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QuickBooks Direct Deposit Not Working

QuickBooks Direct Deposit Not Working

Businesses can manage their financial transactions using the well-known accounting program QuickBooks. Direct deposit is one of the features of QuickBooks that enables companies to electronically pay their employees. QuickBooks direct deposit may not function properly for some users, though. The reasons behind this problem and the steps to fix it are covered in this article. When payday arrives, there’s always cause for celebration; this is amplified if you don’t need to do anything to get your money. By switching to direct deposit, you can avoid the inconvenience of having to bring your paycheck to the bank and deposit it with a teller.

Accessing your money quickly and easily through direct deposit into your bank account is possible. Although direct deposit is frequently used for employee paychecks, it’s also a practical way to get stimulus checks, tax refunds, and Social Security payments. In the digital age, direct deposit has grown in popularity, and every year, billions of electronic payments are processed. Cash and checks are now considered to be the archaic, traditional methods of paying employees. The Direct Deposit in QuickBooks is putting them on hold. Numerous users favor QuickBooks Payroll’s Direct Deposit feature. thanks to how simple it is to make payments. You can also quickly pay your employees, which will save you time.

Payments might, however, not always be successful, as in the case of the QuickBooks Direct Deposit Not Working error. You are perplexed by such a situation, and your employees are left to doubt the business. Therefore, it is even more crucial to resolve the QuickBooks Direct Deposit Not Working error.

What is the process of direct deposit?

When you deposit a physical check, your bank or credit union must complete a series of steps before the funds are available in your account. Your financial institution must contact the bank that issued the check, confirm the details, and ensure that the payer has sufficient funds to transfer. Because this process takes time, it may take a day or two for the funds to appear in your account.

The process is streamlined with direct deposit. Your employer, to whom you’ve given your direct deposit information, transfers your payment to your bank ahead of payday. On payday, your financial institution will deposit the funds into your account. When payday arrives, you have immediate access to your funds.

Reasons Why QuickBooks Direct Deposit Doesn’t Work:

There are several possible causes for why QuickBooks direct deposit might not be functioning. Typical causes include things like:

  • Inaccurate Bank Account Information: If your QuickBooks bank account information is incorrect, direct deposit may not be possible.
  • Insufficient Funds: A bank account may not be able to process a direct deposit if there are not enough funds there.
  • If the bank’s direct deposit agreement has expired or is otherwise invalid, direct deposit may not be possible.
  • Older QuickBooks Version: Direct deposit might not work if you are using an older QuickBooks version.
  • Direct deposits might not be processed if there are problems with internet connectivity.

You should also learn to manually create paychecks for your employees in the meantime. This is how:

  • Choose from the check types Scheduled Payroll, Unscheduled Payroll, or Termination Check under the Employees menu’s Pay Employees option.
  • In the Create Paychecks section, choose the appropriate schedule, then click Start Schedule Payroll.
  • Check the check date, pay period end date, and bank account from which the funds are being drawn.
  • Select Open Paycheck Detail to view each person’s paycheck information.
  • To move on to the next employee, select Save & Next, or to return to the Enter Payroll Information window, select Save & Close.
  • Select Continue when you are prepared to create the checks.
  • Review your printing options for checks and direct deposits.
  • Select Create Paychecks after you have checked the amounts for each employee.
  • Print pay stubs and paychecks whenever is convenient for you.

How secure is direct deposit?

Direct deposit is secure. Although direct deposit security is frequently a concern, it is far safer than the paper check alternative. Paper checks are quite risky to handle because they can be lost, stolen, or damaged. If your check ends up in the wrong hands, a fraudster may even cash a check that was not written out to them.

All these potential security concerns are removed by direct deposit. Your money cannot be lost or stolen because it is transferred digitally and automatically from the payer’s account to your bank account.

How to Fix QuickBooks Direct Deposit not working:

Solution 1:

You can take the following actions to resolve the QuickBooks direct deposit issue:

Step 1: Confirm the details of the bank account

Verify the accuracy of the bank account data you entered in QuickBooks. To accomplish this, open the Employees menu, choose “My Payroll Service,” then “Preferences,” and finally “Direct Deposit.” Check the bank account details and make any necessary adjustments.

Step 2: Verify Your Bank Balance

Verify that there are enough funds in the bank account to cover the amount of the direct deposit. Direct deposit transactions might not go through if there are not enough funds.

Step 3: Revise the Direct Deposit Agreement

Check that the direct deposit agreement with the bank is current and valid. Contact the bank to update the agreement if it has expired or is no longer valid.

Step 4: Refresh QuickBooks

Check that you are running the most recent version of QuickBooks. To check for updates, navigate to the Help menu and choose “Update QuickBooks Desktop.” Download and install any available updates.

Step 5: Verify Internet Connection

Check that your internet connection is stable. Direct deposit may not be processed if there are problems with internet connectivity.

Step 6: Get in touch with QuickBooks Customer Service.

If none of the preceding steps work, you may need to contact QuickBooks customer service for assistance. They can assist you in diagnosing and resolving the problem.

Solution 2:

Step 1: Examine the Bank Account

Intuit charges less than $1.00 (in two small withdrawals) during the step of verifying your bank details. The goal of these withdrawals is to confirm that you are the authorized user. If you complete this step successfully, you will be able to avoid any errors caused by the unverified bank account.

Step 2: In QuickBooks, enter the employee’s bank account information.

Another critical step in configuring QuickBooks Payroll Direct Deposit is to add the bank accounts of employees who will be paid via Direct Deposit. The employee must sign off on the Direct Deposit of the paycheck.

Step 3: Create a Paycheck for Direct Deposit.

To generate a paycheck in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Select the payroll check type.
  • Fill in the information requested on your PC’s screen.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is to customize your printing options.

Solutions for Employees When QuickBooks Direct Deposit Doesn’t Work

Have you followed the above instructions to set up QuickBooks Payroll Direct Deposit? If this is the case, you can use the solutions provided below to resolve the QB Direct Deposit not going through error.

Solution 1: Determine whether you are following recent regulations.

QuickBooks must collect specific information for direct deposit set up by the most recent Compliance regulations. The list is provided below, and you must ensure that the correct information is shared with QB.

  • Name of the company, address, and EIN.
  • The social security number, date of birth, and home address of the principal officer.
  • Online banking credentials or bank routing numbers, as well as account numbers.
  • First and foremost, ensure that the information provided by the Principal Officer is correct.

Solution 2: Reconnect your bank account.

Reconnecting your bank account to QB is another time-tested fix for the QuickBooks Direct Deposit Not Working error. This is how you can present the solution.

  • Visit the section for Employees.
  • Choose Activate Direct Deposit by clicking on My Payroll Service.
  • Opt for Getting Started.
  • Then, click Next after clicking Start on the Business tab.
  • Then click Next after entering the information for the principal officer.
  • To add a new bank account, select that option.
  • Following the name of your bank, enter your online banking login information or, if prompted, your bank routing and account numbers.
  • You will then need to create a PIN. This pin is required each time payroll is sent to QB and must be entered. As a result, enter a PIN you can remember or write down.
  • Click on Submit after twice verifying the PIN.
  • Select Next, then select Accept and Submit.
  • Verify the principal officer’s social security number if prompted before clicking the Submit button.

Solution 3: Update QuickBooks Desktop.

Then select Update QuickBooks under the Help menu.

  • The window for updating QuickBooks will now open, and you must select the Update Now tab.
  • After selecting the checkbox next to Reset Updates, click Get Updates.
  • Finally, confirm the reset by pressing OK.

After completing the steps, restart QuickBooks. Click the Install Now button on the Update Service message to finish. The update will successfully install as a result.

Solution 4: Enable Direct Deposit Payroll in QuickBooks:

You must activate direct deposit payroll in QuickBooks as a follow-up to the above solution for the QuickBooks Direct Deposit Not Working error. Don’t be concerned. The steps are simple to follow if you follow the instructions below:

  • To begin, press F2 (or Ctrl 1) and F3 (or Ctrl 2) to open the Tech Help window.
  • On the newly opened window, click the Open File tab.
  • To access the qbw.ini file, double-click it.
  • Find the line in the qbw.ini file that says [QBLICENSE] PAYROLL_BUNDLE_STATE=Y.
  • Change the Y to N, then select File.
  • The changes to qbw.ini will be saved when you click the Save button.
  • Return to QuickBooks and try again to access WF Invites or PTC.

Return to the Payroll Activation screen and do not change Y to N in Step 5, but instead delete the section [QBLICENSE] PAYROLL_BUNDLE_STATE=Y].


QuickBooks Direct Deposit is a convenient feature that allows businesses to pay their employees electronically. However, if direct deposit fails, it can cause serious problems for businesses. You can quickly identify and resolve the issue by following the steps outlined in this article, ensuring that your employees receive their pay on time.


1. Why am I not receiving my direct deposit?

Employees may not receive their direct deposit for a variety of reasons.

  • The bank account information for one of the employees was entered incorrectly.
  • There is an issue with the employee’s bank.
  • The pay date is a weekend or a holiday.
  • The direct deposit payroll was submitted after 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time cut-off.

2. How do I determine whether my direct deposit is active?

The direct deposit status indicates whether the deposit is active. Here’s how it’s done: Navigate to the Gear icon. Payroll Settings can be found under Your Company. Choose a Company from the list of Bank Accounts. Connected/Active: Bank account information linked to sending payroll with QuickBooks Online, with the option to update it. “We’re getting your bank account ready.”

3. How do I set up direct deposit for payroll in QuickBooks Online?

Payroll direct deposit is simple to set up in QuickBooks Online. Following the initial setup, you can enroll each employee in direct deposit and verify a test transaction. Select the Settings icon, followed by Payroll settings. Choose Bank Accounts. Fill in the blanks for your Business, Principal Officer, and Bank account. Choose Save.

4. How do I use QuickBooks Online to send payroll?

Here’s how it’s done: Navigate to the Gear icon. Payroll Settings can be found under Your Company. Choose a Company from the list of Bank Accounts. Connected/Active: Bank account information is linked to sending payroll with QuickBooks Online, with the option to update it. “We’re getting your bank account ready.” Data from test transactions will also be displayed.

5. What is the proper way to enter a bank deposit?

To balance it, we can make a check payable to the same affected account and enter the bank deposit into the correct account. I’ll demonstrate how: Select “+ New” from the menu. the Bank Deposit option. From the Account dropdown, select the appropriate account to which you should transfer the funds. Select Save and New or Save and Close. Select “+ New” from the menu. Choose Check.

6. How can a check that was deposited to the incorrect account be fixed?

We can guide you through the process of correcting the check that QuickBooks Online (QBO) has deposited to the incorrect account. Let’s access the view register to make changes to the check you already deposited. The chart of Accounts can be found by selecting the accounting tab. After finding the business account, click View Register. Select Edit after clicking the check.

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