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How to Correct QuickBooks Errors Made When Entering and Paying Bills?

QuickBooks Errors Made When Entering and Paying Bills

QuickBooks is very useful for small firms and businesses, and yet it has been observed that many people don’t use it accurately. QuickBooks is quite easy software to be utilized for a firm’s accounting problems. It is either for the reason that the firm is quite new to the software or there are not many employees working with sound accounting knowledge.

Many tasks are made easy by the use of QuickBooks. Entering and Paying Bills is one such issue that keeps on recurring. This is also the most crucial part of using QuickBooks Features as money is what drives every business. Just imagine, you have the last date to pay your bill and it isn’t working. It can be mind-boggling for you.

Errors made while Entering and Paying Bills

QuickBooks errors are caused by inflated bills and unenforced vendors. Take a look at some more reasons listed below:

  • Due to aged bills, account payable is high which is obstructing you from paying bills
  • Another reason can be bills that are unexpectedly high
  • Many credits will appear for unapplied vendors

Many users have tried paying bills in the incorrect order or following absolutely fatal processes. To make sure, you make the payment correctly, you need to be focused on the procedure. A single miss can alter the whole process and make it a chock for you in the long run.

How you can enter the bill

When does this situation actually arise? It happens when you might have paid more than what was expected by the vendor. The vendor being nice to you refunds the extra amount. Now for you to be on top of your accounts in the business, you need to enter this refund. This refund is termed credit as the vendor returns it in the form of a credit note.

Now we have to enter every detail to enter the bill window. While entering the details, we have to keep the following ready:

  • Name of the vendor
  • Address of the Vendor
  • The amount to be credited
  • Date of the credit prepared
  • Reference number if there is any

Having all the information helps you in two ways- you are compliant and you have no problem filling in the window details. The catch lies in selecting the category wisely and with wide-open eyes.

Here’s how you can pay bills

I know sounds pretty easy, but it is just paying bills like using any app or any browser and following the steps. It is indeed not difficult, no denying the fact. It is no big deal too and yet errors occur. So, why not prevent such errors and save time?

There are some cautionary steps that you need to keep in mind which are usually overlooked:

  • Whenever a vendor makes a payment to you, you need to log in to the Bill Pay window
  • It is of utmost importance to enter the vendor address correctly
  • You must enter the date of the bill date
  • The invoice number should be entered
  • Terms that may refer to the date when the payment is expected or the due date
  • The memo is not to be ignored as it includes the purpose of the bill

After all the details have been filled accurately in the Bill Pay window, it is mandatory to allocate the correct expense or asset account without which the process might cause an error. The process will be deemed to be successful once the expense or asset account has been allocated.

It is simple, no doubt but a little miss can create havoc.

It is always wise to check it twice before you do any kind of transaction for any vendor. It is advisable that keep a track of each payment in QuickBooks. This will help you when you have less time and more to do. Just clicking on the reference number or the vendor name or the date you use to fill in details can do a lot better for you in making the tedious task, in the long run, seem less complex.

An organized way of dealing with any situation can make any difficult situation appear smaller. Having things sorted in apple-pie order always makes a big difference. Apart from this, who wants to get stuck managing vendors and losing cool? I don’t. I am sure you don’t too. Therefore “Organize Check” is the mantra to keep your accounts ready for every dilemma or fix.

QuickBooks Error 3371

There are some tips you can definitely follow to keep your accounts clean and clutter-free. Here is how you can go about it:

  • First of all, make sorting your bank account your priority. You can get this done or do it yourself by clicking on Sort which you will find on the left-hand side of the Chart of Accounts option
  • Put a checkmark next to any transaction. This is a great way to manually clear and reconcile your transactions
  • Maintaining an updated financial record. There is nothing like having a record that is easy to read and understand without banging your head against a wall after a longer period of time

Sounds crisp and easy, doesn’t it? So go for it.

Take Away

We need to understand the importance of the ease of use of QuickBooks in maintaining our financial records. This makes way for efficiency and productivity. There is lucidity in the maintenance of future transactions. Take baby steps and grow mature.

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  1. How can I correct the bill payment errors in QuickBooks?

    Find an appropriate account payable and hit double-click on it. Then, open the registration and choose the particular bill payment check. Once you ensure, and then open the Edit menu. From the drop-down menu, choose the Void or Delete option. Now, open the Record file and click on the Yes button to save all new changes.

  2. How can I reverse a bill in QB online?

    From the left panel, open the Reports menu. Then, you have to enter the Bill Payment List. From the available options, you have to choose the Report period and click on the accurate data range. Give click on the amount to view the transaction details. Now, you need to unmark the box of the bill. Click on the Save and Close button to finish the program.

  3. How can I UN-apply a credit from the bill in QuickBooks?

    Firstly, you have to find an appropriate credit memo. Then, press the CTRL + H to view the history. Locate an invoice option and click on it and then choose the “Apply for Credit” option. Go to the previously applied windows and remove the selection for the credit. Then, a window will appear on your screen, click on done. Go to Invoice and hit the Save and Close button to finish the program.

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