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QuickBooks Error 6000 301

QuickBooks Error 6000 301

In the process, if one thinks of QuickBooks error 6000 301, the error happens when a user is working to open QuickBooks with a company file (.qbw), and there isn’t enough disk space, This is the primary error. This error appears on the screen as shown above and causes QuickBooks to become fragile to manage and handle.

Causes Behind The QuickBooks Error 6000 301

Error 6000 301 can occur in the following ways:

  • One/more of these QuickBooks Desktop Support files are damaged: Transaction Log (TLG) file, Network Descriptor (ND) file, and Data Source Name (DSN) file.
  • The company file has been damaged.
  • Some encryption software has been installed.

How to Resolve QuickBooks error 6000 301

The following are solutions for QuickBooks errors -6000, -301:

  • Updating QuickBooks to the latest release
  • Renaming QuickBooks Support files
  • Running QuickBooks File Doctor
  • Disabling encryption software

Follow the steps to get the best results.

Solution One: Updating QuickBooks to the latest release

  • QuickBooks Desktop can be updated to the latest release manually or automatically.
  • Users must turn on ‘Automatic Update’ to allow QuickBooks to download the latest updates, even if the program isn’t running.

Solution Two: Renaming QuickBooks Support files

Steps to change the name of QuickBooks Support files:

  • First, users must open the folder where the company file is stored and search for files with the same name as their QuickBooks file but with .tlg, .nd, and/or .dsn extensions.
  • Next, users must right-click on each file,
  • choose ‘Rename’, and add ‘.OLD’ to each file.
Note: QuickBooks automatically recreates these files.

Solution Three: Running QuickBooks File Doctor

Steps to download and run the QuickBooks file doctor tool

  • Uninstall any previous versions of the QuickBooks File Doctor and download the latest one.
  • Next, double-click on ‘qbfd.exe’ and follow the directions for installing the File Doctor.
Note: If Windows 10 users are unable to install the File doctor, they should check QuickBook’s 5954 and follow the directions for enabling Microsoft .NET 3.5.
  • After installation is complete, the File Doctor opens automatically. If it doesn’t, users must look for a green icon in the Windows taskbar.
  • Now, look for the company file in the drop-down list; this is based on the user’s previous 10 opened company files. If the required company file isn’t on the list, select the ‘Browse’ button to manually locate the file.
  • Next, users must choose one of these options:
  • File damage and network connectivity problems: The company file might be damaged or error 6xxx is seen (-6150, –6000 -82, -6000 -305, -6000 -301, -6147 or -6130) while opening the company file (data file errors)
  • Only network connectivity problems: If QuickBooks is being used in a multi-user setup and an H202 error (or H303/H505) occurs while opening the company file (network errors) in multi-user mode.
  • Users must provide the admin password for the company file when prompted and select ‘Next’.
  • Next, users will be prompted to select Host/Server or Workstation. Users must ensure that they are choosing the right option.
  • If the File Doctor is being run on a workstation (QuickBooks file isn’t physically stored/hosted on the workstation), choose ‘Workstation’.
  • If the File Doctor is being run on a server (QuickBooks file is physically stored on the server), choose ‘Server’. This option should also be chosen if there’s only one user and QuickBooks is used on only one computer.
  • If users are prompted to share the company file, they must select one of these options:
    • Yes--If the File Doctor is being run on the computer hosting the company file. This option must be chosen if the File Doctor is only being run on the server or host computer.
    • No—If the File Doctor is being run on a computer that’s not hosting the company file, i.e. the user’s Workstation.
  • Now, users must wait for the File Doctor to finish the diagnosis.
Note: If users have chosen the ‘data damage+networking’ option, they must wait until the tool completes its job. Diagnosing and repairing the file could take some time, based on file size and whether it’s located on a network or is a local file. The ‘network only’ mode will take about a few minutes to complete the task.
  • When the diagnosis is over, users must close the File Doctor. Next, irrespective of the results screen, users must try opening the file to check if the error has been fixed.

4. Solution Four: Disabling encryption software

Users must not encrypt the company file with any third-party encryption software. They must contact their software vendor to disable the encryption.

If the error persists or more information or any other support is needed, please contact the QuickBooks Desktop experts Team at CALL NOW 24*7.


  1. How to update QuickBooks to get rid of QuickBooks Error 6000 301?

    QuickBooks’ latest update is one of the best ways to fix this error. To do this, open your QuickBooks first and click on the Help menu. Then, all drop menu options will appear on your screen. Hit the click on the “Update QuickBooks” option. Then next you have to choose the “Update Now” tab. After this, choose the latest version that you want to download and click on the “Get Updates” option. When it is completed then close and restart your QuickBooks Software. A new window will appear on your screen to tell you to install the Upgraded version now or later.

  2. Why Does QuickBooks Error 6000 301 appear while I am trying to open the company file?

    This error usually happens when the user tries to open the company file due to several reasons. But you can easily resolve it by restoring the backup or configuring the firewall or any anti-virus software. To fix this error, you can try to open your company file in another location or rename the ND and TLG files.

  3. What are the indications of QuickBooks error 6000 301?

    Your system might freeze while trying to open the company file or the QuickBooks error code 6000 301 appears on your screen continuously until you resolve it. Sometimes a warning message will appear on your screen “An error occurs when QuickBooks tries to access the company file” or due to a corrupted installation file.

  4. How to fix error 6000 301?

    To fix QuickBooks Error 6000, 301, You need to;

    1. Download and install “QuickBooks File Doctor” on your computer and run it to check for and fix any issues with your company file.
    2. If the error persists, you can try moving the company file to a new location on your computer or to a different storage device. 
    3. QuickBooks creates network data (.ND) and transaction log (.TLG) files for each company file. These files can sometimes become corrupted, causing errors. Try renaming these files by adding “OLD” at the end of the file name. 
    4. If you are using QuickBooks in a multi-user environment, make sure that hosting is disabled on all computers except for the server. To do this, open QuickBooks and go to File > Utilities > Stop Hosting Multi-User Access.
    5. If none of the above steps work, you may need to restore a backup of your company file.

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