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A Comprehensive Guide to Transfer Accpac to QuickBooks

Transfer Accpac to QuickBooks

Transfer AccPac to QuickBooks is a complex DIY project for businesses. At MAC, our seasoned engineers and programmers boast over a decade of software and data Transfer analysis expertise and extensive QuickBooks proficiency. Leveraging this wealth of experience ensures that it’s done correctly from the outset when we transfer your AccPac data to QuickBooks. The transition from AccPac to QuickBooks is a challenging endeavor, as it entails meticulous consideration of various factors such as customer lists, vendor lists, inventory details, costs, average costs, chart of accounts, accounts receivable, and more.

Sage Accpac Vs. QuickBooks Why you need to transfer to QuickBooks

Your aging Sage 300 ERP software operates as a standalone solution, needing more scalability to expand your business. Sage 300 or Sage Accpac users often find themselves mired in spreadsheet management or redundant data entry, consuming valuable time. While change can be daunting, Bigxperts offers a seamless and stress-free data Transfer process, facilitating the transfer from Sage Accpac to QuickBooks.

Here are several compelling reasons to consider QuickBooks over Sage Accpac:

User-Friendly Interface:

QuickBooks offers a more intuitive user experience than Sage 300 or Sage Accpac, reducing the learning curve significantly.


Sage Accpac’s cumulative expenses mount over time due to manual data entries. QuickBooks automates processes, saving both time and money.

Extensive App Marketplace:

QuickBooks boasts a robust app marketplace featuring essential business compliance and process management applications tailored to various industries.

Simplified Upgrades:

Transitioning between QuickBooks editions is far more straightforward compared to Sage. Sage 300, 50, or 500 represent distinct products, complicating the upgrade process.

What do we Transfer and not Transfer?

We Transfer

  • Chart of Accounts (Custom mapping available)
  • Customer Information
  • Supplier Information
  • Opening Balances
  • Aged Accounts Receivable
  • Aged Accounts Payable
  • Bank Transactions (Including invoice and bill payments and other bank activities) (Bank transactions will initially remain unreconciled in QBO but can be reconciled by entering opening and closing balances on your end during the post-transfer process)
  • Credit Card Transactions
  • Detailed Invoices and Credit Notes
  • Clear Bills and Bill Credits
  • All Manual Journal Entries
  • Inactive Contacts/Accounts can be transferred upon request.
  • The entire transfer process and report matching are conducted on an accrual basis.
  • While we strive to replicate your AccPac data accurately, certain discrepancies may arise due to differences in field limitations between AccPac and QBO. In such cases, we employ appropriate workarounds to ensure transaction continuity.

We Do Not Transfer

  • Budgeting
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Categories (Classes/Jobs/Departments)
  • Purchase Orders and Sales Estimates
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Expense Reimbursements
  • Recurring Transactions
  • Payment Terms
  • Customized VAT Rates
  • Invoice Design Templates
  • Time Tracking
  • Recurring Invoices beyond the “Transfer To” date
  • Restoration of Deleted/Void Transactions
  • Allocation of Invoices or Bills to Credit Notes
  • Transactions with Zero Values
  • Sales Representatives
  • Customer Projects
  • Attachments
  • Unreconciled Entries
  • While we specialize in transferring core financial data, we endeavor to transfer non-financial information. However, due to limitations in the APIs of both software platforms, specific fields may not be accessible.

What makes us Special?

Transferring Accpac to QuickBooks is demanding and intricate, necessitating expertise in accounting platforms and data transfer nuances.

BigXperts provides professional services to seamlessly and efficiently transfer data from Accpac to QuickBooks. With over a decade of experience aiding businesses with their accounting system transfer, you can rely on us for your transfer project.

Our certified professionals will facilitate a smooth transition from Accpac to QuickBooks, ensuring no crucial information is lost, or errors occur during the platform transfer. You can relax as our experts handle everything on your behalf, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Preserving your vital data is paramount, especially if it’s integral to your daily operations. Our experts will guide you through each process step, ensuring transparency and no surprises. Additionally, we offer complimentary consultations to outline the level of service you can anticipate from us before committing to anything.

Please get in touch with us today if you believe our services could benefit your business. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you soon!

Transfer Lists and Reports from Other Accounting Software.

Transferring Lists and Reports from Another Accounting Software:

To Transfer your lists and reports to QuickBooks, you’ll first need to save them in Excel or .CSV format.

You can import various lists and balances. Here’s a breakdown of the lists and reports required from your current software:

  1. Account Lists
  2. Customer Lists
  3. Employee Lists
  4. Inventory/Item Lists
  5. Vendor Lists

Run the following financial reports before importing your balances. Ensure that these reports are generated for the exact dates to ensure a seamless transition to QuickBooks:

  1. Balance Sheet
  2. Trial Balance (Only Account Closing Balances will be imported)
  3. Accounts Receivable Aging Detail (Name, Amount, Document Number, Date, and Due Date)
  4. Accounts Payable Aging Detail (Name, Amount, Document Number, Date, and Due Date)

Details on How QuickBooks Matches the Fields You Import:

  1. Chart of Accounts (Name, Number if applicable, and Account Type)
  2. Customer List (Name, Company Name, Contact, Bill to Address, Ship to Address, Phone, Fax, Email)
  3. Employee List (Name, SSN #, Address, Phone, Mobile Phone, Fax, Email)
  4. Item List (Type, Name, Description, Price, Cost, Quantity on Hand, Value on hand, Income Account, COGS/Expense Account, Asset Account)
  5. Vendor List (Name, Company Name, Contact, Main Address, Phone, Fax, Email)

Please note that Classes (a category on your lists) won’t Transfer from other accounting programs.

You won’t be able to reconcile because historical data isn’t available in the Transferred file.

Import your reports in the following order for a successful Transfer:

  1. Chart of Accounts
  2. Customer List
  3. Vendor List
  4. Item List
  5. Employee List
  6. Accounts Payable
  7. Accounts Receivable

How Does It Work?

Our data transfer process is straightforward and hassle-free:

  1. Upload Your File
  2. Choose Your Service & Provide Details
  3. Complete Payment
  4. Leave Your File with Bigxperts
  5. Receive Your Subscription Transfer

Important Things When Transferring Accpac to QuickBooks

Transferring from another cloud platform is a seamless process. Authorize us to access your platform; our web application will handle the rest.

For desktop accounting software transfer, ensure your data is accessible in Sage or QuickBooks, so our uploader can extract it.

We meticulously Transfer all core accounting data, including the chart of accounts and balances. Customer and supplier contact details and their respective account balances are also transferred. Additionally, we meticulously replicate individual transactions.

While we strive for accuracy, an exact copy of your data in a different accounting system is only sometimes feasible. Some information may not Transfer, and certain aspects might appear differently (refer to service limitations). However, overall, your financial data will remain reliable.

Due to constraints imposed by the software transition, minor tidying up may be necessary post-transfer. We’ve minimized this as much as possible and offer comprehensive guidance on these tasks (refer to Completing post-transfer tasks).

How We Help You Transfer Accpac To QuickBooks?

Transitioning between accounting or ERP systems, even within the QuickBooks family, can feel overwhelming. Years of accumulated data may not seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks, adding to the complexity. But fret not about navigating through convoluted QuickBooks transfer tools – we’ve got you covered. Our team of QuickBooks experts specializes in securely and smoothly transferring all your data from your current accounting software to QuickBooks.

Partnering with Bigxperts means having your own dedicated QuickBooks data transfer expert. Our specialists will assess your unique business needs, select the appropriate QuickBooks products, and guide you through each transfer process step, from exporting and cleaning your old data to importing it into the new QuickBooks version.

Phase 1: Determine the Products Needed

During this phase, our QuickBooks transfer Expert will meticulously analyze your business and current system to determine the precise requirements for your accounting system. We’ll recommend suitable QuickBooks products tailored to your needs, whether it’s QuickBooks Enterprise, Payroll, Mac, or Point-of-Sale System.

Template File Setup

Phase 2: Template File Setup

Next, we’ll customize QuickBooks to seamlessly align with your business operations. This may involve temporarily entering data into your old system and the new QuickBooks file. We’ll accurately transfer crucial information such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, profit and loss statements, monthly balance sheets, and other necessary data to QuickBooks.

Go Live & Train Your Team

Phase 3: Go Live & Train Your Team

Training your team is crucial for smoothly transitioning to the new QuickBooks software. We’ll conduct comprehensive training sessions to familiarize your team with the new system, ensuring they can confidently navigate it. Our commitment is to ensure the success of all our valued QuickBooks clients.

Close and Review The Books

Phase 4: Close and Review The Books

After the transfer, we’ll conduct a thorough review to ensure all essential data and reports are accurately transferred. We’ll double-check to ensure nothing vital is left behind. If additional files need to be moved, we’ll promptly transfer them from your old system to QuickBooks.

Follow-Up & Maintenance

Phase 5: Follow-Up & Maintenance

Following a month of QuickBooks usage, we’ll conduct a follow-up to address any issues you may encounter. Our experts will provide ongoing support and retrieve any missing data from your old system as needed.

Final Word

Transferring from AccPac to QuickBooks involves a complex process that requires expertise and meticulous attention to detail. At MAC, we specialize in seamlessly transferring your essential accounting data, ensuring accuracy and reliability throughout the transition. Our user-friendly transfer process and dedicated support make the transfer to QuickBooks a stress-free experience for your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help streamline your accounting system transfer.


Is Sage 300 the same as Accpac?

Sage 300, formerly known as Sage ACCPAC, is the mid-market line of enterprise management and accounting applications primarily serving small and medium-sized businesses. Since 2004, Sage 300 has been developed by Sage. In 2012, ACCPAC was rebranded as Sage 300.

Does Sage data transfer to QuickBooks Online?

You must utilize a third-party conversion service to migrate data from Sage to QuickBooks Online. Dataswitcher is our recommended data migration supplier to assist you with the transition.

Which is better, Sage or QuickBooks?

Sage is preferred for its unlimited users and automated tasks, while QuickBooks is suitable for small businesses needing advanced features like 1099 contractor management and mileage tracking. QuickBooks is also ideal for more complex Enterprise needs as long as there are no more than 40 users.

What makes your service unique for AccPac to QuickBooks Transfer?

Our team of certified professionals ensures a smooth transition from AccPac to QuickBooks Online, preserving your financial data accurately. We offer comprehensive guidance and support throughout the process, making the migration hassle-free for your business.

Why should I Transfer from Sage Accpac software to QuickBooks?

QuickBooks offers a more user-friendly interface, extensive app marketplace, and simplified upgrades compared to Sage, making it a more efficient and cost-effective choice for your business.

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