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Bookkeeping Services for Interior Designers

Finding the ideal bookkeeper can be challenging for interior designers, as is common knowledge. If they are unfamiliar with interior design procedures, even the most seasoned, highly recommended bookkeepers may struggle. It is critical that you hire a bookkeeper who is knowledgeable about your sector and has practical experience dealing with interior designers. If they are unfamiliar with QuickBooks integration, there will be a steep learning curve. You’ll reduce your company’s vulnerability to audits by working with skilled interior-design bookkeepers, which will also save you time and stress.

Make sure your systems are configured correctly before you start. Hire a qualified accountant who is familiar with your software to set up your mapping and categories so they accurately match your QuickBooks chart of accounts. You may experience problems with the accuracy of your financial statements if the foundation is not properly laid. To analyze your data and calculate sales tax, we have a tried-and-true mapping formula that works best for interior designers.

Run tests to ensure that the integration is working properly before using a production client or project. Check that your mapping is seamlessly converting to QuickBooks by following the steps recommended for your industry. This greatly simplifies both your job and the job of your bookkeeper. You can even have QuickBooks generate reports on their own if you enter accurate data, allowing you to see your financial situation.

A solid bookkeeper is unquestionably the foundation of any successful interior design company. A good bookkeeper can truly make or break your future in a field where there are many moving parts, complicated financial transactions, and variable cash flow. The interior design business model is so intricately specific that finding a qualified bookkeeper with the expertise and experience to support your interior design business takes a keen eye.

Find a bookkeeper who is familiar with your industry:

One of the first employees you’ll bring on board to help with your interior design business is a bookkeeper. The industry’s business model is distinct, the bookkeeping responsibilities are taxing, and the stakes are especially high because clients’ money is at stake. Employing a bookkeeper without prior experience or industry-specific knowledge may be acceptable for other businesses, but it is absolutely necessary for interior designers. You need to hire a proactive financial manager who will identify issues early and work with you to address them before they become crises. This bookkeeper should not only perform their core responsibilities of recording financial transactions, updating statements, and checking financial records for accuracy.

Unlike data entry workers, we provide professional bookkeeping services. We watch out for our customers, assisting them in managing their cash flow and ensuring that they collect money before paying their vendors. In order to set up all of their projects to make money, we assist them in being aware of their operating costs and, in some cases, offer advice on how designers should charge for specific projects. Additionally, we can review completed projects to judge their financial performance and suggest various practices for situations like these in the future.

What is the point of the process?

Ensure that all invoices are sealed, accurate, and completed in a timely manner and that everything is paid. This makes sure that project tracking, payments, and purchase orders can all be properly documented. You will be able to constantly access and view your company’s precise liability at any time if this process is carried out correctly. finding out what has been paid and what still needs to be paid by pulling precise tracking reports.

The Best Workflow Process’s Steps Involve:

Make sure your computer is set up correctly before you start. Always create a test account first, then proceed with your steps and enter accurate data into QuickBooks. Both your job and the job of your bookkeeper are greatly facilitated by this. You can even have QuickBooks generate reports automatically if you enter accurate data to see where you stand financially.

These are the steps:

  • Designers develop products and ideas that clients either accept or pay for.
  • Payment for a client should be applied to a proposal once it has been received.
  • The designer must issue an invoice as soon as the client’s payment is applied.
  • The designer should create purchase orders directly from the paid invoices after the payment has been received and the invoice has been created.
  • To ensure accuracy during ordering, the purchase orders created in Ivy should be open for reference and compared to backup vendor invoices and receipts.

The vendor invoice and the purchase orders must correspond EXACTLY. A new item should be made and added to a new proposal if the purchase order is less than the vendor originally quoted and you need to charge the client more. Never change a bill after it has been created, even if it’s possible. Every financial report should be accurate in real time if everything is done correctly and in the right order.

The designer must submit vendor payment as soon as an item is ordered to complete the order in Ivy.

All financial reports should be accurate in real time if everything is done correctly and according to plan.

Prior to using QuickBooks Online, confirm that clients have given you permission. Making sure you are getting paid before you place an order is one of the most crucial steps toward better bookkeeping. Before continuing, all invoices and purchase orders must be closed and fulfilled. It’s also important to understand what belongs to the client and what is yours to spend from your bank account.

To avoid unintentionally spending more than you should, it’s critical to understand your account balance versus your cash balance at all times. Another reason it’s crucial to always have accurate financial data and make sure you’re effectively tracking and documenting everything is that many designers believe they can manage this on their own. However, things can get complicated when you’re working with multiple clients on multiple projects at once.


Keep in mind that not everything will transfer automatically to QuickBooks, so some things may require more careful attention to detail. Nevertheless, if you have acted on our advice and hired a bookkeeper with industry experience, they will probably be competent. Keeping in touch with your bookkeeper will help you understand the procedure and your numbers simultaneously, which is just one more reason to do so.

Accrual-Based Accounting:

Most reports in interior design are accrual reports; whenever you create an invoice, it counts as though you have received payment, whether or not it has actually been made. Your cash-based reports and accrual reports will be nearly identical if you consistently adhere to the steps. Working with sales and income taxes is made easier by this. You need this data to be as precise and consistent as you can.

Know the Sales Tax Laws:

When in doubt, call them; they’ll tell you what’s taxable and what isn’t, and they’ll tell you how to calculate taxes most effectively based on your state’s particular tax laws. If you don’t fully understand the nuances of state tax laws, you might find yourself in less-than-ideal situations. For instance, it is highly unlikely that a client will pay sales tax that was supposed to be collected a year ago if you try to bill them for it now. It is also highly likely that you will be required to pay the tax yourself.

Never give a vendor your tax money. You can track this in Ivy if it’s impossible to avoid it. Maintaining a separate log or spreadsheet for taxes paid by vendors is probably a good idea. The last thing you want to do is pay tax to a vendor and then must reimburse the state for it because it was forgotten.

Keep it straightforward and communicate with your bookkeeper:

With your bookkeeper, we advise having weekly calls. Together, you can produce the reports you need to keep your finances in order. There are so many crucial aspects of your business that your bookkeeper can help you understand with accurate reports; make sure you comprehend them. You want to be able to monitor your finances and always be aware of where you stand as your company expands. Success depends on effective communication and comprehension.

We are committed to assisting you in managing your ongoing expenses and ensuring that the financial side of your business is being run as effectively as it can be. You can enter data anywhere thanks to our mobile functionality, which also makes it easy to review your profit and loss reports whenever you want. We even provide automation that accurately categorizes your expenses for you and integrates with your existing accounting software. Our interior design accounting software can be useful if you want to produce accurate, economical accounting reports for your interior design company. Every business can benefit from our bookkeeping pricing packages, which are tailored to meet their unique requirements.

Accounting and bookkeeping:

We offer online bookkeeping services like reconciling credit card and bank statements, filing sales tax, financial reporting, payroll, time billing, client billing, and more.

Managing a project:

By interacting with vendors, expediting and monitoring the status of purchase orders, and taking care of additional administrative duties, we can support your procurement process.


Studio Designer, the top digital platform for project management, product sourcing, and accounting in the interior design sector, is our area of expertise. You can automate procedures, increase efficiency, and boost your bottom line by using this fully integrated, cloud-based software.

Owners of interior design businesses ought to be able to concentrate on their craft without being distracted by perplexing financial issues. You put in too much effort to have parts of your company feel out of control. The difficulty of balancing upfront costs, project material costs, and trying to turn a profit is present in interior design. So that every dollar goes to the right place, we’ll work with you to manage all the moving parts of your interior design accounting.

We’ll also take care to prevent you from yanking your hair out in the process. You can trust that we’ll work with you to make sure the Profit First system is worth your time and money.

Interior designers can use the following online bookkeeping services:

For interior designers, using online bookkeeping services is a great choice. These services can aid designers in keeping track of their costs and earnings. A person who manages and designs a building’s interior space to improve the atmosphere is known as an interior designer. To complete the general enhancement of a building, a designer typically works with architects, construction managers, and other designers. Additionally, it is their duty to guarantee that the design they come up with complies with all laws and rules.

Online bookkeeping services give designers a simple way to keep track of their expenses and income in one location, which saves time when it comes to producing tax filings, creating budgets, and creating financial statements for clients.


What advantages come from hiring bookkeeping services for interior designers?

Interior designers are extremely picky about the services they use for their business, just like most professionals. They want to be sure that their company is being run as efficiently as possible. A bookkeeping service should be one of the top services an interior designer uses. These services assist them in managing their clients and keeping tabs on all the costs they accrue while working on a project. Additionally, bookkeeping services assist them in keeping track of their earnings and client repayment obligations. Because they aid in managing everything from finances and time to client relationships, bookkeeping services are invaluable to interior design businesses.

What drawbacks are there to using bookkeeping services for interior designers?

Utilizing bookkeeping services for interior designers has some drawbacks. The main drawback is that you must rely on that service to keep your records accurate, error-free, and current. Researching a bookkeeping service before hiring one is the best way to ensure that you can trust them easily. The individual designer and their business will ultimately decide what kind of bookkeeping services to use.

What benefits come with hiring bookkeeping services for interior designers?

For project management and financial management, interior designers can use bookkeeping services. The benefits of bookkeeping services for interior designers are numerous. They can handle all of their accounting, bookkeeping, and paperwork. When compared to hiring an accountant or using personal financial management software, bookkeeping services are also significantly less expensive for interior designers. Remember that bookkeeping services are not only available to interior design firms; they also provide solutions for any company that requires assistance with managing its finances, billing, payroll, and other related tasks.

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