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QuickBooks Error Code 301

QuickBooks Error Code 301

About QuickBooks Error Code 301

Error Name:Error 301Developer:Intuit Inc.
Error Description:At times when you access QuickBooks, you are faced with an error pop-up that reads: “An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file. Please try again.”Software:QuickBooks
Cause:Files with .TLG extension (Transaction Log File) have been damaged somehow., File with .DSN extension (The Data Source Name) is damaged.Applies to:Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Symptoms:QuickBooks Desktop won’t respond or work, Windows operating system got frezon.Possible Solution:Rename all the folders in QuickBooks company file, Updating QuickBooks.

QuickBooks is known for its amazing QuickBooks Accounting services. It has earned its place among the top-ranking software handling finance and accounting-related procedures.

It saves both time and money to help you invest them wherever you like, i.e. your business. However, some errors, i.e. QuickBooks Error Code 301, create obstacles in utilizing the QuickBooks to its full capacity by hindering the processes you might need at the moment.

This error could be resolved easily by following the method provided in this article by Accounting Errors help team.

It is important to understand an error to be able to resolve it manually. And since we are going for the manual troubleshooting, we need to understand both the reasons behind the error and the error itself. At times when you access QuickBooks, you are faced with an error pop-up that reads: “An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file. Please try again.”

Causes Behind The QuickBooks Error 301

There are several causes of this error. These are a few:

  • Files with .TLG extension (Transaction Log File) have been damaged somehow.
  • Another file with .ND extension (Network Descriptor) has been corrupted somehow.
  • File with .DSN extension (The Data Source Name) is damaged.
  • File with .QBW extension (QuickBooks Company File) is corrupt.
  • There is no encryption software installed on your Windows OS.

How to resolve QuickBooks Error 301?

Below are several simple ways that you can follow to resolve the error:

  • Updating QuickBooks
  • Rename all the folders in QuickBooks company file
  • Restarting the computer with admin rights

Follow the steps in order to get the best results:

1. Method One: Updating QuickBooks.

Use the steps below to update your QuickBooks software:

  • Go to Help and check for QuickBooks update.
  • If the update is available, proceed with it.
  • Once the update is complete, QuickBooks should stop showing any error.

2. Method Two: Rename all the folders in QuickBooks company file

Steps to change the name of all folders in the QuickBooks Company file:

  • Find all the files with .tlg, .nd, .dsn and .qbw extensions.
  • Rename each one by adding old after the name. (#####old.qbw)
  • This step will recreate the new files and will not use the default ones anymore.

3. Method Three: Restarting the computer with admin rights.

Use the below steps to restart the computer with admin rights:

  • Turn down all the running applications.
  • Shut down your computer.
  • Turn it on with Administrator Rights.
  • Open your QuickBooks with administrator rights.
  • The problem should be gone by now.

Following these simple methods will ensure that you do not face QuickBooks Error 301 in the near future. However, in case you may need some external assistance in dealing with the errors or help with any other QuickBooks-related product, you can get in touch with our QuickBooks experts Team.

They are a third-party company with a brilliant QuickBooks helpdesk consisting of excellent experts who have in-depth knowledge regarding how to deal with QuickBooks errors on your Windows Operating Software. They will help you out with any issue related to QuickBooks. You can CALL NOW to get in touch with any of our QuickBooks Experts. Call anytime 24*7.

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  1. Why does QuickBooks Error Code 301 pop up on my screen repeatedly?

    This error code usually happens when the user tries to open the QuickBooks company file and the disk space is not enough. When it appears on your screen, it might be difficult to handle and manage all running programs.

  2. What are the causes behind the QuickBooks 301?

    You can easily fix any issue if you know the reason behind the error. The main reasons due to which QuickBooks error code 301 appears are damaged or corrupted files such as transaction log files, data source name files, network descriptor files, and encryption software installed.

  3. What is the instant way to fix the QuickBooks Error Code 301?

    The best and easy way to fix this error is to run the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool. The initial step to download the QuickBooks File Doctor tool from the QuickBooks tool hub, make sure you install the latest version. This tool will automatically find and correct the error in a minimum time frame.

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