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QuickBooks Conversion Tool Not Working

QuickBooks Conversion Tool Not Working

It is an undeniable fact that the QuickBooks desktop offers a wide range of exclusive features and tools and the QuickBooks data conversion tool is one of them. This tool usually helps you to convert the company file from a plethora of different programs. It is the first choice of many users just because it can complete all sorts of conversion tasks without any data security compromise. With the help of this tool, users can easily do the conversion of QuickBooks 2017 to QuickBooks desktop Premier 2018 or Pro 2018 or even QuickBooks desktop enterprise solutions 18.0.

Moreover, it works to maintain the datasets and makes the organizational procedures easygoing and accurate so that users don’t have to stuck with a lot of technical bugs. This write-up has come up with a lot of manual steps that will surely rectify the “QuickBooks Conversion tool not working” error. There are several reasons that can prevent you from going ahead with the process. So, first, identify them and then go with the solutions accordingly. 

Let’s have a glance at the reasons behind the “QuickBooks Conversion tool not working error

The causes of the error can be many but the most prominent have been mentioned below:

  • If the Conversion tool system requirements are not fulfilled.
  • This tool doesn’t work with the 64-bit Windows version ( Vista or Windows 7).
  • When you are unable to convert Sage 50 to QuickBooks. 

What this tool can convert?

  • Account 
  • Employee
  • Item
  • Customer, and vendor list
  • Payroll General ledger account balance info
  • Customer and vendor transactions
  • Account balances
  • Employee profile and contact info
  • Paychecks (convert as journal entries)

What can’t be converted through this tool?

  • Payroll transactions and employee year-to-date info (paychecks, year-to-date adjustments).
  • Work tickets
  • Fixed Assets
  • Individual employee wage or deduction information.
  • Closed or partially closed Sales orders, Purchase Orders, and Estimates

How many steps do to resolve the “QuickBooks Conversion tool not working” error?

Before you start with the process, it is important to check whether your system is compatible with the tool or not. There are certain system requirements that a user has to meet to use the conversion tool smoothly. 

solution I: Ensure all the system requirements are fulfilled 

Whenever you are going to use software, confirm that you have made everything compatible so that you don’t have to face any issues in the middle.

  • Operating System: Windows  Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
  • Hard Drive: 2.5 GB free space. 
  • RAM: Memory should be either 512 MB or higher.
  • Processor: 500 MHZ Intel Pentium II
  • Microsoft .NET Framework: Minimum version 2.0
  • QuickBooks version: Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Solutions 2015 onwards are supported. 
  • Microsoft SBA 2006, Peachtree (version 2001 or later) or MS Office Accounting 2008 must be installed. 
  • Sage 50: Version 2013 and above.
  • QuickBooks desktop should be installed properly and should be registered precisely.

Solution II: Get rid of the 64-bit Windows Version

You will be unable to see the converting option in case you are applying this tool on a 64-bit Windows Vista or Windows 7. Hence, it is advised you opt for a clean installation of the 32-bit Vista version. As well as navigate to QuickBooks and Office Accounting installation at the same time on your system. This will help you to resolve the problem in one go.

Solution III: Change the Setting to convert the Sage 50 Data File 

Stage 1: Access credentials Settings

  1. Start Sage 50
  2. Open the company file to be converted.
  3. Switch to the Main Menu.
  4. Click Maintain.
  5. Select Users.
  6. Tap on Setup Security.
  7. Choose Data Access/ Crystal Reports Section.
  8. You have to select the login information from the following:
    • Press the change button and set a unique password. 
    • Close Sage 50

Stage II:  Run the conversion Tool

  1. First, download the QuickBooks Conversion Tool.
  2. Browse to the folder where you save it.
  3. Now right-click the tool.
  4. Click Run as Administrator. 

Stage III: Convert the data file

  1. By clicking Browse, select Sage 50 company file.
  2. Here you will find a Pervasive 32-bit ODBC engine DSN setup window.
  3. After that choose the company name and press OK.
  4. It’s time to enter the company file password that you have set up in Stage 1.
  5. Now click Next to continue.
  6. Choose the QB product you want to convert the company file to.
  7. Then navigate to the company file.
  8. Again hit Next to proceed.
  9. Once you are done with the above step, you will get the conversion details on the Ready to Convert window.
  10. Select Convert file and let the process start.
  11. Press the Convert File tab, this will start the QB conversion tool.
  12. When the process finishes, open in QuickBooks.
  13. At last, check everything to ensure the process has been completed successfully. 
Note: If the issue persists as it is then redownload the QuickBooks desktop conversion tool.

Learn how to Download the QuickBooks desktop conversion tool.

In this section, you will get to know the entire downloading process of the QuickBooks desktop conversion tool.

  • Firstly, you need to download the QuickBooks Conversion Tool.
  • Hover over and open the folder having the downloaded file.
  • A right-click on the QuickBooks conversion tool icon and also select Properties.
  • In the compatibility mode, you need to click the checkbox to run this program for compatibility, and then select from the dropdown the window operating system being used.
  • Now, you are required to hit on OK tab.
  • In the end, right-click the file i.e. QuickBooks ConversionToolSetup.exe, and also select Run as Admin.

What are the steps to use the QuickBooks Conversion Tool effectively?

If you have checked the installation, registration, and license of QuickBooks then it’s the right time to start using this tool. You would also have to verify whether the Peachtree and Microsoft Software (that is the application of the file to be converted) is correctly installed on your computer or not. 

  • Initially, you are supposed to double-click on the Conversion Tool application and then open it.
  • Now you have to choose one option between My Client Company and My own Company. 
  • After this, select Accounting Software. 
  • Click Next choose the company file and also hit Next again.
  • You are then required to select the QuickBooks product go to the folder where you have saved the company file and also tap on Next.
  • Navigate to the conversion levels as per the list that you see on the screen and then click next to continue with the process.
  • You would have to select accounting preferences as per the date and name of the company and again hit next.
  • Finally, check all the details for the last time and then press the start button.
  • Once you are done with the process, you need to hit on Finish tab.

Follow these steps to Convert Sage 50 to QuickBooks Desktop: 

Now let’s start the process to convert Sage to QuickBooks desktop. Well, if you are a Sage 2010 user then the below-listed steps will surely help you out in converting it to QuickBooks. 

Step 1: First Set up the data access credentials 

  • To do this, you need to start the Sage application and also open the company file.
  • Go to the main menu and select maintain.
  • Choose users and set up the Security tab. 
  • You will also have to hit on data access/ crystal reports.
  • Tap on change to set the password.
  • Now you are supposed to close the Sage application.

Step 2: Then Select the Sage company file

  • Download and install the QuickBooks conversion tool from the Intuit website. You can use this tool if you run it as admin. Now you need to right-click the QuickBooksConversionToolSetup.exe file and also select the Run as admin option. 
  • From the database name window, choose the company file by clicking the browse option. 
  • Choose the company name and press the OK button.

Step 3: In the end, Convert the Company File 

  • You can do this by simply selecting the QuickBooks version to convert Sage and also looking for the folder where the QuickBooks file is to be kept. 
  • Then click Next.
  • In the new window, you have to verify the accuracy of the information and then choose the convert file option. 
  • This process might take some time and you will have to wait for the message to appear prompting done.
  • The last step is to open the QuickBooks file and verify if the process was completed successfully or not. 

Step 4: Review the conversion 

In this step, you are required to opt for the option to open in QuickBooks after the tool completes the task. Then it is important to review the data in QuickBooks and also ensure that everything is present later you will have to review the transfer log:                                       

  • Hover over the Windows Start Menu.
  • Look for and open the file explorer.
  • Switch to the C:/USERS\[Your Windows User Name]\My Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks.
  • Now review the failed transaction log file in the folder. Doing so will let you know if the data didn’t transfer over. 
Remember: It should be noted that you can only convert the versions of Sage 50 and QuickBooks desktop from the same region. In case, you are having the US versions of Sage 50, then you are supposed to convert it to the US version of QuickBooks desktop only. 

Limitations of the QuickBooks conversion tool:

Apart from the above-stated features. There are certain limitations of the QuickBooks conversion tool as well. These limitations are basically related to importing data, transactions, and account balances from different financial software into QuickBooks. However, this would help in converting employee list information which includes the social security number, and also the payroll general ledger account balance information.

This certain payroll information is that one can’t convert using the QuickBooks conversion tool including Paycheck, employee year to date information, payroll time, individual employee wage, etc. Job costing, fixed assets items work and then close or partially closed sales orders, estimates, or purchase orders might not be converted with the help of the Conversion tool.

Winding- Up!

Hopefully, you will be able to use the conversion tool properly once you read out this article till the end. However, if you fail to find out the causes of happening “QuickBooks conversion tool not working” error and wanna need some help. In this case, you can get in touch with QuickBooks customer helpdesk team members as they know very well how to get over such errors in one go.


How can I transfer data from one QuickBooks to another?

Check out the steps as follows:

💠 Navigate to Settings.
💠 Click Export data under the Tools. 
💠 Now, press the Lists tab.
💠 Select Employees.
💠 Lastly, hit Export to Excel.

What are things to remember while merging two QuickBooks Company files?

There are some points to note when it comes to merging two QuickBooks company files. Let’s discuss:

💠 Make sure that both accounts contain the same name type and gradable level otherwise you won’t be able to merge them.
💠 You have to log in to your files and then turn them to the multi-user mode that makes space for the combination routine.
💠 It is required to create Charts of Accounts identically in different company files. Doing so will benefit you a lot.
💠 You can’t merge the accounts if:-

1. The accounts have different account numbers.
2. They are at different levels like the account or sub-account.
3. The spelling of the account is different. 

What are the advantages of using the QuickBooks conversion tool?

It is no doubt to say that the QuickBooks conversion tool brings out amazing features and functionalities. Here are the benefits;

💠 This tool permits the setup process for the conversion of the QuickBooks file.
💠 This tool works if the conversion tool doesn’t change the current/existing data files.
💠 It also helps to understand the current state of the business.
💠 The tool generally imports the data from the new QuickBooks company.
💠 This tool creates a log for every conversion to maintain the records systematically.
💠 It offers a choice for the imports list. This works to list plus/minus balances along with historical transactions in one go.
💠 This tool assures that you don’t need to do such data security compromises at the time of conversion taking place.

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