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How to Set Up an Owners Equity Account in QuickBooks?

Set Up an Owners Equity Account in QuickBooks

Financing your business with your funds can help improve your company’s cash flow. It can also make more funds available for the purchase of new equipment, machinery, recruiting extra staff, and carrying out research and development.

To set up accounts to keep track of your partners’ and owners’ funds to draw or invest from a business, you can use QuickBooks Online.

Why do you need To set up a specific Owners Equity Accounts in QuickBooks?

As stated before, it is crucial to keep track of your partners’ and owners’ money which they invest and draw from time to time. Using QuickBooks, you can easily track each transaction once the owners’ equity accounts are set-up.

  • Regardless of the funds drawn or contributed to some stake in the company, QuickBooks makes monitoring all of them seamless. And that makes it very important during tax time.
  • Furthermore, QuickBooks aids in smartly maintaining the company balance sheet with accurate information. 
  • It also automatically records the following:
    • Ending bank statement balance transaction
    • Opening balances relating to other balance sheet accounts
    • Opening balances entered by new owners, customers, and vendors 
    • Inventory of total value
    • Accrual basic opening accounts payable and receivable as of the starting date
    • Unclear bank cheques and deposits (be it accrual or cash) as of the starting date

Factors to consider before you set up a specific owners equity account in QuickBooks:

One of the most important things to consider before businesses set up specific owners’ equity accounts in particular QuickBooks is that every business owner should consider that they need to be investor-ready and track the start-up costs to track every penny. QuickBooks sets the opening balance equity account for the business owners to track the equity in a sole proprietorship. Equity in QuickBooks records

  • The ending bank statement balance transaction
  • Opening balances for the Balance Sheet account
  • Accrual basis opening account payable transactions
  • Opening balance entered during setting up new vendors

Steps to set up a specific owner’s equity account in QuickBooks

To creating owner equity account in quickbooks, You need to perform mentioned below steps:

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Step One

    Launch QuickBooks

  2. Step Two

    Use the gear icon present atop the screen corner and then click/tap on the option ‘chart of accounts’

  3. Step Three

    Hit the ‘New’ option in the ‘Charts of Accounts’

  4. Forth Step

    Locate the drop-down option, namely ‘Account Type’ and select the ‘Equity Option.’

  5. Fifth Step

    Then search for the detail type from the drop-down known as ‘Detail.’

  6. Sixth Step

    Carefully input the owners’ equity

  7. Seventh Step

    Write down an opening balance

  8. Eighth Step

    Once done, simply hit the ‘Save’ & ‘Close’ option

You also have the option of setting up equity accounts for more than one partner or owner. While you input the equity account data, hit the ‘is sub-account’ option, and enter the parent account.

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