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How to Integrate Woocommerce with QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop is a smart accounting solution containing numerous time-saving features. It permits an integration option for getting enhanced and better finance management. Through integration, you can easily automate the system completely, consequently fewer chances of human errors. In this article, we will explore Woocommerce QuickBooks Desktop integration with QuickBooks sync and its associated benefits.

What is QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce?

When you are asked about the only official WooCommerce extension to link online store with accounting platforms, the most appropriate answer is QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce. It acts as a fully automated and real-time solution that permits you to sync the order, product, inventory, etc., and enhance accuracy and save valuable time.

How QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce works with QuickBooks?

It permits secure real-time Sync with orders, products, customers, inventory, and customers from /to QuickBooks and WooCommerce with WordPress Admin. If it let you enjoy unlimited syncing independent of restrictions! It does not matter you are using QuickBooks Desktop or online version; you can get the benefits of unlimited Sync once you activated the license. There is manual push sync available for historical information in the Woo store.

QuickBooks sync for WooCommerce creates a direct connection between QuickBooks and WooCommerce store, providing a full-featured customer, payment, order, inventory, product, and pricing sync. It is a robust extension that supports QuickBooks Desktop, POS, and online.

All about WooCommerce sync with QuickBooks Desktop


The tool QuickBooks Sync creates a link between the QuickBooks and WooCommerce that helps you in sync the data. The data that sync are orders, bank deposits, customers, inventory, and many more things. No more manual method to add inventories and orders. 

It keeps the accounts and store up-to-date with the automatic real-time sync feature. Also, updates and syncs another platform automatically when you make changes with any of the one either QuickBooks or WooCommerce. Automatically sync the historic or new data. It makes your work to half with the sync feature.


In the WooCommerce store, install the extension QuickBooks Sync helper to connect the QuickBooks inside the QuickBooks sync account. The Wizard opens up and follows the shown instructions properly that have a few simple steps. Configure it and then map the existing data and you are done. You are on the go as you can manage the connection of QuickBooks from the WooCommerce store. It shows you all the status of your products, orders, and customers after real-time syncs.


The mapping is easy with QuickBooks Sync. As you can easily map your payment gateways, customers, products, and others between QuickBooks and WooCommerce. The mapping is flexible so that if the SKU id or names don’t match then there is no problem. You can use the Automap feature to map automatically and save your time. You can also manage the mapping one-by-one and sync the data that you want to sync between the platforms.


When you are done with the setup after installation the real-time sync starts working. Everything starts syncing with your QuickBooks account such as customers, inventory, products, orders, etc. you can control the things the way they happen and also what can be sync. There are advanced sync options that are used to control how sync works like field mapping, roles, and more settings to select.

You can easily disable or enable the automatic sync feature for the data types. Using this feature of sync you can add things from one system to another like orders, existing products, and others. Do map tax rates together. You can also use the automatic calculation service that syncs with QuickBooks automatically.


The QuickBooks Sync is also compatible with the WooCommers payment method or gateways. It provides you the support for Intelligent Bank Deposit. The QuickBooks Sync creates the daily bank account deposit automatically in the QuickBooks to help in grouping the sale and make the reconciliation a breeze. This happens all for the credit card processors as these processors together group the weekly or daily deposits. Then they deposit it into your bank account easily. You can scale everything without any problems and save your time as well. The fees of transactions also sync automatically.


The QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce QuickBooks Desktop integration is free to download, install, and use. There is a paid subscription for the advanced features. You can check it out as it has both free and paid extensions. If you want to use the free version then it is good and if you want to buy the subscription then you can. All plans they are offering include real-time sync, all-time support, two-way product sync, and all features of free launch.

7 Benefits of QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce

  • It let you enjoy complete 2-way Sync, including order, inventory, products, and more both ways. This provides ease of order management through automation.
  • It provides Currency & Global Tax support; if you are selling in Canada, UK, the US, Australia, or any other country, you will get support for currencies, taxes, etc.
  • Ease to use and set up; their available unlimited support, videos, simple to set up, and docs to assist you
  • Real-Time Automatic Sync: It allows you to inventory, watch orders, & more Sync on the spot between both systems!
  • Unlimited Syncing Activity: This feature is used to enjoy unlimited Sync without any limit
  • Push old WooCommerce: Use the push feature to catch up on historical data; it includes ease of accessing the past data and then sync it with a single click.
  • Ease of Mapping: you can simply map your client, payment gateways, products, and more between two systems. It is too flexible; you can use an auto-map option to save time. There is no need to have matched SKUs or names; you can also perform custom mapping management.

How to process with Woocommerce QuickBooks Desktop Integration?

  • Firstly locate the WordPress admin and then install the plugin with a single click.
  • Start configuring the setting.
  • Mapping the existing data
  • Use push to get past data and then start Sync new data.
  • After this, there Sync gets started automatically.


That’s all about Woocommerce QuickBooks Desktop Integration! We have seen the advantages of linking Woocommerce with accounting solutions. Follow the above information to set the plugin to let automatically sync and get rid of duplicate data. So download QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce to enhance and track business financial health.


  1. Does inventory also sync when I do WooCommerce QuickBooks Desktop integration?

    Yes, the inventory of QuickBooks desktop also synchronizes with the WooCommerce store. They both also communicate very well that no problem happens with it. You can easily and freely have the benefits of integration and make your work simpler.

  2. How does the WooCommerce QuickBooks Desktop integration work?

    It helps you to sync real-time orders, inventory, customers, products, and payments. It is done easily with your WordPress admin as the synchronization is unlimited without any restrictions. You can enjoy flexible and real time sync with your QuickBooks Desktop account.

  3. Can I use a free trial of WooCommerce QuickBooks integration?

    Yes, you can use the free trial to give it a try of automatic synchronization. It has 14-days of free trial. So use it and then work with it to get all the benefits and features for real-time.

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