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Integrate Square Payroll with QuickBooks

Integrate Square Payroll with QuickBooks

What is Quickbooks Square Payroll Integration & How does it work?

Integration of Square payroll with QuickBooks makes your business more flexible by importing expenses and sales automatically. Here’s a question for you before continuing to the blog, ‘Have you ever heard about the Square app, or if you already know about Square and using it then why you don’t integrate it with QuickBooks?

The integration of QuickBooks with Square will alter the way your company grows. And if you use Square and QuickBooks separately, it’s time to synchronize them. Let’s read the blog to get this done with much ease. 

Benefits of square payroll integration with QuickBooks 

When you connect Square to QuickBooks, it offers many features and benefits to its users of small or mid-size businesses.

Some of these features include:

  • Without the need for additional software, users can import invoices, payments, and deposits from Square into their QuickBooks accounting tool automatically.
  • Data can be entered in such a way that purchases by credit card are batched as deposits together and hence quickly reconciled.
  • Taxes, discounts, and tips are maintained for descriptions of products and sales data, provided the item names exist inside QuickBooks.
  • Refunds can be imported.

Let’s see how integrating Square with QuickBooks is better together  

In QuickBooks, transactions from Square will automatically appear when both are synced.

  • Easily reconcile your books: Sync features help to keep your books up to date, matching your bank balance with your deposits, purchases, refunds, and fees.
  • Avoid manual data entry: Avoid manual data entry stress now because everything is automatically imported into QuickBooks overnight from sales, fees, and taxes before discounts, saving your precious time.
  • Invoices are automatically created: The sync function generates invoices automatically.
  • Display all your payments in one place: It reveals all of your Square-related payment processing fees to you.

Limitations of the Square and QuickBooks integration 

It is also important to consider the drawbacks of this bond, as you already know that QuickBooks and Square integration make a powerful combination.

The following are the points indicated below:

  • The regular transaction report is not available.
  • You can’t import a buyer’s information such as name or email ID. 
  • A QuickBooks invoice cannot be charged with the assistance of Square.
  • Square sails are imported in the form of invoices and transfers to QuickBooks.
  • It is not possible to evaluate transactions before importing them.

Important pointers need to be checked before integration 

  • In QuickBooks, you must log in as an Administrator along with single-user mode.
  • Before running the software, it is advisable to reboot the PC.
  • Make sure that your machine has QuickBooks installed.
  • To do this integration, the system should have Windows 10 and 11.
  • During installation, the company files that you want to sync should be available.

Steps to integrate Square Payroll with QuickBooks

To integrate Square Payroll with quickbooks, You need to follow mentioned below steps:

Total Time: 12 minutes

  1. Step One

    In the beginning, go to the online Square Dashboard and sign in to the Payroll section 

  2. Step Two

    Next, click Settings >> Intuit QuickBooks 

  3. Step Three

    Now, click Connect, if you’re already logged into your QuickBooks then you can log in using QB login credentials 

  4. Step four

    After that, click Authorize 

  5. Step Five

    Map each of the categories of Square Payroll corresponding QuickBooks category 

  6. Step Six

    By default, subcategories for Square Payroll are combined with their parent categories and reported 

  7. Step Seven

    Use the drop-down menu to pick the desired category if you would like a subcategory to be listed as a separate line item or reported in another QuickBooks Online category

  8. Step Eight

    Select Save when all the categories have been mapped.

Edit the Category mapping if required 

  • First, go to the online Square Dashboard and sign in to the Payroll section 
  • Next, click Settings >> Intuit QuickBooks 
  • Now, click Edit 
  • And then edit the category mapping 
  • In the end, click Save.

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