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QuickBooks 2018 Installation Error

QuickBooks 2018 Installation Error

QuickBooks 2018 installation errors can arise due to various disparate reasons. In this article, we have detailed the reasons along with the solutions for this error. In case the installer crashes while the installation was ongoing, just restart your computer and delete all the copied files.

Reasons for QuickBooks 2018 Installation Error

One or more of the following can cause the QuickBooks 2018 installation error to be triggered:

  • .NET Framework
  • Windows 7 updates
  • Other Windows related issues

1. .NET Framework

This framework is required by many installers. As a prerequisite, install the .NET Framework. This software can be downloaded for free.

Here is a link for .NET Framework. Select the language you want to download the installer in and click on download.

If it is already installed on your system, then update it with the downloaded installer. Installation files for this particular framework won’t take much storage. Make sure to install or update to .NET Framework 4.5 to resolve QuickBooks 2018 installation error.

2. Windows 7

Microsoft has released new updates for Windows 7 which will enable you to install QB 2018 on your system. QuickBooks 2018 installation error can be a direct result of the absence of these windows updates.

To update Windows to the latest version, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Start menu
  2. Type Update
  3. Click on check for updates
  4. Wait for the check to be over. If updates are available, install them before installing QB.
Note: For windows vista and Xp, updates haven’t been released. In order to install QuickBooks 2018, these users will have to upgrade their windows for now.

3. Firewall and other software

Firewall and other security software such as antivirus and antimalware can often interfere with the installation of QuickBooks 2018. You can either pause the security program or uninstall it before installing QB. Also, check the section of quarantined items to find QB installation files deleted by your antivirus software.

4. QuickBooks 2018 Installation Assistance

You can contact us to get in touch with certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors who can easily install a fresh copy of the software on your system. Further, our experts can help you in upgrading to QuickBooks 2018 at an affordable price.

QuickBooks 2018 new features

1. Compatibility with QuickBooks 2017 and other prior versions:

Imagine a situation in which you need to share a few company files with people using older versions of QuickBooks like QuickBooks 2015, QuickBooks 2014, etc. Then you must have the ability to save files of the latest version into older formats. The QuickBooks users must be able to open old forms except in the case of active payroll services.

2. Support for Office 2016 :

In case you have upgraded to Microsoft Office 2016 and are using QuickBooks 2016 with it, you may suffer due to the improper functioning of the software. Since Intuit has not managed any compatibility with it. For Example, you can work for your business invoices through Outlook 2013 but not Outlook 2016.

3. Choice to update the software:

The most fascinating feature of QuickBooks is that you can manage your employee payroll and get it synchronized with your online bank accounts. Let us talk about the situation after 3 years of purchasing the product.

As per Intuit’s discontinuation policy, you will lose product support and many of the features get blocked. You need to enter all the transactions manually. To get everything back into practice, you need to upgrade to a newer version of QuickBooks, even if you do not require any amendments in the software.

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