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QuickBooks Payroll 941

QuickBooks Payroll Reports 941

QuickBooks Payroll Reports 941

The details illustrated below help to generate and print the payroll report of form 941. Form 941 is used by employers to authenticate information regarding the withheld tax from the paycheck of the employees related to their income, medicare and social security taxes along with a portion of social security and medicare tax paid by the employer

QuickBooks 941 Feature

The steps to generate and print Form 941 are same for other payroll forms like Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return, Schedule B, Form 940, FUTA (Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment Tax Return), and Employer’s Record of Federal Tax Liability. In some cases, users face a FUTA report error during submitting 940.

It is expected that with these steps you will be able to prepare and generate payroll reports for Forms 940 and 941 along with Schedule B of Form 941 if needed. Furthermore, it is assumed that you are employing an active subscription of QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced and Standard Payroll as well.

QuickBooks Payroll Efile 941

For E-Filling 941 form via QB payroll users have to follow a certain process. The first user has to get registered for the IRS e-file program with their Employer Identification Number (EIN), name, job title, email address, phone number, and electronic signature Check official e-File Options | Internal Revenue Service – IRS. give full details.

In QuickBooks users need to navigate through Employees > Payroll Center & have to find a list of all Federal forms and then have to choose Filing Method E-file and then click finish. Now users can Efile 941 via QuickBooks for more help, you have to connect to QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service Number.

Before generating the payroll report for Form 941 there are certain guidelines and key points that are needed to be kept in mind as denoted below:

  • QuickBooks Payroll Reports 941 form is basically a quarterly form for which the last date for filing is the last day of the last month of a quarter since the last filing of the form.
  • There are certain kinds of information that are to remain stagnant in the form and not change:
    • Filing Time for the Form: if you wish to specify a different filing period from the one already specified, then it is recommended to generate a new form rather than making changes to the current payroll form. This is done as the changes made in the existing Form 941 will not comply with the changes in other areas.
    • Final Totals: Directly changing the total in the form is not advised as the total is reached by the software automatically by calculating the digits of other fields under the form. To change the total, you should make changes in other fields. Also full details are included in Annual Report QB Payroll.

How to create Prepare Federal Form 941 in QuickBooks Payroll

In order to generate the QuickBooks Payroll Reports 941 follow the steps listed below:

  • Under QuickBooks Desktop, select the Employees tab option and then click on Payroll Forms & W-2s followed by Process Payroll Forms.
  • Under the File Forms section, click on a specific form to process, and then on ‘File Form’ option.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow and then select either ‘Year’ or ‘Quarter and Quarter Ending’ dates. Now click on OK.
  • Complete the form and then click on the Next tab to proceed with your form.
  • Review all the information provided on your form to ensure it is authentic and complete.
  • If you need to enter information in a field that is currently blank, enter it directly in the field. The new data is displayed in blue.
  • If you need to edit the incorrect information:
    1. To read more about the form, click on View details about this form. Now select the option Check for Errors to identify and fix any form errors. Lastly, Click on Save and Close tab to save your changes and rectify them later.
  • You can read the filing and printing instructions at the bottom then click on Print tab for the purpose of records to print the form.
  • Click on the option called Submit Form to automatically file your form.
Note: In case you are employing Enhanced Payroll subscription you will be required to save the form in the PDF form by selecting the PDF option located right at the bottom of the screen. To print the same PDF form payroll report you will be required to open the form and then select the PDF form option from the toolbar under File section. Now select the option called print from the list.
Get Help Support For QuickBooks Payroll reports 941 Error, Print or Incorrect 941 Form

The steps listed above should help user to generate and print QuickBooks Payroll Reports 941 Form without much hassle. However, if the user faces any issue it is recommended to connect with the QuickBooks Payroll Support Number team set up by Intuit ensuring all the aggrieved customers get their issues resolved within the limited period.


  1. What are the things to prepare before preparing the form?

    These things are as follows:-

    💠 You have to update your QuickBooks account to the latest version
    💠 Also, update the tax table of the payroll to the latest release
    💠 Check and verify that in your QuickBooks account, you have recorded all the tax payments correctly. These tax payments are Social Security, Federal Income tax, and Medicare and Federal Unemployment Insurance tax.

  2. What do I have to do for printing the form?

    💠 In QuickBooks account
    💠 Go to the menu option Employee
    💠 Further click on the option Payroll Forms & W-2s
    💠 Then select the Process Payroll Forms option
    💠 Choose the Annual Form 940/Sch. A or Quarterly Form 941/Schedule
    💠 From the drop-down arrow, you have to select the Quarter or the year
    💠 After this, choose the Quarter Ending Date
    💠 Then click on the OK button
    💠 Now open the Draft and click on the Print for your records option
    💠 From the option shown on the left side of the screen select Safe as PDF
    💠 In the end, select Save and then click on the Save and Close button.

  3. What is required for e filing the 941 tax form?

    The things that you must have for e filing Form 941:-

    💠 You required an internet connection
    💠 Enroll in the IRS e-file program
    💠 You must have the 10-digit pin so that you can enroll in IRS e-file
    💠 Update the Payroll tax table to the newest release
    💠 The compatible, supported, and the latest version of the QuickBooks Desktop
    💠 Your subscription must be active for both QuickBooks Desktop and the payroll.

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