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QuickBooks Data Damaged Error

Common QuickBooks data damage errors & their solutions

QuickBooks data damaged error is a common occurrence that is usually encountered when formatting one or more pages becomes damaged, or when there are performance difficulties, disc failures, power surges, and so on. One of the most common problems you may encounter is a damaged QuickBooks company file. In simple terms, Data Damage means your company file can’t be read correctly by QuickBooks. This can be caused by internal (within QuickBooks) or external (file location) factors.

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Majority of data damage issues including LVL errors in the QBWin.log can be repaired within QuickBooks. In this post, we’ll learn more about Common QuickBooks Data Damaged Errors and how to fix them, as well as the possible factors that cause it. Let us now buckle up and explore more about repairing the QB company file data damaged issues.

Different types of data damage in QuickBooks 

  • List Damage- lists (Chart of accounts, items, customers, vendors, employees, etc.).
  • Transaction Damage- One or more transactions have been damaged.
  • Link Damage- It refers to the damage caused by linkages between transactions or by the transactions themselves.
  • It’s worth noting that determining the extent of this type of damage might be difficult. It’s possible that you’ll need to open the transaction to figure out where the problem is. A damaged link could potentially be the reason for mismatched reports.
  • Structural Damage- Table/s or the table’s header have structural damage.

What triggers the data damage error in QuickBooks

There are certain causes that may result in data loss or damage in the QB company file. The below highlighted are few of the most prevalent factors that could lead to common QuickBooks Data Damaged Errors:

  • If the database is kept on a hard drive that has been infected with a virus, an error like this is likely to occur.
  • If the size of the data file has exceeded the set limit.
  • If there is a rapid power surge or drop, the entire hard drive could be destroyed, resulting in common QuickBooks data damaged errors.
  • Furthermore, if the system is missing certain resources such as RAM, virtual memory, network interface cards, routers, network cables, and so on.
  • A system shutdown that isn’t done properly could also cause problems.

How to identify Common QuickBooks Data Damaged Errors

Once you’ve gone over the indicators below, identifying the data damage problem in a QuickBooks company file becomes simple.

Let’s have a look at them one by one:

  • Errors in the verify data utility or verify target: minor values do not match major on the screen or in the Qbwin.log file, such as “A data error stops QuickBooks from proceeding”
  • If the transaction history shows a negative balance
  • In addition, if any transactions or entries are missing from the lists
  • In the event that paid bills or invoices appear to be unpaid
  • If the software is sluggish to begin with
  • Balance sheets that are incorrect
  • If the software unexpectedly shuts down while attempting to save or remove a transaction
  • You notice the HTML code in the window when you open “submit feedback online” and move to the Bug report window
  • In this situation, an asterisk (*) precedes the account name. This suggests that these accounts were generated by software because the original accounts were missing,
  • And so on. 

Preventative measures

Before diving into the quick remedies for data damaged in QuickBooks company files, users should have a look at some preventative actions.

The following are some of the preventative measures:

  • Using QuickBooks to create a backup:
    QuickBooks frequently backs up the files automatically, which is quite helpful. However, when the log file grows in size, speed suffers, and the risk of data damage rises unless the data is backed up. Intuit will then utilise this backup file to retrieve your data. As a result, it’s a good idea to perform a monthly backup of your QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Choosing a wired network over a wireless network:
    This is recommended since using a wireless network increases the possibility of dropped connections, which can lead to problems with the data file. By choosing a hard-wired network, you can prevent these problems.
  • Make sure to verify the size of the file:
    The 250 MB file is available to QuickBooks pro and premium users. When a file grows to 500 MB in size, however, performance may suffer. QuickBooks corporate users, on the other hand, have the option of upgrading to 500 MB. However, if the file grows to 750MB in size, it may cause problems. As a result, it is advised that the file be kept under the specified size limit to avoid any problems. You can also compress the file to make it smaller.
  • Size of the monitoring list:
    In QuickBooks pro and premier, you’ll have to keep an eye on the list limits. The most crucial thing to remember is that if you exceed the top limit, there will be no warning signs. Furthermore, the items on the inactive list are not included in this list.
  • Patches to be updated:
    The release number can be found in the first line of the product information window. Using the most recent patch may not cause such a problem in the future.
  • Monitoring database file fragments on a monthly basis:
    If the system becomes overburdened with data over time, fragmentation may occur. Also, if you are putting the data in without cleaning it up beforehand. In order to function properly, you must maintain the number below 10,100.

List of Common QuickBooks Data Damaged Errors

Well, when you experience data-damaged issues in your QuickBooks software, then the first step is to find out the actual reasons or you can also identify through signs and symptoms which are discussed in the above section. Next step is to attempt preventative measures as your instant remedy in order to avoid common QuickBooks Data Damaged Errors.

Let’s check out quick list of Common QuickBooks Data Damaged Errors: 

Error -6000, -301: An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file

QuickBooks Error -6150, -1006

Error: QBWin.log: LVL_SEVERE_ERROR–GetDecryptedCreditCardNumber The decryption has failed

QBWin.log: Verify list. Duplicate name encountered

QBWin.log: LVL_ERROR–Error: Verify item history target quantity on order mismatch error

QBWin.log: Orphan payee found in Online cache

QBWin.log: LVL_ERROR – Error: Verify Item History: Build txn target bad pending state. Item = nnnnn

QBWin.log: LVL_ERROR — Error: Verify Online Account Information: Invalid Customer ID number

QBWin.log: LVL_ERROR-error: Verify Account List Item ###: View out of sequence

QBWin.log: LVL_Error–Error: Verify Item: Invalid tax agency

QBWin.log: Verify Target: Invalid Open Balance


By the end of this post, it is hoped that you’ll have a good understanding of how to overcome Common QuickBooks Data Damaged Errors. On the other hand, if the error keeps bothering you, it is recommended that you can consult our Team of Experts via Live Chat. Team is available 24/7 to assist you for any doubts or queries related to QuickBooks accounting software. Meanwhile, you can also visit our official website to explore more about accounting software and its related issues or resolutions.

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