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Print 1096 Form in QuickBooks Online & Desktop

Print 1096 Form in QuickBooks Online & Desktop

In formal terms, Form 1096 is named Annual Summary and Transmittal of U.S. Information Returns. This form is usually filed to submit the details for reporting non-employee compensation to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service).

However, Small or mid-sized business owners will still need to submit form 1099 because Form 1096 can only be used for paper submission to IRS. In case you filed the 1099 form electronically and don’t view the form 1096, you can get a physical copy through print.

An individual is called an independent contractor if the payer can control or direct only the outcome of the work and not how the work is done.

To get better insight about the same, you can learn here how to print 1096 form in QuickBooks Online & Desktop. You just need to stick out with this post till the end. 

Few important tips to consider while Printing 1096

  1. With a page-oriented printer, you have to print separate copies than all at once. 
  2. You must not collect your pre-printed forms before placing them in your printer. 
  3. You can first load all the copy 1 forms. Once all the Copy 1 forms are printed for every vendor then load and get prints of the Copy 2 forms. 
  4. Basically, Copy A (non-perforated) is for the IRS, and copy B (perforated) is for the vendors/suppliers. A page can only print 2 vendors per page. 
  5. The alignment will prompt you to select -1 in order to bring the print down or +1 to bring that up. 
  6. This selection can reduce or enhance the print by 1/100th of an inch. 

The process to Print the 1096 Form in QuickBooks Online

Form 1096 summarises all the details from the form 1099 you submit for a tax year. If you have submitted the 1096 forms manually, you can go through the following steps to get a clear print in QuickBooks Online. 

  1. Navigate to Bookkeeping, select Transactions, and then Click on Expenses from the left. 
  2. Now, choose the Vendors menu.
  3. Here, you have to press the Prepare 1099s in QuickBooks button. 
  4. Make sure you have entered all the details correctly for the tax year. 
  5. Once done, choose the Print and mail option. 
  6. After that, select the 1096 form. 
  7. When everything looks great, tap on Yes, looks good! and click on the Print on a 1096 Form option. 
  8. If the form needs to be aligned, you can click on the No, it doesn’t line up option and hit the Next tab. 
  9. Then, re-select the 1096 form. 
  10. The final step is to choose the Print on a 1096 Form option. 

By adhering to the above-listed steps, you can print the QuickBooks 1096 form with much ease, and similarly, you can take print form 1099 if required. 

How to Print 1096 Form in QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Desktop users can also print 1096 forms but before proceeding further, you need to switch to the single-user mode and you must have pre-printed 1099 or 1096 forms to perform this. If you submitted your forms to the IRS then carry out the steps to be continued. 

  1. First, double-check the form’s information.
  2. Next, choose the filing strategy and press the Print 1099s button.
  3. To continue, click the OK button to confirm the action.
  4. After that, select a date range and click OK.
  5. Here, select the desired form and choose Print.
  6. To verify the form alignment, click on Preview 1099 and follow these steps:
    • Access the File menu.
    • Select Printer Setup.
    • Choose the Form Name list to close it.
    • Select the Align option to adjust the alignment as needed.
    • Click the OK button to save the changes.
  7. Once finished, select the form and opt to Print the 1099 form.
  8. Finally, select the Print 1096 option.

What are the steps to print the previous year’s QuickBooks 1096 Form? 

If you are willing to print the QuickBooks 1096 form of the previous years, QuickBooks makes it easier for you. All you have to check out the following steps:

  1. From the File menu, choose print Forms and then select the 1096s /1099s option. 
  2. Next, tap on getting Started when the wizard opens. 
  3. Choose the 1099 vendors option and press the continue tab. 
  4. Thereafter, you have to verify the 1099 vendor’s details and click the Continue button once again. 
  5. Now, you can start mapping the accounts.
  6. Edit the thresholds if required and select the Continue button. 
  7. When you’re done, review your payments for exclusions and hit the Continue tab.
  8. Once the adjustments are over, you need to confirm your 1099 entries.
  9. If the entries are correct, click the Continue button once more time. 
  10. Under the Choose a filing method window, tap on the Print 1099s button. 
  11.  At this point, you are required to specify the date range for your form and then select OK. 
  12. Here, you can select all the vendors for whom you wish to print the 1096 form and choose the Print 1096 option. and then tap on the Print 1096 option. 
  13. In the end, you need to confirm your printer settings and press the Print button. 
  14. This is how you can print the form 1096 of the prior years on Windows. In case, you use QuickBooks then you can also take prints in that. 


It’s remarkable that every year different types of forms are submitted by taxpayers. To get an authentic copy of a particular form, QuickBooks allows you to take prints of 1096/1099 forms. You can easily print 1096/1099 forms if you have filed them. Many different ways to print the 1096 forms in QuickBooks Online & Desktop are covered in this write-up. So, you just need to follow this guide in order to print your form effortlessly with QuickBooks. However, if still you are finding troubles during the procedure and looking for further assistance then feel free to get in touch with QuickBooks Helpdesk Team Members. They give their best to make you happy with the most satisfactory results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is it required to file electronically while printing the 1096 form in QuickBooks Online & Desktop?

The first tip for small business owners to streamline their tax processes including information and other tax returns is to file electronically. If you file your information returns through the FIRE system, you don’t need to worry about Form 1096 at all, as it only applies to mailed returns. By filing such forms electronically, you’ll save much time, effort, and money, and hopefully, you’ll have greater peace of mind with regard to your tax forms and also ample time to invest in other parts of your business operations.

Q2. Should I need to fill multiple 1096 forms if I’m only submitting Form 1099- MISC?

No, before you get started filling out IRS Form 1096, it is important to ensure how many separate 1096 tax forms you need to fill out. If you’re only submitting Form 1099-MISC, you just need to complete one 1096 tax form. On the other hand, if you’re submitting Form 1099-MISC, Form 1098, Form 3922, etc. you are required to separately fill out a 1096 tax form for each of these groups. 

Q3. Who can file IRS Form 1096 in QuickBooks Online & Desktop?

As a small business owner, if you’re submitting your annual information returns to the IRS via mail then you are required to file IRS Form 1096. In case you file these information forms electronically, either through the IRS FIRE System or a tax preparation software, you do not need to complete IRS Form 1096.

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