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Quickbooks Scan Manager Not Working

Quickbooks Scan Manager Not Working

Reasons for QuickBooks scan manager not working are The scanner isn’t compatible with QuickBooks, Drivers for the scanner aren’t installed, Scan Manager isn’t set up in QuickBooks, and Scan utility isn’t working properly.

Error: QuickBooks Scan Manager not Working

The issue “QuickBooks Scan Manager not working” is one for which there are no authorized recommendations. That’s why we’re spending the trouble to investigate any issues and address the root reasons. The problem might occur for a number of factors, but it appears that the QuickBooks document scanner is the culprit, as it is utilizing outdated technology to perform the postprocessing.

Users have complained that one or more of their sensors have become grayed out for no obvious purpose. Despite the fact that this has been a long-standing issue with content scanning in QuickBooks, there has been no formal statement.

In this post, you’ll learn how to fix the QuickBooks scan manager not working.

Why is QuickBooks Scan Manager not working?

This problem has been reported by participants of QuickBooks desktop versions 2018 and prior. Whenever customers try to capture their papers, the reader does not link. The scanned choice is grayed out when you attempt to pick it in the documentation center, thus you can’t use it.

Here’s how you can verify the QuickBooks scan manager not working error:

  1. Launch QuickBooks desktop.
  2. Click on the document center.
  3. Choose Scan.
  4. Choose the Scanner.

If the scanner is grayed out, then the scan manager isn’t working properly.

Since it is grayed away, the scanner choice is disabled. The biggest fault is that when you hover on the scanner to pick it, hardly anything occurs.

Worth noting: QuickBooks has not provided any official support for this problem yet. Our specialists, on the other hand, have discovered the root cause and developed procedures to fix QuickBooks scan manager not working.

The scan manager error can occur in any version of QuickBooks desktop. There’s no such error in the online version. But all versions of QuickBooks desktop get this error, versions including:

  • Pro
  • Premier
  • Enterprise

When you’re connected to the server, the network connection can lead to some problems, and we’ll be looking into that too. However, we don’t recommend that you host QuickBooks desktop just to resolve the scan manager error.

Solution Steps to Fix QuickBooks Scan Manager Not Working

If the QuickBooks scan manager isn’t working, then you can try the various solutions presented below. It’s advised to follow the sequence that which the solutions are provided.

Total Time: 21 hours

Step 1: Get A TWAIN Compatible Scanner

Get A TWAIN Compatible Scanner

QuickBooks desktop can only scan documents with a TWAIN compatible scanner. Other scanners won’t be registered so that process will fail and result in the scan manager error. So in this solution, we’re going to make sure that your printer is compatible with your edition of QuickBooks Desktop.

Here is a list of all the TWAIN compatible scanner that work with QuickBooks desktop:

💠 Epson Perfection 2450
💠 Visioneer Strobe XP300
💠 Canon Lide 600
💠 Lexmark X5650
💠 Brother MFC 7820
💠 Canon MG5320
💠 HP Laserjet 3030
💠 Epson Stylus NX430
💠 Kodak Hero 3.1
💠 HP Deskjet 3050A
💠 Fujitsu ScanPartner Fi-5110CU
💠 Epson Perfection Scan GT-2500
💠 HP Deskjet F4180

Note: verify that your scanner is compatible, then get a new printer so that you can easily work with scanning in a QuickBooks desktop. If the issue doesn’t resolve even if you have a compatible printer, then you should move to the other system.

Printer Compatibility with TWAIN

TWAIN compatible scanners work smoothly with all editions of QuickBooks, so if your scanner doesn’t show up in this list, then use a similar scanner or get a new one so that you can start scanning with QuickBooks desktop. To check for compatibility with TWAIN, users can rely on a free utility.

Visit TWAIN’s website and download the utility to verify that your printer is compatible with QuickBooks Desktop.

Step 2: Set Up QuickBooks Scan Manager

Set Up QuickBooks Scan Manager

Even with a compatible scanner, you need to configure the QuickBooks scan manager so that you can quickly begin using the scanner without encountering any errors. Without proper configuration, you’ll get the QuickBooks scan manager not working error.

To configure QuickBooks scan manager and fix the scan manager error, follow the steps provided below:

💠 Log into the QuickBooks company file with an Admin account.
💠 Click on the QuickBooks icon bar.
💠 Click on Docs.
💠 Click on Document Center.
💠 Click on Scan a Document.
💠 Choose New, then proceed to create a new profile so that you can use it to scan documents.
💠 Enter the name of the profile.
💠 Click on Next, and configure the settings for the scan manager.
💠 Click on Save.
Note: When you scan a document, the scanned file is saved in the same folder as the company file. However, you can choose to change the location of the company file and scanned documents.
💠 From the Profile option, Click on Highlight.
💠 Choose Select.
💠 In the Scanner Setup Wizard, click on the Select Scanner window.
Note: view your scanner here, then choose it and view the supported scanners.
💠 Click on Model, then Perform Tests.
💠 Click Next, and then Next when the tests finish.

You’ve successfully set up your scanner and the scan manager. Now you shouldn’t receive the QuickBooks 

Step 3: Use The Paperport Scanner To Fix The Utility

Use The Paperport Scanner To Fix The Utility

Paperport omniscan is an information administration system. That was a simple document reader that belonged to Cofax. This is why Paperport is important when it comes to QuickBooks scanning problems.

Clients could not choose scans that were grayed out in the 2014 edition of Paperport because they were grayed off.

In essence, the Paperport scanning failure is the same as the QuickBooks scanning failure.

For QuickBooks 2017 and prior editions

Nuance, the firm that controls Paperport, provided a scanning tool for these editions of Quickbooks. So it appears that QuickBooks has acquired the paperport issue.

To resolve the issue in the main app, Nuance produced the Paperport tool. This tool may be used by users when QuickBooks scan manager is not working.
To resolve the error, you can rely on the paperport utility and fix the error easily if everything else didn’t work to fix the scan manager related error in QuickBooks desktop.

Step 4: Check Scanner Driver Compatibility

Check Scanner Driver Compatibility

The scanner manufacturer may issue periodic latest drivers to correct faults and allow interoperability with applications like QuickBooks Desktop in order to keep the scan updated.

You can contact the manufacturer of your documents scanning to obtain the most recent software and activate them in QuickBooks. The QuickBooks Desktop scan manager will not work unless you do so.

Since QuickBooks Scan Manager is really only available in the start screen of this software, these instructions are insufficient for QuickBooks for Mac. The following are the measures to take:

💠 From the Transactions menu.
💠 Choose Attachment.
💠 Click on Scan Window, then Preferences.
💠 Click on Scan.

When you attach a particular document in QuickBooks for man, you can find that document in the center of the attachment. Here are the following benefits of the same:

💠 Search: You can run a focused check for your assets with ease. Aside from searching by phrases, you may narrow your search by periods and phrases to find your file fast.
💠 Access: To see a file, just double-click it to open it. Pictures and Documents may be launched immediately from the attachment center.
💠 View: Seeing a sample of the attachment might assist you figure out what it’s for. The eye symbol allows you to see a bigger version of the attachment than the preview.
💠 Transfer: If you require the file outside of QuickBooks, just use the tool to transfer it.
💠 Transaction Access: You may examine and access activities that have attached documents to them by going to the Transactions tab.

Though this functions in QuickBooks for Mac, it doesn’t function when the program is in multi-user status and other people are attempting to view the document. The Attached Document Library must be configured for multi-user option support. This program may be installed on a common disc so others can see the documents.


When QuickBooks scan manager is not working, you can’t use it to scan anything. Because the scanning is disabled, clicking on its title will not pick it. To get beyond the issue, you’ll have to rely on the answers offered in this article.


  1. Should I upgrade the QuickBooks desktop to resolve the QuickBooks scan manager error?

    No, you shouldn’t until you try all the solutions provided above. While it’s true that older versions of QuickBooks are more prone to this error, the new ones may get it too. So it’s safer for you to proceed with caution here and not impulsively invest in upgrading the software. However, if the error persists after you’ve applied all these solutions, then you should definitely upgrade Quickbooks desktop to one of the latest editions.

  2. I’ve repaired QuickBooks Desktop, but I still receive the error. How do I fix QuickBooks scanner error?

    Repairing QuickBooks desktop files should hardly have any effect on this error, as the scan manager error isn’t related to the program files of the software. Instead, the main culprit are the utility, scanner, and the hardware driver. When you fix these three issues, the error should resolve on its own.

  3. Where can I download the paperport utility to fix QuickBooks scan manager error?

    The paperport utility, though available on various sources, may contain malware, so always use a security software to properly scan the document before you launch it. Third party websites often upload infected utilities so that they can get access to the user’s system. That’s why we recommend that you be careful if you decide to download the paperport utility from a third party website.

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