside of QuickBooks?

You might occasionally need to open QuickBooks corporate files outside of QB. For instance, you could have old QB firm files on your storage but no software to view them since you’ve changed to another accounting program.

Without QuickBooks, you may still open .QBW files in this situation. Windows issues may also be the cause of other factors. When you attempt to start the file, it displays the error notice “Windows can’t open this file” and prompts you to select a program to open a specific file. When opening.QBW files without QuickBooks is necessary, this is the situation.

Why should a QBB file be changed into a QBW file?

The following are the reasons to convert a QBB file to a QBW file

  • Your financial data can be restored using the QBB file if you’ve lost your original QBW file as a result of hardware failure, data corruption, or unintentional deletion. Your financial data may be accessed and used once more by converting the QBB file to a QBW file.
  • You can make a QBB file of your data and transport it to the new computer if you’re obtaining a new computer and need to migrate your QuickBooks data there. However, you will need to convert the QBB file to a QBW file in order to access and interact with the financial data on the new computer.
  • You may generate a QBB file and give it to someone else if you need to share your QuickBooks data with them, such as an accountant or business partner. They won’t be able to directly deal with the financial information in the QBB file, though. They must turn the QBB file into a QBW file in order to access or make changes to the data.
  • To guarantee compatibility while upgrading to a newer version of QuickBooks, you might need to convert your QBB file to a QBW file. Older QBB files might not be able to be opened or used with more recent versions of QuickBooks.

How do I restore the QuickBooks Backup (.QBB) file?

  • Start by locating the recovered file, which may be saved on your hard drive, an external USB drive, or another location.
  •  Then open QuickBooks and choose File from the menu.
  • Right now, choose “Open or Restore Company” from the menu.
  • Press Next after selecting “Local backup”.
  • From the Open Backup Copy box, choose the a .QBB file.
  • Use the “Look in” option to locate the file after that.
  • Choose Next after selecting the Open tab.
  • Look for the directory where you want to restore your file after selecting Save using the drop-down arrow.
  • When you choose the backup file and hit Save, a confirmation message will show up.

How to Access a QBB File in Excel

  • To begin with, launch QuickBooks Desktop and choose your company file.
  • Next, choose the open file by clicking the “File” tab.
  • If you can’t locate the file
  • Then use it to view the corporate file .QBB extension.
  • Select “Switch to Single-User mode” from the file tab at this point.
  • After that, select the “Export” option by returning to the File tab.
  • Click “Ok” after selecting Send the Report to a New Excel Spreadsheet.
  • You can see the company file in the open Excel Spreadsheet now that QuickBooks has opened the company file.
  • The file name must be entered in the Save as field of the file tab in order to select Save as.
  • Click the Save button after deciding where to save your file.

How to Open a QBB File Without QuickBooks Using Excel

  • Launch the newly created Excel file.
  • Select the Files tab in Excel. If you’re unfamiliar with Excel, you may find the files tab on the navigation bar’s upper left.
  • From the files tab, choose the Imports tab.
  • Here, a new browser window will open. Utilize the browse option to find the.QBB file on your PC.
  • Click “OK”
  • As Excel uploads the file, you will now be able to see the data in the.QBB file in.csv format.

How Do I Open a QBW File Without QuickBooks?

  • To start Windows, click the keyboard’s Start button.
  • Search for the “Intuit” option in the “All Programs” list to open the same next.
  • Right-click the business file to open it now.
  • Enter the correct user name and password to access your company file after that, and then choose the “Customer center” option.
  • After completing the aforementioned procedures, you must import the QBW file into Excel.
  • To accomplish this, select “Export Excel” after selecting the excel choice.
  • The next step is to specify the file’s name and the place where you want to save it, then click the “Export” button.
  • Go back to the Excel file and import that file if the version you are using has expired or is no longer valid.
  • In order to complete this process, you must have MS Excel 2010 and the most recent version.
  • Move to the “Data” tab when the file import is complete, and then select the “Other Resources” link.
  • Finally, try opening the QBW file in another window while without using QuickBooks to make sure everything is the same.
  • Attempt to locate the file if it isn’t visible in the window.
  • You may open the QuickBooks file without QuickBooks once you’ve located the file.

How to convert a QBB file into a QBW file

Step 1: Launch QuickBooks.

On your computer, start by opening QuickBooks. If QuickBooks isn’t already installed, download it now and do so before moving on.

Step 2: Access or update the company file

Click “File” from the menu bar at the top of the screen after QuickBooks is open. Select “Open or Restore Company” from the pop-up menu.

Step 3: Choose “Restore a backup copy”

Select “Restore a backup copy” from the menu under “Open or Restore Company” in the dialog box. When you do this, a new window allowing you to select the location of your backup file will open.

Step 4: Select your backup file

Choose the “Local Backup” option in the newly opened window. You may then search the file system of your computer for the QBB file you wish to convert. Select the QBB file by navigating to its stored place.

Step 5: Where should your QBW file be stored?

You will be requested to pick a location to save your QBW file after selecting your QBB file. Any place on your computer can serve as this, but it’s preferable to pick one that’s simple to remember and go to.

Step 6: Name your QBW file

A name prompt will appear once you’ve chosen a place for your QBW file. Give your file a name that is clear and will help you remember it later.

Step 7: Convert your QBB file to a QBW file

After giving your QBW file a name and a location, click “Save” to start the converting process. The information from your QBB file will then start to be extracted by QuickBooks and saved to the new QBW file.

Step 8: Open your QBW file

You may open your new QBW file in QuickBooks after the conversion procedure is finished. Simply launch QuickBooks and choose “Open or Restore Company” from the “File” menu to accomplish this. Go to the location where you stored your QBW file after selecting “Open a company file” and entering the location. After choosing the file, click “Open.” QuickBooks should now open your QBW file, allowing you to deal with your financial information.

Advice for converting QBB files to QBW files

  • Make careful to make a backup of your QBB file before converting it to a QBW file. By doing this, you can be confident that you have a copy of the original data in case the conversion process has problems.
  • To make it simple to recognize your QBW file later, give it a descriptive name.
  • Make sure to pick a place that’s simple to remember and access when deciding where to put your QBW file. You don’t want to subsequently have to go through several directories to locate your file.
  • If you need help converting your QBB file to a QBW file, you can contact a specialist or refer to the QuickBooks support manual.


QuickBooks creates the QBB file as a backup to guard against data loss or corruption. All financial information saved in the original QBW file is duplicated there in a compressed and encrypted form. However, QuickBooks’ primary file for managing and storing a company’s financial data is the QBW file.

You might need to convert a QBB file to a QBW file for a number of reasons, including updating QuickBooks, transferring data between computers, retrieving lost data, and sharing data. Using the QuickBooks program, converting a QBB file to a QBW file is a rather straightforward procedure.


Q. I don’t have QuickBooks; can I convert a QBB file to a QBW file?

No, to convert a QBB file to a QBW file, your computer must already have QuickBooks installed. The program that is made to manage financial data and the conversion process is called QuickBooks.

Q. How can I determine whether I must change a QBB file into a QBW file?

If you’ve misplaced your original QBW file, need to exchange data, are moving to a new computer, or are updating QuickBooks to a newer version, you might need to convert a QBB file to a QBW file.

Q. How long does it take to convert a QBB file into a QBW file?\

The size of the QBB file and the performance of your computer determine how long it takes to convert a QBB file to a QBW file. The conversion procedure may take a few seconds or several hours to finish.

Q. Can I use a Mac to convert a QBB file to a QBW file?

Yes, QuickBooks for Mac can convert a QBB file to a QBW file. The procedure is similar to that done on a Windows PC.

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