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QuickBooks W2 Form

QuickBooks W2 Form

How to Prepare, Setup Print & Efile federal W-2 forms QuickBooks

W-2 forms are circulated by the employer to his employee and respective IRS (Internal Revenue Service) at the end of a financial year. It inculcates details regarding the annual salary of the employee along with total taxes withheld within the same before generating an in-hand paycheck. To get any detailed info regarding the QuickBooks W2 Form contact QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service.

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    How to create W-2 forms in QuickBooks?

    To generate these imperative year-end tax forms in the QuickBooks software, the user needs to follow the steps illustrated below:

    • From the main menu select the option ‘Employees’ followed by the tab called ‘Payroll Tax Forms & W-2s’ and then ‘Process Payroll Forms’.
    • Next from the new menu click on ‘Annual Form W-2/W-3 Wage and Tax Statement/Transmittal’ and then select the option of ‘Create Form’.
    • Now type in the required year details against the option ‘Select Filing Period next to Year’ for W-2 forms needed to be printed and then click on the tab ‘OK’.
    • The above step will result in a pop-up with a message stating “QuickBooks Desktop only stores one version of each tax form.” Click on the OK tab.
    • Now follow the instructions displayed on the window to complete the process.
    If you need further information about types of Quickbooks Payroll Tax Forms read our older post .

    How to setup and Prepare for W-2 Forms

    First Download W-2 Form 2017 Source:

    Follow the steps mentioned below:

    Total Time: 10 minutes

    1. Open W-2 Form

      Choose Employees, Payroll Tax Forms & W-2s, Process Payroll Forms followed by Federal Forms under Select Form Type screen, and then click on OK. Now select Annual form W-2 from the new screen called Select Payroll Form windows, ensuring the year corresponds with the current year going on. Now click on OK.

    2. Choose Employees

      Next is to checkmark the boxes against employees for whom the W-2 form needs to be prepared. In case the QuickBooks W2 form has to be generated for all the employees, just click on the ‘Mark All’ tab.

    3. W-2 Form Review

      Select the Edit tab to view the QuickBooks W2 form generated for every employee selected in the above step.

    4. Editing Inaccurate Details

      In case of any editing needs to be performed on the form, then click on Save & Close tab to go back to the QuickBooks software to make corrections within the W-2 forms. Open the form and make the required changes and then click on Save & Close button to save the changes made.

    How to Print W-2 Forms?

    If the user wishes to print the W-2 Forms on a pre-printed paper, then they need to put the W-2 forms in the printer. Next, select the tab ‘Print Forms’ to print them. Next users will be asked whether pre-printed papers are being used or blank papers.

    Next, select the forms intended to print under the screen area marked as ‘Select Item to Print’. Lastly, select the ‘Print’ tab to print the number of forms and then select ‘Close Window’ once the forms have been printed.

    How to Report W-2 Form Income in QuickBooks?

    To report W-2 Income in QuickBooks follow the steps below:

    • Open QuickBooks -> Employees from the main menu bar -> Payroll Tax Forms & W-2s option followed by Process Payroll Forms.
    • Click on Federal Forms -> Ok -> Annual Form W-2 / W-3 – Wage & Tax Statement option that will generate W-2 Statement (electronic form). In case there is an older version of W-2 present in the system, the user will have the additional option of choosing the same before reaching the QuickBooks W2 form screen. For this, all user has to do is check-mark the box against that employee and then click on the Review tab.
    • In respective fields type in data related to Employees, which inculcates details of employees such as wages, compensation, withheld taxes inclusive of Medicare, Social Security as well as Federal; benefits and general employee details like Social Security Number.
    • Type in details for State tax in case State Income Tax is collected, which includes ID Number (State), State Income Tax, Local Taxes paid State Wages, and a portion of Local Taxes withheld.
    • Once all the required data has been filled, review the complete data and then select the tab labeled ‘Submit Electronically’ in order electronically file the form.
    • Lastly, click on either ‘E-File Federal Form’ or just ‘E-File’ in the pop-up window. In the new screen type in the required details of the Federal & State Agency. Once the form is filled for one employee same will be automatically done for other employees by QuickBooks.

    E-Filing W-2 Form through QuickBooks

    Filing of the W-2 form can be done either manually by the user itself or electronically. Users can also employ QuickBooks to electronically file the form by following the steps provided on the website. Different State follows a different set of steps to file the form electronically and user needs to click on the state they are residing in and follow the instructions provided in the link.

    How to Access Old W-2 Forms Records in the QuickBooks Software

    Intuit does not support the recovery of W-2 Forms older than 4 years and thus, the user is recommended to access forms not more than 4 years.

    For other recent forms try the following steps:

    • Locate and click on the Employees tab from the main menu and then select the option ‘Process W-2’.
    • In the new screen for W-2 click on the Year option in the top left section of the screen. A warning pop-up will appear indicating the year chosen is not in tandem with the current tax details.
    • Select the tab ‘OK’ and then click on the ‘Mark All’ button to review the form or click on the Print tab to print the form.

    Important Dates to File and Receive Forms – Deadline Dates to File W-2s

    There are certain by which you should file your forms and receive them:

    • Recipient Copy Due to Employee: 31st January 2018
    • E-filing of W-2 Forms due to IRS – 31st January 2018
    • Manual Filing W-2 Forms due to IRS – 31st January 2018


    1. How can I print W 2 form in QuickBooks?

      💠 Locate Taxes & forms
      💠 Below Forms click Annual Forms
      💠 Choose W-2 form, Copies B,C & 2
      💠 View and then print the form

    2. Can I email the QuickBooks W2 form to employees in QuickBooks?

      There is not any direct method available for emailing the form in QuickBooks Online. However, you can easily download the W2 form in PDF format and then manually send it to your employee.

    3. Why My QuickBooks W2 form print appears without amount or figures?

      It is a general issue that comes after printing W-2s form of employees; no figures are displayed; however, boxes a,b,c,d,e, and 18 are populated. The reason might be the employee for which you are downloading the form may have multiple local taxes withheld.

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