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How to Fix QuickBooks QBW32.Exe Error (Application Error Message)?

QuickBooks QBW32.Exe Error

Similar to other common issues encountered with dynamic accounting software, QuickBooks QBW32.Exe Error is frequent. While it improves your accounting experience as a feature, it can sometimes lead to software problems. Windows recognizes it as a 32-bit program execution or installation file. Additionally, you might encounter the error message: “AVMTimer: QBW32.exe (Fatal Application Exit),” typically resulting from a glitch in your Windows system or its component files. If you’re a long-time Quickbooks user facing this issue, here’s a straightforward troubleshooting guide you should follow diligently to ensure the expected results.

Are you using QuickBooks as your accounting tool? With this Advanced Accounting tool, users will find all-in-one solutions to manage business accounts and other account-tracking activities. When you use this accounting tool in your desktop system, sometimes you face the issue of qbw32.exe.

What is qbw32.exe?

QuickBooks Desktop has gained immense popularity in the accounting market, but many-times the user has to face many types of errors in this. Most of the users face the same technical issue caused by QBW32.exe.

QBW32.exe is a file associated with Payroll Values ​​and QuickBooks Pro for Windows operating systems. This problem can also arise due to receiving a lot of spam emails and using infected sites.

Causes of QuickBooks QBW32.Exe Error

QuickBooks error QBW32.exe occurs for the following reasons:

  • The file QBWIN32.DLL is not available in the QuickBooks Directory.
  • Maybe the QBWIN32.DLL file moved out of the QuickBooks directory.
  • The QBWUSER.INI file is corrupt.
  • Using incorrect ways to open the file.
  • The hard drive is damaged.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error QBW32.Exe

  • Here are the signs that can help you recognize a critical application shutdown in QuickBooks. While you might overlook some of these indicators during your work, they are essential for maintaining the integrity of your QuickBooks accounting. Familiarize yourself with these details.
  • The application may experience a failure when attempting to launch on your device, often accompanied by error messages such as “qbw32.exe failed.” Additionally, you might encounter statements like “QBW32.exe is not running,” “qbw32.exe not found,” “Cannot find qbw32.exe,” “Win32 application not valid,” “Error in starting the program,” “Application path fault,” “Application error,” or “Needs to close the window due to encountered error.”

Solutions To Resolve QuickBooks Error QBW32.Exe

Below are the mentioned solutions to resolve QuickBooks error qbw32.exe, follow all the solutions carefully:

Solution 1: Terminate the process of qbw32.exe

To achieve this task, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by right-clicking on the “Windows” taskbar.
  2. Choose “Start Task Manager” from the context menu next.
  3. Click on the “Process” tab.
  4. Locate the “Image name” header and click on it to sort the processes alphabetically.
  5. Now, search for and highlight “QBW32.exe” in the list.
  6. Click the “End Process” button to terminate the selected process.

Solution 2: Suppress the QuickBooks accounting application

To access your QuickBooks file, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by right-clicking on the “QuickBooks Desktop” icon.
  2. While holding the “Ctrl key,” click on the “Open function.”
  3. Keep the “Ctrl key” pressed until the “No company open window” for your company appears.
  4. You can access your QuickBooks file once the window is displayed.

Solution 3: Reboot your computer system

One straightforward solution to resolve this error is to restart your computer. This action will initiate a fresh system start. Once your PC has restarted, you can access the QuickBooks application.

Solution 4: Run QuickBooks and install the diagnostic tool

To address various errors encountered while opening QuickBooks Desktop, start by following these steps:

  1. Download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool (QBInstall Tool).
  2. When prompted, save the downloaded file to your computer.
  3. If any programs are currently open, close them.
  4. Launch the QBInstall Tool.
  5. Please be aware that the tool’s execution time may vary, taking approximately 20 minutes. This duration depends on your internet speed and your computer’s performance.
  6. After the tool has completed its task, restart your computer to ensure the effective update of all applications.

Solution 5. Repair of Quickbooks Desktop

When performing a QuickBooks installation repair, you effectively fix the corrupted and damaged installation files within QuickBooks Desktop.

Solution 6: Do a clean Installation of the QuickBooks Desktop

If the preceding steps prove unsuccessful, the next course of action involves uninstalling the program, followed by a reinstallation and subsequent execution. A clean installation entails placing all files anew in a pristine directory, albeit one that mirrors the default setup. It’s essential to note that this entire procedure does not involve the removal or deletion of the company file in any manner.

Solution 7. Quickbooks Update

Making a few adjustments to the system may lead to errors similar to this one. In such situations, utilizing the system restore utility in the Windows Start menu is advisable. Once the restoration process is complete, reboot the system to resolve the error successfully.

Solution 8: Restore the Quickbooks desktop application

You’re in the process of fixing the corrupted and damaged QuickBooks Desktop installation files as you initiate the QuickBooks installation repair.

Solution 9: Try installing the Quickbooks desktop application properly again

  1. If you’ve exhausted all previous troubleshooting steps without success, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the software before rerunning it.
  2. A clean installation involves reinstalling all software files into a new folder, typically in the default location.
  3. It’s important to note that this method will not result in the loss or deletion of any corporate files.
  4. We hope the steps have clarified how to address the QuickBooks QBW32.exe Error. To further assist you, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) for quick reference.

Fixation of QuickBooks Error Type QBW32.exe

QBW32.exe error may also show the following types of errors on your screen:

  • Qbw32.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.
  • qbw32.exe – Application Error.
  • QuickBooks has stopped working. End Program – qbw32.exe. This program is not responding.
  • Qbw32.exe is not a valid Win32 application.

These are some of the common errors that are encountered by users while using this accounting tool. qbw32.exe is a component of your QuickBooks software and this extension indicates that it is an executable file.

The educator well files can cause harm to your computer sometimes so it is a Trojan that you have to remove from your system. You can go to task manager and you will find that the qbw32.exe process is running in the background of your desktop. This file is not essential for your Windows so you can look at it into the C drive of your desktop and you will find the option to delete it from your system.

If you want to solve this issue of qbw32.exe, women also uninstall that variant of your QuickBooks and you can try to install a new and latest version of this system. You will need to follow the process of clean reinstallation to solve these problems in your QuickBooks. Always make sure that you are using the genuine and updated version of this accounting tool in your desktop system. After following the process of clean reinstall, you will be able to get rid of this issue.


If the issue persists after following the steps mentioned earlier, our QuickBooks error support team is readily accessible to assist you. Our team comprises skilled experts who are at your service around the clock. Feel free to contact us at 1-844-405-0907 for prompt issue resolution and valuable guidance to prevent future problems. Don’t hesitate to call us, and experience top-notch technical support.

Get technical support services to solve qbw32.exe issue:

If you are following these processes but you are still unable to get rid of this issue in your QuickBooks system, you can get a permanent solution to all these errors and issues by getting professional technical support services. There are professional technical support service providers who can help you in the best way to solve these issues of qbw32.exe in your QuickBooks tool.

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  1. What is QBW32 .EXE and why do errors occur while doing it?

    The QBW32.EXE is a part of QuickBooks by Intuit. It offers amazing features to track your business accurately which helps to increase business efficiency. Sometimes, when trying to track your business with this component, they might be unable to do anything due to some error issues. There are several reasons behind this error. So, make sure before implementing any troubleshooting, firstly you have to know the cause behind it.

  2. How can I fix the Qbw32.exe issue automatically?

    You can fix this error in many ways but the way is to reboot the system or run the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool. In both ways, users just need to perform displayed guidelines and the error will correct it automatically. You can also fix this error by repairing the QuickBooks Desktop installation or suppressing the QuickBooks accounting application.

  3. What are the main roots behind the Qbw32.Exe issue?

    The main reason behind this issue is damaged or corrupted company files. An issue also appears when the user is unable to fulfill the requirements with window compatibility mode. To avoid these kinds of errors, make sure that your company files must be correct.

  4. Is it possible for a damaged company file to trigger the QBW32.exe error in QuickBooks?

    The QBW32.exe error is directly associated with issues within the company file. It arises when the company file becomes corrupted due to various factors.

  5. Can I resolve the error by manually replacing the QBW32.exe file?

    It’s important to note that QuickBooks files are interconnected, and tinkering with any of them may adversely affect other files. Therefore, it is not recommended to manually replace the QBW32.exe file as a solution to the issue.

  6. What exactly does QBW32.exe signify?

    QBW32.exe in QuickBooks represents a crucial file linked to payroll functionality within QuickBooks Pro software for Windows. If this file becomes damaged, it can result in a fatal application error.

  7. What is the QBW file used for?

    The QBW file operates in RAM (Random Access Memory). It utilizes the primary memory of your CPU (RAM) to execute as an “Intuit Quickbook Process” or task.

  8. How can I resolve the QBW32 Exe Error?

    Multiple methods are available to address the QBW32 Exe Error, and the choice of method depends on the specific issue. The following techniques can be employed based on the situation:

    1. Terminate the QBW32 Exe Process in Quickbooks Desktop.
    2. Disable Quickbooks Updates.
    3. Install Diagnostic Tools for Quickbooks.
    4. These methods can help resolve the error.

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