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Delete Deposit in QuickBooks

delete deposit in QuickBooks

When you have a lot of accounts to manage in QuickBooks, there is a chance that you will make a mistake while making a payment. But now you do not need to worry about the payment because if you have made a mistake while making the payment then you can remove it from QuickBooks or even undo it. Some users may face problems in this task, so we have brought this article to tell you about the solutions to remove the deposited amount in QuickBooks. This article will benefit both QuickBooks online and desktop users. We have mentioned the steps to remove QuickBooks deposits both online as well as online in this article.

When do you delete a Deposit already made in QuickBooks?

With QuickBooks, everyone benefits, the employee as well as the employer, and as a result the company benefits. The facility of making payments enables an employer to pay anytime, from anywhere. The process is quick, easy, and is hundred percent compliant as the software ensures no loophole is committed. Payment is generally done in 2 to 3 days either through ACH bank transfer or your cards. It sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? But everything can be null and void if the payment made is incorrect or has been made to the wrong person.

Well, two payments can be seen in QuickBooks – Deposited Amounts and Funds that are not deposited. Deposited amount is that amount which is exact in terms of calculation for a particular recipient. QuickBooks recognizes and keeps it aside. On the other hand, there are certain funds that you receive in breaks, and can be deposited once in bulk after you have enough funds to pay.

If you realize that you have made a mistake or you don’t want the payment to go through for any other event, if you feel the need to delete the payments already recorded, you can follow specific steps for both funds.

Process of Deleting Deposit in QuickBooks

1. Delete Deposit in Quickbooks For Deposited Fund

When payments go wrong in this category, you can follow the steps below-

  • You need to log in to QuickBooks and reach the home page
  • Once reached, you will see the Record Deposit icon in the Banking section. You need to click on that icon to view deposits that you have already made
  • You might get a window saying Payment to DepositCancel that
  • The deposit window should pop up enabling you to see the various deposits you have made in the past
  • Choose the deposit that you would like to delete. You will see the most recent entries, and if you don’t find the entry that you want to delete, click on Previous till you locate the entry
  • Once located, you need to click and select Edit After that, select Delete Deposit
  • You will get a pop-up asking you if you are sure to proceed with the action
  • Click OK

2. Delete Deposit in Quickbooks for Funds that have accumulated

Well, the steps involved in the deleted payment of this category is slightly different from the previous category.

You mustn’t merge the two steps:

  • The first step is the same though. Yes, you need to log in to QuickBooks. From the Homepage, you need to make a selection of the menu Lists. Now, you need to choose Chart of Accounts.
  • For the first step, you can choose Control A shortcut from the keyboard
  • You will be taken to the Undeposited FundsDouble click and you will see the list of the fund
  • From the list, make a selection of the payment you have made up your mind to delete. You might not be able to view the payment on the screen, unlike the previous category, you can scroll up and down and locate the deposit
  • Once that has been located, click on Edit and then click on Delete Payment. Ignore the warning box that will be displayed like the display in the previous category, and then click OK

You are successful in deleting those payments following the simple steps mentioned. One can behave cranky when such mistakes are made while payments have been made in QuickBooks. Payments are no doubt the most integral part of an organization, paying and non-paying which can lead to satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the employees. So make sure to never let anything come on your way to making the correct payment. No one wants to get things redone that can be done in one go. Meticulous calculation can be of great help.

Prevention is better than cure. Deleting a payment is not difficult but why go through a procedure that is only killing your time? Rather make provisions of double checking before payment is entered in QuickBooks. After all, it is a controllable problem.

Steps to Undo a Payment from Deposit in QuickBooks

If you want to remove the Deposit payments in QuickBooks, follow the below steps.

  • Open the QuickBooks applications
  • Now go to the QuickBooks homepage and select Open Record Deposit.
  • After clicking on the Banking menu >>> select Make Deposits.
  • Cancel if the Payment to deposit window gets open
  • Select the range to select the deposit which needs to be deleted
  • Click the Edit menu and finally click Delete Deposit to delete the selected Deposit in QuickBooks.

Steps to Recover the Deposit that was Accidentally Deleted in QuickBooks

  • Open the QuickBooks application
  • Now locate the “create”(+) button
  • Go to option “select bank deposit” and click the “selected existing payments” option
  • Now, scroll down all the payments choose existing payments from the available options and again create the one that has been deleted mistakenly.

Steps to Correct a Deposit in QuickBooks?

  • Open the QuickBooks application
  • Go to Settings option >>> select chart of accounts
  • Now select the option view register search deposit account
  • Select Deposit >> edit
  • Choose the corrected payment or sales receipt
  • Click Save to save the changes done and then click yes
  • Finally, check if the deposited balance is correct

How to Delete Batch Delete Deposits in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Open the QuickBooks application
  • Now go to the main menu and click on the Lists menu
  • Under the list option the “Chart of Accounts” option
  • Click the open button which opens your accounts which are having the transactions that you want to delete
  • Scroll down the transaction menu
  • Scrolling down will show you all the transactions, and you can select which you want to delete. It is generally at the top
  • Go to the edit menu once you select the transaction for deletion
  • Click Delete option
  • At the last click OK to confirm the Batch delete process

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How to Delete Deposits on QuickBooks Desktop?

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop and select the Banking menu.
  2. Choose the appropriate bank account from the list.
  3. Locate the deposit you want to delete and click on it to open the Deposit window.
  4. From the Deposit window, select the Edit menu and choose Delete Deposit.
  5. In the Delete Deposit window, confirm that you want to delete the deposit by clicking on the OK button.
  6. Additionally, it’s a good practice to consult with your accountant before making any changes to your financial records.

What comes after deleting a deposit in QuickBooks?

If you delete a deposit in QuickBooks the payment will come back to you. You can also bulk delete the deposit or ever can undo the same.

What if any error comes while deleting deposits in QuickBooks?

While deleting any deposit if you face any problem you can immediately get back to the helpdesk through call, email, or live chat options.

Can I change undeposited funds to deposits in QuickBooks?

Yes, why not first go to QuickBooks, Banking menu, and click Make Deposits? Select the payment which you want to deposit from the undeposited funds. You can click the Payments option available under the option Make Deposit and can click ok if Payment to Deposit windows do not open themselves.

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