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QuickBooks Checks Printing in Reverse Order (PDF, Invoices, Ledger) Error

QuickBooks Checks Printing in Reverse Order

Users encounter the error “QuickBooks Checks Printing (Checks, PDF, Invoices, and Ledger) in Reverse order” when they make changes in the printer preferences. It can cause checks, paychecks, and other transactions such as invoices and purchase orders to not print in the expected order.

To get rid of such QuickBooks printing issues, the below blog suggests multiple ways that are reliable and easy to execute. If you’re facing the same issue, stay tuned with this article till the end to get your error resolved easily. 

Resolutions to fix QuickBooks Checks Printing (Checks, PDF, Invoices, Ledger) in Reverse Order 

Below suggested are a few quick methods that assist you in easily rectifying the printing issue so that you can start printing your checks, PDF, Invoices, and ledgers correctly.

Let’s proceed with one by one:

Method 1: Update your print order preferences 

  • First, go to the File menu and then select “Printer Setup” 
  • Next, choose the transaction type using the “Form Name” dropdown
  • After that, select the “Options” tab 
  • It will open the “Page order” field 
  • Then you have to select the option either “Front to Back” or “Back to Front” 
  • To save the printer settings, simply click on the Ok button
  • In the end, click “Ok” to close the “Printer setup” window. 

Method 2: Modify the printer’s properties settings in Windows 7

  • Start by clicking on the Windows Start button and then select the Control Panel 
  • Go to the Hardware and Sound tab and click on the “View devices and printers” 
  • Do right-click on the icon for your printer followed by choosing “Printing Preferences” 
  • Look for the option which finds whether the first or last page prints first
Note: Every printer manufacturer’s software is different, so you might need to consult your printer’s manual if you can’t find this option.
  • Make the changes and then save it in the last step. 

Method 3: Load your checks to accommodate Reverse Order (RO) printing

If you can’t or don’t want to change your printer settings then you’re supposed to load the checks to accommodate reverse-order printing. 

Important points must be aware of:

  • The Page order preference can be found in a variety of places. After selecting Options, it’s normally accessible on the “Advanced” tab. If you’re having trouble finding this choice, contact the maker of your printer for assistance
  • Some printers print pages in reverse order by default (or printing the last page first). Please refer to the documentation that comes with your printer for instructions on how to adjust the printer’s properties.


Hopefully, this blog covers the major information regarding how to fix QuickBooks Printing (Checks, PDF, Invoices, and Ledger) in Reverse Order. To know more about accounting software & best resolution of QuickBooks errors or any other functional glitches, you can easily reach the team of experts via Live Chat to get better assistance with less delay. The team will dedicate be committed to serving your doubts all around the clock. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I print checks in reverse order in QuickBooks Online?

    Go to the Printing Preferences and then select “Layout”. On the Page Order field, you can select “Back to the front” to print in reverse order. Click “Ok” in the printer settings window. It may also depend on your printer. Thus, some printers print pages by default in reverse order.

  2. What are the steps involved in configuring the printer settings in the Mac version?

    1. Go to File, and then Print while the PDF is open
    2. Expand More Settings and select Open PDF in Preview from the drop-down menu
    3. Choose Print, and then pick Paper Handling from the dropdown menu next to Preview
    4. In the end, change the Page Order to Reverse. 

  3. How do reverse ACH transactions in QuickBooks? 

    1. Go to your QuickBooks Payments account and log in.
    2. Select Transactions from the Activity & Reports drop-down menu.
    3. Select Search after entering the relevant date range.
    4. To reverse a transaction, click the Transaction ID or the transaction you’d like to reverse.
    5. Press the Reverse (Void/Credit) button.
    6. Select the desired transaction from the drop-down menu, and then click Submit.

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