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QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034 occurs when downloading payroll updates. All the PSXXXX errors are related to payroll updates on the QuickBooks desktop. As there exists a variety of solutions, users need to move cautiously through each of the solutions provided in this post to get through this error.

Your security software such as antivirus and firewall can also lead to QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034. So you may want to disable these programs and then try to download the payroll updates. You may also have to create firewall rules in your operating system so that the default security software doesn’t interfere with the downloading process.

About QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034

Error Code:Error PS034Developer:Intuit Inc.
Error Description:QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.Software:QuickBooks
Symptoms:Crashes the program window, Windows runs gradually and responds step by step to mouse or reassure inputApplies to:Windows 10 and 11
Cause:Invalid Tax table or Payroll Files. Corrupt QuickBooks Company filePossible Solution:Check and verify if you are a ‘Registered User’, Check the new Updates & Info

What is QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034?

QuickBooks Payroll update error PS034 makes it impossible for users to download the latest tax tables when using enhanced or assisted payroll in the desktop accounting software. The error can occur because users haven’t provided the correct information for their business or principal officer. The CPS folder can also interfere and cause the error. A damaged company file or a lack of administrative rights can also cause this payroll update error.

Reasons for QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034:

  • Incorrect service info
  • Duplicate copy of QuickBooks
  • Interference from third-party security software
  • User account control settings
  • Damage to the company file

Error Code PS034 During Download or Install QB Tax Table Update

Error PS034 states that QuickBooks is facing trouble while Installing the Payroll Tax Table Update. There are various characteristics and causes that indicate that your QuickBooks Payroll is facing such errors as PS077, PS032, or PS034

  • The tax table file or payroll folder is damaged or invalid.
  • Your company file (QuickBooks) is invalid.
  • QuickBooks Payroll is not registered.
  • You have filled out-dated or incorrect information in the invoice.

Effective Solutions for QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034 can be resolved using the various solutions provided below. Follow them one by one to easily fix the error.

Method one: Verify service info

Incorrect service info can prevent payroll updates from downloading on your system. Users relying on payroll enhanced or payroll assisted must provide information about their business and principal officer. This information is then verified before all the services are enabled in Quickbooks.

Here’s a list of the information that you must provide:

  • Location of your business
  • Type of Business
  • Type of Industry
  • Information related to the Principal Officer:
  • Home address
  • Date of birth
  • Social security number

Any person associated with the bank account used for payroll is the principal officer of your company. His or her information is required to make sure that the bank account is authorized to process the payroll transaction. Both state and federal laws require that your business verify the identity of the principal officer before a direct deposit can be activated on the QuickBooks desktop.

To make the changes, you need to follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your Intuit Account.
  • Go to the Payroll Section.
  • Enter the Payroll PIN for direct deposit.
  • Change the info, then save.

Now you should try to update QuickBooks payroll once again. If you get the same error, then move to the next solution.

Method two: Register, then Update QuickBooks

An unregistered software cannot download updates because the service isn’t activated yet. So you need to ensure that you’ve registered the software with the product and license keys that you got when you purchased the software.

Here’s how to register when you get QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034:

  • Launch Quickbooks Desktop.
  • Press F2 to view the Product Information window.
  • Check the status of your software. If it says Activated, then you don’t have to worry about anything. However, if it doesn’t mention Activated, then you need to continue with the steps below:
    • Go to the Help menu.
    • Choose Activate QuickBooks Desktop.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to verify your info.

After you’ve registered your product, you should update it, and then download the payroll updates so that you can work with the latest tax tables. Further, you should also provide the required information for the payroll before you try direct deposit.

Method three: Remove duplicate copies of QuickBooks

A system that has multiple instances of QuickBooks installed may encounter the QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034 because of interference from the other program files.

To check and remove any duplicate copies of QuickBooks, follow these steps:

  • From the Start menu, choose the Control Panel.
  • Click on Programs and Features.
  • Click on Uninstall a program.
  • Check for any other copy of QuickBooks. If you find one, Right Click on it.
  • Choose Uninstall/Change.
  • Follow on-screen instructions.

When you’ve successfully uninstalled the duplicate copy of the QuickBooks desktop, you should try to download and install the payroll tax tables so that you can get through QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034.

Method Four: Alter user account control settings

User account control settings set limits on the actions that a user can take. These restrictions enable you to secure your data and system from unauthorized users while enabling them to work with the software.

To resolve QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034 you can change user account control settings with these steps:

  • Go to the Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • Choose User Accounts.
  • Click on User Accounts (Classic View.)
  • Click on Change user account control settings.
  • Choose the slider option:
  • Click on Never notify, then OK to switch off UAC.
  • Click on Always Notify to switch on UAC.
  • Restart your system.

User account control settings should be switched on after you’ve downloaded and installed the payroll updates so that you can ensure that your system is secure from unauthorized users.

Method five: scan the company file for damage

The verify and rebuild utilities help to identify any damage to the company file. These utilities are already present in the software, so you don’t have to download any third-party program to scan your company file and identify errors.

So here are the steps to verify and rebuild data when you get QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034:

Verify Data

  • From the Window menu, choose Close All.
  • From the File menu, choose Utilities.
  • Click on Verify Data.

Once the scan finishes, you’ll get the following three options:

  • QuickBooks detected no problems with your data”: your company file is completely fine so you can move on to the next solution.
  • Specific error code: specific error messages can be resolved based on the steps for each. So you can take the error message or code and search for a solution on our website.
  • Your data has lost integrity”: this message implies that there is some data damage that may be corrected using the Rebuild Data utility in QuickBooks.

Rebuild Data

  • Go to the File menu.
  • Choose Utilities.
  • Click on Rebuild Data.
  • Back up your company files using the on-screen instructions. We recommend that you don’t skip these steps to protect your accounting data. Because in an instance of data loss, you can easily recover your data using a backup file.
  • When the backup is finished, QuickBooks will automatically launch the Rebuild Data utility.
  • When you get the message “Rebuild has completed”, click on OK.

If the rebuild process fails or you still receive the QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034, then you should verify your company file data once again. If an error is detected again, then you should either restore a backup of the company file or get in touch with our accounting software experts.

Method Six: Change CPS Folder Name

Let’s move on to the next solution that can help you in dealing with QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034.

Here are the steps to rename the CPS folder:

  • Open File Explorer from the Start menu.
  • Choose This PC from the left sidebar.
  • Open the C Drive, then Program Files (x86).
  • Open the Intuit Folder or QuickBooks 2022 folder.
  • Open the folder matching the version of your QuickBooks desktop.
  • Open the Components folder.
  • Double-click on the Payroll folder.
  • Right-click on the CPS folder.
  • Choose Rename enter CPS_OLD and press Enter.
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop to automatically create a new CPS folder.

The CPS folder in QuickBooks Desktop is automatically created when you launch the software. You don’t have to worry about losing any data from deleting your company file.


As mentioned before, QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034 results from a variety of reasons, so you have to work through the solutions provided in this post. Until you resolve this error, you won’t be able to download and install the latest payroll tax tables, which contain the latest tax forms and tax rates. Error PS034 states that QuickBooks is facing trouble while Installing the Payroll Tax Table Update. There are various characteristics and causes that indicate that your QuickBooks Payroll is facing such errors as PS077, PS032, or PS034.


  1. How to register QuickBooks Payroll software to fix error ps034?

    1. First of all, buy the QuickBooks Payroll service
    2. Then you get a service key in your mail to activate it
    3. Enter this service key in your QuickBooks Desktop  account 
    4. Now you are done and your QuickBooks payroll software is registered and activated.

  2. How to turn off the UAC in settings to fix QuickBooks Payroll Error ps034?

    1. Open the Control Panel 
    2. Click on the User Accounts 
    3. Then select the option of User Accounts (Classic View)
    4. In this, click on the Change User Account Control Settings
    5. Now, you have to move the slider to the Never Notify and then click on the OK button that turns the UAC off
    6. In the end, Restart your computer.

  3. What are the ways to open the Control Panel for checking the settings to fix ps034?

    1. Open the Run window type the control panel and click on the OK button
    2. Go to the Start menu then click on the Control Panel to open it
    3. In the Search field of the Start menu, type Control Panel and press Enter button it opens up.

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