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QuickBooks Progress Invoicing

QuickBooks Progress Invoicing

QuickBooks progress invoicing or Progress Billing enables the users to make several invoices from an anticipated amount, so that the user is able to easily trace the complete progress of a certain job. It may be used as a singular feature in each and every edition of QuickBooks Online, or with the Projects in the QuickBooks Online Plus accounting solution.

QuickBooks progress invoicing is accessible to all the users who are residing in US, Canada, UK as well as are in Australia. In case you are resided in some other nation, then, in that case, you may have to send a specific feedback or request to QuickBooks.

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To know about this QuickBooks progress invoicing feature in detail, please get in touch with our QuickBooks helpdesk.

How to Use Progressive Invoicing?

  • Switch on Progressive Invoicing option which is there in the QuickBooks accounting business program.
  • In order to do this, you will have to get to the Edit menu, there, you would have to click on Preferences.
  • Afterwards, click on Jobs and Estimates, which is present at the left side of the window.
  • Right beneath the Company Preferences section, you would have to click on Yes to both the messages, “Do you create Estimates?” as as well as“Do you do Progress Invoicing?”
  • After you are done making the bid or quote for any particular project, make use of the Estimate transaction.
  • That Estimate functionality is quite same to making an Invoice, and it also makes use of the same item list which you would in case you made the invoice.
  • However, this Estimate transaction does have very less differences, which you will have to look.
  • The user has to keep in mind that an Estimate will not impact any of the accounting books, and that implies, it’s a non-posting transaction.
  • Also, the Estimate contains all the columns to decently trace the estimated cost, along with the customer’s price. This helps the user to make sure that you are getting profit on any particular bid or quote.
  • Finally, when you set the Estimate transaction, and then you would have to initiate making the invoice for a section of the estimate.
  • After clicking on Invoice button across the upper part of the estimate, the user would be required to make an invoice for the complete estimate, as well as for a percentage of the estimate.
  • Else, to choose individual lines on any of the estimate transaction.
  • Once, you are done making the invoice, QuickBooks software will keep a track of everything that is open, and if there is anything which is non-invoiced on the estimate.
  • This will make sure that the user doesn’t have to manually remember any sort of information.

QuickBooks progress invoicing or Progress Billing is a nice feature but it has to be used wisely. To know more about this QuickBooks feature, you may want to get in touch with our QuickBooks helpdesk experts. Talk to our Accountingerrors QuickBooks help team on .


  1. How does QuickBooks Progress Invoicing work?

    QuickBooks Progress invoicing is generally known as progress billing which helps you to invoice for the job you finish in phases. When you utilize progress invoicing then you need to start it by creating an estimate for the job. Once you complete the phase, now you can easily move products from the original estimate to an invoice.

  2. What are the benefits of QuickBooks Progress invoicing?

    QuickBooks Progress invoicing leads to divide the estimate into as many invoices as you require. Rather than telling for full payment at the starting of a project, you can easily invoice customers for the partial payments. Once you finish your work then add all items from the beginning estimate to the progress invoices.

  3. Is QuickBooks progress invoicing is accessible for all users?

    The answer is yes, it is accessible for all users. In any case, if you face any trouble while doing the QuickBooks progress invoicing then you need to connect the QuickBooks customer care. They will assist you to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

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