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QuickBooks Payroll for Mac

Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Software for Mac User

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Technology has been advancing over time and this advancement is improving the technological choices of people. Users now worldwide prefer to use gadgets and machines that are not only ahead of time but also something that defines “Class”.

One such definition of Class and Sophistication is Mac. It is one of the most bought machines in the world due to its simplicity in use and intuitive quality. So if you are a Mac user, then half the job of intuiting QuickBooks Payroll for Mac is done.

Why do you need to use QuickBooks Payroll for MAC?

The first thing to appreciate about using QuickBooks Payroll for Mac is that QuickBooks prioritizes security and comes with multi-factor authentication and state-of-the-art encryption technologies, plus you can stay on top of your finances with robust reporting dashboards. Can keep control.

QuickBooks Utility for Mac

With Mac and QuickBooks Payroll united, you can get most of the task done in just a few clicks. Though the Payroll service is not an inbuilt one for QuickBooks Mac, yet the profitability is optimum.

The main difference while you are using QuickBooks on Mac compared to using QuickBooks on Windows is that when you click on Payroll service son Mac, you will be redirected to an external browser either Firefox or Safari.

As it is not an inbuilt feature for Mac, QuickBooks Payroll Services online is paid. Other than this, you need to make sure that any employee detail entered is accurate and has no discrepancy. If there is any, the Payroll services will cease to function properly.

QuickBooks Payroll Features for MAC

All the features you need to manage in QuickBooks Payroll, below are the listed all the feature of QuickBooks Payroll for MAC:

Track time and create schedules

You can manage multiple timesheets, approve times when you are ready, and also edit, publish, and share schedules with your team members.

Payroll support

You can get step-by-step help from payroll troubleshooting experts, and tips from a payroll expert to solve your problem.

Auto Payroll

You need to set up payroll to run automatically and receive notifications so you’re always in control.

Payroll reports

You can get real-time data on everything from payroll tax liabilities to total employee salaries.

Auto taxes and forms

We’ll do things like calculating, filing, and paying your payroll taxes for you.

pricing Of QuickBooks Payroll for MAC

Here are the mentioned pricing of QuickBooks payroll for MAC:

Payroll CorePayroll PremiumPayroll Elite
Pay your team and get payroll taxes done for you. Time is not included.Streamline payday and access HR. Includes Time Premium.Access on-demand experts and tax protection. Includes Time Elite.
Take care of paydayTake care of paydayTake care of payday
Full-service payroll (Includes automated taxes & forms)Full-service payroll (Includes automated taxes & forms)Full-service payroll (Includes automated taxes & forms)
Auto PayrollAuto PayrollAuto Payroll
1099 E-File & Pay1099 E-File & Pay1099 E-File & Pay
Next-day direct depositSame-day direct depositSame-day direct deposit
Expert product support24/7 expert product support24/7 expert product support
Expert reviewExpert setup
Tax penalty protection
Personal HR advisor
Take care of your teamTake care of your teamTake care of your team
Employee portal✔ Employee portal✔ Employee portal
Health benefits for your teamHealth benefits for your teamHealth benefits for your team
401(k) plans401(k) plans401(k) plans
Workers’ comp administrationWorkers’ comp administrationWorkers’ comp administration
HR support centerHR support center
Track your team’s timeTrack your team’s time
Includes Time Premium (Track time and attendance)Includes Time Elite (Track projects and time)
✔ Mobile app with GPS✔ Mobile app with GPS
✔ See who’s working✔ See who’s working
✔ Geofencing
✔ Project management tools

How to Set up Payroll?

For setting up Payroll Services on Mac, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps to ensure that the service runs smoothly:

  • Click on QuickBooks and Preference
  • Now select Payroll and make the appropriate selection from the drop-down
  • Click on Edit Account and Sign in to create an account
  • Make a selection of the employees you have to pay from the list of employees
  • Enter the details for accurate data like working hours and other payment-related information. Mac has added fields of regular work, overtime, double overtime, vacation pay, and fixed bonuses. You can select whichever is applicable
  • Now select Create Paychecks and approve the salaries for employees
  • Finally, you can select the Print checks by yourself, Handwrite checks, or send employees a Direct Deposit. After the selection, you are also at the liberty of sending a confirmation email to your employee with a link

Apart from paying the employees, if you would like to do another necessary task on QuickBooks Payroll for Mac, you are at your discretion to do that.

The other activities that you can get done on QuickBooks Payroll for Mac are the following. A list will make it easier for you to review your decisions about getting installed.

  • You can paychecks instantly to your employees without any delay
  • You don’t have to pay any penny for the direct deposit which can be done to the checking or savings account of the employees
  • It enables automatic tax calculations
  • All the tedious tax of filling federal tax and state tax are completed for you automatically
  • Now e file and e-pay within a few clicks with no paperwork
  • You have access to payroll anytime and anywhere
  • You can export your payroll data to QuickBooks in just a click
  • You will be reminded of the due pending
  • There is another advantage of getting support from Payroll experts in times of difficulty. This support is live enabling one-on-one conversation
  • Year-end W-2S can be accessed and printed any time of the year
  • The best part is that you can pay your employees and external contractors instantly without disappointing them

If we talk about the pricing, the enhanced version of Payroll for Mac is free for the first 30 Days and then you pay only $31.20 per month while the Basic Payroll for Mac is priced at $20 per month after a free trial period of 30 Days.

After so many advantages and tempting price, how does one can say No to QuickBooks Payroll for Mac? QuickBooks Payroll services works like the icing on the cake for many firms that work day in and day out on accounting related job.

How to Edit Employee Information?

There are steps that you can follow to ensure that each detail entered by you is correct and with no flaws.

Follow the below steps to edit employee information:

  • Click Lists and Employees
  • You now double-click on the name of the employee you would like to edit
  • Check to see that the name replicates the name in QuickBooks latest version for Mac software
  • Click on OK to save changes

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All the information is mentioned here for setup the payroll, editing the information of the employee, utility required in QuickBooks Payroll for Mac, top 2 features, and other things.

You can easily resolve your issue if you have any in doing these things in your system. If you have any queries or problems then the QuickBooks helpdesk team is here to help you all around the clock.


  1. What are the basic requirements for the QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2020?

    💠Registration of the software 
    💠An Internet connection that helps in downloading and installing the updates of the software
    💠Mac Operating system’s minimum requirement is MacOS Xv10.14 Mojave.

  2. Is it possible to install the QuickBooks Payroll for Mac on more than one system?

    Yes, there are up to 3 user licenses available so you can do it easily.

  3. Which products can be integrated with QuickBooks payroll for mac?

    💠There is a one-way conversion with the QuickBooks Desktop Online and QuickBooks Desktop Windows 2017 to 2019
    💠The apple numbers v3.5 or MS Excel 2016 or above with the Mac Office 365 is required for exporting the data reports
    💠It also supports the conversion of  QuickBooks Desktop Mac 2020 to and from QuickBooks for Windows 2020
    💠For email it requires MS Outlook 2016 and above, Apple Mail that includes the Mac Office 365.

  4. From where I can Download Quickbooks Update for Mac?

    There are two options to download QuickBooks update for Mac
    💠Download and install the update directly from QuickBooks updates directly from the application
    💠You can also download and install the update from product updates page

  5. How to Update QuickBooks for Mac via In-product update

    Update QuickBooks for Mac via In-product update:

    💠Go to QuickBooks section dropdown and select Check for QuickBooks Updates.
    💠If latest version is available then download the update
    💠After completion of download select Install and Relaunch
    QuickBooks for Mac open automatically after the completion of update

  6. How to update Manually

    Manual Update:

    💠Close QuickBooks and by using finder menu select Go Applications
    💠Drag the QuickBooks icon to the trash
    💠Now Go to webpage
    💠Then select the country, product and version according to your need
    💠Choose the option of search
    💠Then select the option Download 
    💠Double click on the file .dmg file
    💠Drag the QuickBooks icon to the Applications folder for the installation of QuickBooks.
    💠The Restore the Company file

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