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Backup and Restore the .qbb File in QuickBooks

Backup and Restore .qbb File in QuickBooks

When you are using the QuickBooks for your business accounts and you want to change the QuickBooks from one system to another, you always want to get your important company data safe. Whether you want to change QuickBooks from one system to another or want to clean install the QuickBooks to solve an issue, you never want to lose you data and information that is stored in QuickBooks file. When you want to take back up of your data file in your system, it will save the backup in .QBB file format.

Backup of QuickBooks data file in .qbb file format:

There can be various situations when you may lose your data from QuickBooks and system. When you want to switch from one desktop to another with your QuickBooks, you never want to make the data file again.

In such conditions, you should take in the backup of data file in .qbb format. When you want to take the backup of your data file, you will find option to take the complete backup of file or to make the portable small sized back up file in your system.

So you can choose the desired option and can make the backup of data file in .qbb format. It will keep your data protected in every condition.

How to Restore .qbb data file in QuickBooks:

  • After installing the new version of QuickBooks in your new system
  • You will attach the drive having back up with your new system.
  • In your new QuickBooks tool, you will find option to restore any existing file of data in .qbb format.
  • You will locate the destination path of that backup file and will choose to restore in the new system having QuickBooks.
  • You have to understand that you can restore the .qbb file in system having same version of QuickBooks.
Need Professional Help?

If you are also looking to work on .qbb file of QuickBooks, you main also face some issues and problems with it. If you want to keep your data protected from any kind of damage or corruption in .qbb file, you just need to get the services of professional technical experts. You just need to dial the QuickBooks error support number  đź“ž and get services of professional technical experts and they will help you in best way to solve every query and problem online when you want to take backup or want to restore your .qbb file in new system having QuickBooks on it.

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