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How to Set up Payroll Liabilities in QuickBooks?

In this article, learn how to set up the payroll liabilities in QuickBooks’s version QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.  With all the amazing features, you can easily set the reminders and pay scheduled or custom unscheduled liabilities in QuickBooks accounting software.

Liabilities are sums you owe however haven’t yet paid. On account of payroll liabilities, these liabilities incorporate payroll tax sums that you’ve retained or that your company owes because of payroll. Payroll liabilities likewise incorporate different sums you track on paychecks including Health protection commitments, Union levy, Garnishments for youngster support.

What is a Payroll Liabilities account? 

In QuickBooks Desktop computers, payroll liabilities account is that account in which amount is owed for each tax, deduction, and company commitment payroll thing. It at that point records it in the Payroll Liabilities account. QuickBooks Desktop consequently makes the Payroll Liabilities account when you buy into QuickBooks Desktop Payroll. With every paycheck you compose, the equilibrium of this liability account increments. At the point when you cover your payroll taxes or other payroll liabilities, QuickBooks Desktop diminishes the equilAfter representatives of this liability account. 

It's critical to pay with Payroll liability checks: Continuously pay your payroll liabilities utilizing payroll liability checks. You can make them from the Pay Payroll Liabilities window. By utilizing payroll liability checks, QuickBooks Desktop can precisely follow the liabilities you've paid. Just track the amount you owe.

Things you need to consider before proceeding to set up the Liability

  • User has to ensure to update the QuickBooks latest edition
  • Must be sure that you are utilizing the QuickBooks latest version of Payroll Tax Table
  • Switch to the Single-User mode. 
  • You can easily set up the schedule for the Payroll liabilities that are computed on the employee’s Paychecks and the regular in the QuickBooks Desktop.

How to Fix Payroll Liablities in Quickbooks?

How to Set Up Payroll Liabilities into Quickbooks Desktop?

In QuickBooks Desktop, you can easily set up a scheduled liability or set reminder notices. After this, you can easily pay as it’s due. Users also have a choice to set up an unscheduled liability. 

In QuickBooks Desktop, the user has to set up the reminders first

The user has the choice to set up the calendar notices to make sure that you are reminded of the coming payroll tax and liability payments. To do this, you have two options both are given below:

Method 1: To add a reminder to the calendar, the user needs to perform the following steps:

  • Firstly, go to the Employee center
  • Then, you have to choose the Payroll tabs
  • Hit the click on the Pay Liabilities tab 
  • User has to make sure and check the liabilities that you required to add reminders for selected multiple items
  • The next step is to have to choose the Set payment reminder from the drop-men options
  • Then, you have to choose the “Add Reminder to Calendar” option 
  • Click on the OK button to add the displayed reminders to the calendar 
  • Now a list of calendar application will appear on your screen
  • Then, you have to choose the desired calendar app
  • At last, edit the reminder  notice as desired 
  • Click on Save and Close Program to end with this program

Method 2: To export the remainder in the calendar file with the following steps:

  • In the First step, open the Employees center
  • Click on the Payroll tab
  • Then, you have to choose the Pay liabilities tab that you require to add the reminders 
  • Go to the set payment reminder, then choose the Export reminder in the calendar file
  • Click on the OK button on the notice to download 
  • Now, you have to choose the location where you want to save the downloaded file
  • Click on the Save file and then find the downloaded file
  • Hit the right-click on it to open it 
  • Now, you have to open the file with the selected desired app
  • Now, you need to edit the reminder notice as desired 
  • Click on the Save button and you are all done with this program 

To set up the Payroll liabilities, go with the below guidelines

  • In the first step, go to the Employees menu 
  • Then, you have to select the Payroll taxes and liabilities 
  • Click on the “Adjust Payroll Liabilities” option 
  • Now, a page will appear on your screen where you easily enter the required details related to the adjustment
  • The next thing you have to do to enter the accurate data in the required field box. 

To import the data, Payroll providers offer to download the payroll liability

  • Now, you need to map the file to import the Payroll liabilities into the QuickBooks 
  • Perform on-screen guidelines until the confirmation message will appear on your screen
  • Once it’s appeared, click on the Yes button and you are all done with this program

How to Reconcile Payroll Liablities in Quickbooks

How to set up the Payroll Liabilities into Quickbooks Online?

You can easily set up the Payroll Liabilities in the QuickBooks Online with the following steps:

  • The first thing you have to open the Employees menu 
  • Click on the Payroll setting tab 
  • Make all  required changes, once you completed it
  • Then, you have to create an expense transaction to navigate the payroll liabilities 
  • Hit the click on Plus icon 
  • Now, you have to select either Expense or check
  • After this, you have to enter the Payment details 
  • Click on the Save and close to end with this program.

Run payroll liability balances report 

The Payroll Liabilities Balance report incorporates data about payroll things appointed to a liability account, most deductions, and most company commitments. The Payroll liability balance report shows a date-ran report. There are a couple of things to think about in this report. Paychecks are dated inside the date scope of the report. 

Payroll liability checks for liabilities owed for any period finishing inside the date scope of the report. Payroll liability changes with a successful date inside the date scope of the report. Representative year-to-date rundowns dated inside the date scope of the report. Earlier payment synopses for liabilities owed for a period finishing inside the date scope of the report. The Payroll Liability Balances report shows similar sums as the Pay Liabilities window when the To date for the report is equivalent to the Through date in the Pay Liabilities window. 

While making Payroll Liability Balance reports, QuickBooks Desktop can create erroneous liabilities. This occurs if the Paid Through the date of the liability payments is in an unexpected month in comparison to the liabilities gathered.

To run the Payroll Liability Balances report, perform the following steps:

  • Firstly, you have to choose the Reports menu 
  • Click on the “Employees & Payroll” option 
  • Hit the next click on the “Payroll Liability Balances” option 
  • Now, set the date filter and you are all done with this program.

Issues & Error user might get while doing the set up of Payroll Liabilities

To resolve the most common issues which occurs while doing the setup of Payroll liabilities, you have to follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps:

  • Initially, open the Employees menu and then select the “Payroll Centre” option 
  • Now, open the Transaction tab and then click on the Paychecks 
  • Locate and choose the “Damaged” paycheck by hitting the double-click on it
  • Hit the click on the Delete icon 
  • Repeat the steps for other damaged paycheck entry
  • The next thing you have to recreate the accurate paycheck by running an unscheduled payroll again
  • Once you recreate it, then check and verify the data to make sure that there are no data issue

After fixing the issue, you can run payroll reports to guarantee your representative’s year-to-date information is precise. You can run the Payroll Summary report for instance. Go to the Reports menu, float your mouse on Employees and Payroll, at that point pick Payroll Summary.

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