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Error “A Data Problem Prevents QuickBooks from Continuing”

Error “A Data Problem Prevents QuickBooks from Continuing”

If you are here and reading this article, it is probably you have experienced an error “A Data Problem Prevents QuickBooks from Continuing.” Wondering why you got this error and why it is not allowing you to access data files?

Error “A Data Problem Prevents QuickBooks from Continuing” primarily indicates that there is an issue with the data file. You can fix Error “A Data Problem Prevents QuickBooks from Continuing” by performing these different troubleshooting steps:

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Run verify to the file.
  • Go to File, and click on Utilities.
  • Then click on Verify Data.
  • In case, there’s an error doing the Verify Data then do the following steps:
  • Make sure QuickBooks is open.
  • Create a Portable copy of the file.
  • After that restore the Portable file to a QBW file.
  • Run a backup to the data file that was restored from the Portable file.
  • Unfortunately, if the same error occurs again then run QB File Doctor to the company file. To use the QuickBooks File Doctor, it is very important to do the process cautiously. To make sure you don’t commit any mistakes, here we have provided step-by-step instructions on how to prepare and use QuickBooks File Doctor.

The main reason behind the Error “A Data Problem Prevents QuickBooks from Continuing”

The error “A Data Problem Prevents QuickBooks from Continuing” may occur due to an issue with QuickBooks data because of possible corruption in the company file.

Below are some more possible causes that come:

  • The size of your storage data file is larger than the QuickBooks data file then this error occurs.
  • Immediate shutdown of QuickBooks on trying to Save or delete transactions is the second issue of data corruption.
  • Malware or virus attacks on the system where the file (database) is stored.
  • Total assets must always equal the sum of liabilities, but faulty does not match.
  • QuickBooks is running slow, All the processes are time-consuming as compared to usual to get done.
  • From the list of the transactions missing some transactions or entries.
  • QuickBooks is working more and more (over time).
  • Limited Resources like RAM, Virtual Memory, Network Cables etc.

How to prepare to use QuickBooks File Doctor

There are certain things that you need to prepare for a QuickBooks file doctor. They are below:

  • Make sure that you have strong Internet connectivity to upload the file for manual repair.
  • Also, ensure that you are logged in as the Windows Administrator to be able to run network diagnostics.
  • In case the UAC (Windows User Account Control) is turned on, note that the tool will get re-launched with the elevated administrator privilege.
  • To fix the damage-related issues, the QuickBooks File Doctor tool works on .qbw and .qba files only.
  • Always remember that the Network diagnosis and File repair are always on by default.

How to use QuickBooks File Doctor

Once prepared, follow the below-given steps to start using the QuickBooks File Doctor tool.

  • Click on to download QuickBooks File Doctor.
  • When the download is complete then double-click on exefile.
  • Now follow the instructions as prompted in or to install the QuickBooks File Doctor.
  • When the installation is finished, it will automatically open. And in case it doesn’t double-click on the green File Doctor icon on your computer. (Point to Note: In case, you do not see it opening, look for a green wrench icon in your Windows taskbar.)
  • And if you get a notification that you require administrator rights to continue, click on Yes.
  • After that choose one of the following options:
    • Both file damage and network connectivity– In case, you think that the file is damaged, or if you get a 6000 error when trying opening a file (data file problems).
    • Network connectivity only – In case you are using QuickBooks in a multi-user setup and encounter an H202 error when trying to open your company file (network errors).
  • In case prompted, enter the Admin password for your company file.
  • After that click on Next.
  • In case you are asked to share your company file, pick any of the given below options:
    • Yes– In case you are running QuickBooks File Doctor on the computer hosting the company file (your Server).
    • No – if you are running File Doctor on a computer that is not hosting the company file (your Workstation).
  • Now proceed according to the results mentioned below:
    • Repair Complete: File Doctor has repaired your company file successfully and to fix click on Open New File.
    • We’re sorry, we couldn’t find anything wrong with your file: QuickBooks File Doctor could detect nothing wrong with your company file. Now try opening the file again, or simply restore from a backup.
    • We’re sorry, your company file can’t be repaired (With Auto Data Recovery)– Your QuickBooks file is corrupted. To fix it, perform Auto Data Recovery or send it to Data Services for recovery
    • Upload your file to Data Services. This means that File Doctor can’t repair the damage, but you have a support plan that includes Data Services. To fix the problem, click on Upload which will send your file to our Data Services team.


1. Why am I unable to restore my QuickBooks backup?

The essential driver of the error is the inaccessibility of the capacity device that stores the backup document. Corrupted or damaged organizational document information is additionally an explanation that makes disappointment back up the information in QuickBooks. Setting up an off-base backup way can make QuickBooks freeze or show backup bombed mistakes to the client

2. How would I set up an auto backup in QuickBooks?

💠 Hit the first click on the Back-Up File 
💠 From the File menu, pick Back Up. 
💠 Click the Schedule a Backup tab. 
💠 Click the Automatically back up when shutting the information document in each case. 
💠 Enter the proper backup recurrence. 
💠 Make proper determinations in the QuickBooks Backup windows. 
💠 Click OK.

3. How would I clean up my QuickBooks organization document?

Follow these means to run the clean-up in the company file record in Point of Sale: From the File menu, select Utilities, at that point pick Clean Up Company Data. Put a check blemish on the Compress information box and select OK after the notification message.

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