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QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro/Premier

If you no longer require QuickBooks Enterprise and want to switch to Pro/Premier, there is a need to migrate data from the previous existing accounting system to a new one. If the QuickBooks Pro/premier meets your business requirements, it would be a substantial cost-saving step over the annual licensing fees for Enterprise. To do this, you need to search for a reliable resource to ensure secure file conversion.

Here in this post, you will learn about migrating data from QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro/Premier.

When you require data migration from QuickBooks Enterprise to Desktop Pro/Premier?

QuickBooks Desktop is available in three versions, i.e., QuickBooks Enterprise, Pro & Premier. You can easily buy one according to your business needs. Many scenarios arise when you decide to upgrade or downgrade the QuickBooks.
You can easily switch the version at any time. Upgrading the new version, there needs data conversion. Data migration is not an easy process. It requires expert guidance because a minor mistake can create drastic damage.

What possible barriers can arise while converting from Enterprise to Premier or Pro?

  • Your active QuickBooks Enterprise Database must be valid to let you convert into Premier/Pro.
  • Check the names in the QuickBooks Enterprise file must be up to 14,500; beyond this, there might be an issue.
  • Verify the preferred files in the current database it should not be damaged; If found it might create a barrier for data migration
  • Check the file size does not cross the allowed file size. Here are some conditions assigned by Intuit:
    • Maximum 2GB file
    • The minimum required size should be 500 MB

Things need to know before proceeding with The Move from Enterprise:

  • There is a need to buy a new license for QuickBooks Pro/premier when you want to switch from QuickBooks Enterprise. After this, install and activate QuickBooks accurately.
  • When you are shifting from Enterprise to QuickBooks Pro/premier signifies that you are trying to downgrade the accounting software. Consequently, you will lose the functions and features of the Enterprise Version. Now you can link up to 5 users in QuickBooks Premier and up to 3 users if you select QuickBooks Pro.
  • Do not worry about restoring files; you can restore the files in the Pro/premier edition and access them in the new version. Moreover, you can create a new company file and then begin using it according to your convenience.
  • Once the data conversion is complete, you will receive the Pro/premier file, which helps you resume the work from the point you left it. No worries about re-entering correction!

What type of items can you send in QuickBooks Pro/Premier?

  • Complete Financial and non-financial transaction including A/R, Payroll, A/P, and purchase orders
  • Links between transactions such as any payment applied to the invoice
  • Lists containing:
  • Accounts
  • Classes
  • Lists
  • Employees
  • Items
  • Customers
  • Vendors

How Does The Conversion of QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro/Premier Work?

  • Firstly buy your QuickBooks Premier version.
  • Start uploading your Enterprise Company on the server.
  • The chosen resource for data migration service will begin converting the data of Enterprise to Pro/premier.
  • Once done, they will send you the file at the notified time.

The current company file must be QuickBooks Enterprise Version 6.0 – 20.0. The selected service provider will send the data in the compatible versions of QuickBooks Pro/Premier.


Hopefully, the above article about QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro/premier data conversion becomes a helping hand for you. There are several third-party applications available across the internet for data migration in QuickBooks. You need to choose the best one carefully as it is a question of your essential data because a simple mistake might create a barrier to restoring your data. It needs to be safe and secure.

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