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Add, Edit, Delete paycheck payroll into QuickBooks

Add, Edit, Delete Paycheck Payroll Into QuickBooks

QuickBooks Payroll comes with plenty of different features and functions that let you manage your business and employees effortlessly. If you’re still writing payroll checks by hand and dreading the time, it’s time to make your payroll processes quick and easy. QuickBooks makes it simple to print paychecks for your employees directly from the software and you can even order checks directly from QB.

However, QuickBooks allows you to generate multiple paychecks but there are times when you come across some problems while generating them. That’s why we have come up with this article to guide you through the complete process of creating a paycheck payroll including steps to add a new paycheck, edit previously created paycheck, and delete unwanted paycheck payroll into QuickBooks. 

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    Things to do before creating paychecks in QuickBooks

    • Firstly, activate the Payroll Service 
    • Next, download the latest tax table version 
    • And then switch QuickBooks in a single-user mode 
    • Now, make a payroll item then fill out the “Employee withholding information” 
    • After that, set up “Employee direct deposit information” that you want to pay via Direct Deposit 
    • Once done generate Paychecks within the same company file 
    • Observe the location where you’re creating QuickBooks Paychecks.

    Steps to Create a Paycheck in QuickBooks

    Below steps help you in creating a paycheck with ease:

    • Select the Employees and then click on “Pay Employees” 
    • Select the option that is applicable to you 

    In Scheduled Payroll:

    • Select the Proper schedule with Create Paychecks 
    • And then select the “Start Schedule Payroll” that you’ll have in your Payroll Windows 

    In Unscheduled Payroll

    • In this, you’ll be directly open up with entering the required Payroll information

    Termination check

    • Termination is also called a late payroll paycheck.

    Before you edit the Paycheck, you must check out the following pointers

    • Creating of backup of your company file 
    • In case, the paycheck payroll has been sent with the wrong check number then you should not void the check 
    • In case, if the paycheck payroll is not sent then you need to delete the paycheck rather than simply voiding it. 

    Steps to Edit Paycheck in QuickBooks

    • First, open the paycheck 
    • Then click on Edit to make changes in checks like date, check number, etc
    • Next, you have to select the Paycheck Detail to edit or delete the amounts for individual Payroll Items such as taxes withheld, salary, etc, and then Pay Period once the modifications are done 
    • After that, click OK and then Save & Close 
    • Now, a window open displaying to notify the dited transactions 
    • You’ll prompted whether you want to record the changes or not
    • Click on the “Yes” and then “Save” button
    • Finally, edit the items no matter whether it has been submitted to Intuit as long as it doesn’t affect the Net or Gross amounts of a check. 

    Steps to Delete or Void Paycheck in QuickBooks

    • Initially, open the paycheck that you want to delete 
    • Next, move to the Edit tab and then select the Paycheck 
    • After that, a message pops up “Would you like to delete this paycheck?” 
    • And you have to click “Ok”
    • In any case, if the paycheck is deleted mistakenly then it will be retrieved by restoring the backup copy that is saved or by pulling up the Audit Trail
    • After that, open the Audit Trail Report and then move to the Reports section 
    • Hit the Accountant and Taxes tab and then select “Audit Trail Report” 
    • And then delete the payroll liability check 
    • In the check register, locate the liability check by going to the Banking 
    • Choose the Bank account if asked 
    • And then look for the Liability check 
    • To do editing, click on the liability check 
    • Finally, click on the Edit tab and then hit the Delete Liability Check option. 

    You can void or cancel a paycheck in QuickBooks. It’s important to note that clearing a paycheck is not the same as removing other checks because paychecks are used to calculate taxes and other liabilities.

    Instead of voiding or deleting Paychecks, you can follow the below steps

    For QuickBooks Payroll Basic, Standard, or Enhanced 

    • You simply have to clear a paycheck 
    • And then change the Direct Deposit bank account 
    • For QuickBooks Payroll Assisted
    • Void/cancel/recall the check for QuickBooks Payroll 
    • Change the bank account information for QB payroll service deductions. 


    The above are all the steps discussed that help you to Add, Edit, and Delete paycheck payroll into QuickBooks with ease. If you have more queries or concerns related to QuickBooks Payroll, you can use Live Chat options that are available all around the clock to assist with all possible solutions. 

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