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QuickBooks Error 1099

QuickBooks Error 1099

Sometimes you try to go on with 1099 and you start to encounter various errors, i.e. 1099 not showing the correct amount, reports displaying a lower amount than what you have calculated, the vendor is not visible on the list when you are preparing 1099, or the form is misaligned. These errors are called QuickBooks 1009 Errors. The AskForAccounting help team is going to resolve the issue for you.

Resolving The Quickbooks Error 1009

Here, we’ll talk about some of the key solutions to QuickBooks error 1099. Follow all the steps carefully to fix the problem:

1. Case One: When 1009 Does Not Show The Correct Amount

If you are not able to see the correct amount and get error 1099 then follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the top and select the Plus (+) icon. Now, go to Pay Bills.
  • Go to the Filter Drop-down on the left and select it.
  • Go to Payee and Location and choose
  • Check the right bill.
  • Now either select Save or Save & Close.

2. Case Two: If The Reports Are Showing A Lower Amount Than What You Have Calculated

Equity Accounts and Recording Vendor Payments to Income, these two do not work in 1099 totals. You will see a less amount than you paid. You need to record or edit these payments in expense-type accounts, you can also use an asset account or a liability account. But if you are willing to use any account other than expense-type accounts, we advise you to get in touch with the QuickBooks experts Team.

3. Case Three: If The Vendor Is Not Visible on The List When You Are Preparing 1009

When you prepare a 1099 form and then you notice that the vendor is not showing up in the list and get the error, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the left menu and select
  • Go to the Enter report name field and fill in: Transaction List.
  • Go to the Vendor and select the Transaction List.
  • Choose Customize.
  • Go to the reporting period and set it for Last Year.
  • Now, go to these sections: Rows and Columns. Choose Change Columns link, go to the Split Box and check a mark there.
  • Now follow on to the Filter Section.
  • Go to the drop-down and check the vendor box, select all the 1009 related vendors you are concerned with right now.
  • Choose theRun Report.
  • Go to the Splits column to check the accounts the vendors were tied to. If you are able to see –Splits- columns in the transactions, select them to check the details for which the accounts affected. If it was a billing account, click on the bill to access it to see the affected expense accounts.

4. Case Four: If The Vendor Doesn’t Meet The Threshold

If your seller does not meet the threshold then follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the left menu and select Reports.
  • Go to the Enter Report Name field, enter 1009.
  • Go to 1099 Transaction Detail Report, select it.
  • Change the report date range to ‘Last Calendar Year.’
  • Now, start to filter the data on the reports to certify the 1009 vendor or 1009 box.
  • Choose, Run Report.

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