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Details About the Security Updates for QuickBooks Desktop

Security Updates for QuickBooks Desktop

If you are taking the assistance of QuickBooks accounting software to manage your finances, it is very important for you to know in detail about the security updates that are being released by Intuit on a regular basis. This information is very important for you to gather as QuickBooks is associated with the entire finances of your business.

Intuit is aware of the sensitiveness of your data, therefore, it is taking all possible steps to ensure the safety of your company data files and folders stored on QuickBooks. The release of security updates is one of the various steps taken by Intuit to secure your data. The purpose of release of security updates is to fix any bug or update the security definitions so that your business data remains always protected from the most recently introduced online threats.

The recent release of security update for QuickBooks Desktop and the release of some changes have created a stir among the users and accounting experts. Most of these concerned raised by users and accounting professionals are based on misconceptions regarding the changes. Let us go ahead and have a close look at the changes made by Intuit and the reasons behind making such changes.

Password protection for security of Credit Card details

If you are using QuickBooks accounting software to manage the finance of your business and have turned on the Credit Card Protection feature on, then you have to set a password to secure the information related to your credit card from the prying eyes of evil minded people.

If you are using the desktop version of QuickBooks then also you have to password protect your data as the QuickBooks Desktop file includes all the important data such as details of your credit card, your social security number, and any other sensitive information. With password protection, you can ensure that the person is accessing the data on QuickBooks is an authorized user.

1. Changing of password required every 90 days

If you have upgraded your company data file from an earlier version to the most recent version i.e. QuickBooks 2017 or QuickBooks 2016, you will be prompted to use a complex QuickBooks password to ensure the safety of your data. The complex password should have at least 7 characters, and these 7 characters should include at least one number and one letter in upper case. This message will be prompted only in a few cases.

Also, if you are using the Credit Card Protection feature of QuickBooks accounting software then Intuit has started suggesting the users of QuickBooks to change the existing password with a new password after the completion of every 90 days. This change of password too is not required by all the users. Only those users who can view the complete details about the credit card are supposed to change the password after every 90 days.

Though it is not a bad practice to change your password frequently, but still this might be annoying for some of the QuickBooks accounting software users to first choose a complex password, and then change it every 90 days.

One more password related change that Intuit has made is that you cannot repeat the password till you have gone through five different passwords. The best thing about this security update is that it is not mandatory; it is just a recommendation from Intuit to ensure the safety of your data stored on QuickBooks accounting software.

2. Setting up of password required for authorized users

If you are the administrator of the recent version of QuickBooks accounting software, and you are using a complex password to ensure the safety of your finance data then those users whom you have authorized to access the software are too required to choose a complex password.

Also, if the QuickBooks accounting software is being used by multiple users then all the authorized users are supposed to run the supported version of the software and that too updated with all the recent security updates to ensure the security of the data stored.

3. Deleted user’s name will not reflect in audit trail

If you wish to delete any user that you have authorized earlier to access your QuickBooks account because of his inactive role on the account then during audit his name will not reflect against the transactions made by that particular user. In short, you would be able to view the transactions, but would not see who made the transactions in the past.

4. Recovery of forgotten password

At any given point in time while using the QuickBooks accounting software, if you have forgotten the password and even the password hint to access the account then you need to provide the e-mail address that was used by you during the process of registering your QuickBooks account. Only after providing the correct e-mail address you would be provided the link to reset your password.

5. Version of QuickBooks Desktop Security Updates

The above discussed security updates will only impact the Windows versions of QuickBooks desktop that includes QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Accountant and QuickBooks Enterprise. The security updates related issues would not be faced by you if you are using the QuickBooks Online version or QuickBooks for Mac version.

We have mentioned below the versions of QuickBooks accounting software in which these security updates have been implemented by Intuit. If you do not have the full revision number listed, or later, then you need not get annoyed as you do not have these security changes and updates.

Here are the versions of QuickBooks software in which updates have been implemented:

  • QuickBooks 2016 R7_114
  • QuickBooks 2015 R10_15
  • QuickBooks 2014 R11_40

You can prevent yourself from getting annoyed by the above discussed password related changes and requirements then either you do not install these security updates on your QuickBooks software or you can also delete all the sensitive data such as credit card details, social security number, bank account related information, etc. from your QuickBooks account, and then turn off the Credit Card Protection option.

Need Professional Help?

This was all about the major security changes and updates that Intuit has released recently. If you still have any doubt or query regarding QuickBooks Desktop security updates, then you can feel free to contact our QuickBooks Desktop Support Team. Our QuickBooks experts can provide you with all the detailed information regarding the security changes and updates. Even if you are facing any technical issue while password protecting your QuickBooks account or during the installation of security updates, you can reach out to our QuickBooks experts and they will resolve your issues in no time. For more info, Call us 📞.

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