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Fix QuickBooks Errors with QB File Doctor 2022

Fix QuickBooks Errors with QB File Doctor 2022

How do you fix company files or network errors on QuickBooks desktop for free? The answer is QuickBooks File Doctor, a free utility that QuickBooks users can rely on to quickly scan for various data errors and network problems. The tool can also fix the errors that it identifies. And you may be wondering at this point, “how much will this tool cost me?” The answer is nothing; it costs you nothing because the tool is provided by the parent company of QuickBooks, Intuit.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the setup for the QuickBooks tool hub, you can choose the QuickBooks file doctor so that the tool hub can load this particular tool on your system. Loading time for a user with an average internet connection ranges from 1 to 2 minutes, so the tool is downloaded fairly fast. The scan and troubleshooting process is equally easy for most errors that users encounter.

In this post, I’ll guide you on how to use QuickBooks file doctor 2022 to fix common company files and network errors.

What is the QuickBooks File Doctor 2022?

QuickBooks file doctor is a free tool to scan company files and QuickBooks desktop for data or network errors. You have access to this tool directly from the QuickBooks tool hub, which you need to download and install so that you can access a plethora of tools that can troubleshoot different issues that may occur when working with the QuickBooks desktop.

What errors can QuickBooks File Doctor 2022 fix?

As you may have guessed already, the QuickBooks file doctor mainly troubleshoots company files and network errors. The network errors that it fixes also relate to the company file. For instance, users who’ve enabled multi-user mode by hosting the company file on a separate server sometimes get network errors because of firewall configuration.

Here are some errors that the QuickBooks file doctor can help you fix:

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    How to download and install QuickBooks File Doctor 2022?

    Now that you have a good idea of what this tool can do, you can download its setup and install it on your system to troubleshoot network and company file errors.

    Steps to download & install the QuickBooks tool hub

    which gives you access to QuickBooks File Doctor 2022:

    1. Exit QuickBooks and close all its instances using the Task Manager.
    2. Download the setup for QuickBooks File doctor.
    3. Save the setup on your system.
    4. Double-click on the executable file for the setup.
    5. Go through the provided instructions and follow along so that you can finish the installation.
    6. Click on Finish.

    Now you have the tool hub on your system, but the file doctor gets loaded only when you click on the feature. Until then, it isn’t present on your system.

    So I’ll guide you to load the QuickBooks file doctor in the next solution that also guides you on using the tool to fix company file errors.

    How to fix company file and network errors with QuickBooks File Doctor 2022?

    Before you use the QuickBooks file doctor, I recommend that you scan your company file using the Quick Fix my File utility, which too is present in the QuickBooks tool hub. So let’s start with the process:

    1. Launch the Tool Hub from the start menu.
    2. Click on Company File Issues from the left tab.
    3. Click on Quick Fix my File.
    4. Click on Ok, then launch the QuickBooks Desktop software.

    Once the scan process completes, you can try to launch your company file once again. If the error still occurs, then you need to proceed with the solution below to scan the file with QuickBooks file doctor:

    1. Launch the QuickBooks tool hub from the start menu.
    2. Choose the Company File Issues tab from the left panel.
    3. Click on Run QuickBooks File Doctor.
      Note: as the tool isn’t present on your system, the tool hub takes almost 1 to 2 minutes to load the tool when you try to use the feature. Make sure that your internet connection is active so that the file doctor can be loaded on your system.
    4. When the File Doctor window appears, click on Browse and Search.
    5. Choose the company file that you want to fix using the QuickBooks file doctor 2022.
    6. Click on Continue, then enter authentication details for a QuickBooks admin account.
    7. Click on Next.

    The time to scan is directly proportional to the size of the company file. So if you have a large company file, the scan process may take up to 15 minutes. But on average, it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to scan a company file.

    What’s next?

    Now you need to open the company file with QuickBooks Desktop to ensure that the error was fixed properly.

    Note: launching an old company file in a new version of QuickBooks Desktop converts the old company file for better compatibility. However, after the conversion process, the company file cannot be launched using any of the previous versions of QuickBooks Desktop. So if you still want to access the company file with the old version, then make a second copy of the company file.

    1. Open the company file with QuickBooks Desktop

    Here are the two option that you have when you launch the company file in a newer version of QuickBooks Desktop:

    • Use a newer version of QuickBooks desktop to repair the company file: this ends up converting the company file after repairing it. So the user can then no longer access the company file in the older version of the accounting software.
    • Use the same version of QuickBooks desktop to repair the company file: this method doesn’t convert the company file to a newer version.

    2. Create a backup copy of the company file

    After you’ve fixed the company file, I recommend that you create a backup copy so that you won’t have to rely on such long troubleshooting processes to gain back access to your accounting data.

    Here’s how you can create a backup of your fixed company file and set up automatic backups to ensure that a recent copy of your data is available as a restore point:

    1. From the File menu, click on Backup Company.
    2. Click on Create Local Backup, then Choose Local Backup, then Next.
    3. Click on Browse and choose the directory to which you want to save the backup file.
    4. Input the number of backups you want to store.
      Note: if you enter 2, then the software will only store two of the most recent backup files and remove the previously created ones. This option is generally better because it prevents you from creating a huge pile of backup files.
    5. Click on Complete Verification, then Ok.
      Info: this option quite simply verifies the status of the backup file to make sure that you won’t get errors when restoring it in the future.
    6. Click on Ok, then Save it now and schedule future backups.
    7. Click on Next and mark the option to Save backup copy automatically when I close my company file.
    8. Click on New to create a backup schedule.
    9. Input the required details such as date, frequency etc.
    10. Click on Ok, then authenticate the action by entering Windows login password.
    11. Click on Finish to start the backup of your accounting data.

    After creating the backup file, QuickBooks will give you a confirmation message. The future backups are scheduled as per your preferences. You can later alter these preferences if you want to. Also, you can restore the backup of these company files easily.


    That was a lot of information for a single post. I hope I didn’t overwhelm you with information that you may not have desired at this point. But I wanted to create a complete guide so that users such as you can easily fix company file errors using QuickBooks file doctor 2022.


    1. How do I make sure that the QuickBooks file doctor 2022 fixed my company file data error?

      You can verify your data on the QuickBooks desktop. The utility to verify and rebuild is already present within the accounting software. The process simply scans the data in the company file to find any inaccuracies such as duplications or deletions.

      If you want to, you can verify the data with the steps provided below:

      1. From the Window option, click on Close All.
      2. From the File menu, click on Utilities.
      3. Click on Verify Data.

      Wait for the verification process to complete. You’ll receive one of the three messages mentioned below:

      1. “QuickBooks detected no problems with your data”: this means that your data is consistent and no further action is required.
      2. “Your data has lost integrity”: this means that there is some recognizable data damage that you can fix with the Rebuild utility or QuickBooks File Doctor.
      3. Error message: this means that there is some error that prevents the tool from verifying the data completely.

    2. Why am I still receiving network errors after using the QuickBooks file doctor 2022?

      If you’re still getting a network error, then the problem may not be with the company file. First of all, check your internet connection and connection to the server. Then configure the firewall to make sure that it doesn’t prevent QuickBooks from accessing certain ports required to connect to the company file stored on a separate server.

    3. Where can I find QuickBooks File Doctor 2022?

      As I’ve mentioned in this post before, you can find this tool within the QuickBooks tool hub. You cannot download it separately. We’ve also provided the download link for the QuickBooks tool hub in this post. You can go to the section for installing the tool hub for more information and the download link for QuickBooks file doctor 2022.

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