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Error 1402 when installing QuickBooks Desktop

Error 1402 when installing QuickBooks Desktop

If you keep getting Error 1402 when installing QuickBooks Desktop or its updates, it means there are problems with the Windows registry. Error code 1402 is most commonly associated with the Windows Vista operating system, although it can also impact users of other operating systems. When you encounter the error, you’ll get an error notice on your screen that says “Error 1402: Could not open key,” and your QuickBooks installation will abruptly stop. As advised by Intuit, one of the possible remedies is to alter the Windows registry, however, this needs a thorough understanding of the Windows operating system. Step-by-step troubleshooting is discussed in this article.

What are the apparent reasons that could lead to Error 1402 when installing QuickBooks Desktop? 

QuickBooks error 1402 can display on your screen due to innumerable reasons, which are listed below:

  • If the CD that was used to install the software is damaged.
  • You may get the following error if the QuickBooks installation file is corrupt or damaged.
  • Incorrect or incomplete QuickBooks software installation.
  • Microsoft components such as MSXML, C++, and the .NET Framework are missing that are required for an error-free QuickBooks installation.
  • Another cause of QuickBooks error 1402 is an out-of-date window.
  • Background Windows applications might sometimes interfere with the QuickBooks installation process, resulting in QuickBooks install error 1402.

Prevention steps to avoid Error 1402 when installing QuickBooks Desktop

After you’ve resolved QuickBooks Error Code 1402, you can take steps to prevent this installation error from happening again.

  • Backups of your data should be created on a frequent basis.
  • Allow software install to proceed at their own pace and do not interrupt them.
  • Delete the junk files on a regular basis.
  • Continue to install new QuickBooks Desktop updates as they become available.

Fixation methods to troubleshoot QuickBooks install error 1402

The following are some efficient troubleshooting methods to explore in order to resolve the QuickBooks error code 1402:

Method 1: Update Microsoft Windows and install available updates 

By upgrading QuickBooks and the missing updates, the installation error can be resolved:

  • Click the Windows icon in the lower left-hand corner of your screen with the Start button on your keyboard
  • Check for Updates by searching for it
  • Click Check for Updates to see what updates are available
  • All pending updates should be installed
  • Restart the system to verify if anything has changed.

Method 2: Install and run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool using the Tool Hub 

Many QuickBooks issues including the QuickBooks install error 1402, can be resolved with the QuickBooks Tool Hub application.

  • First and foremost, close your QuickBooks
  • Next, the most recent version of the QuickBooks tool hub should be downloaded
  • You must save the file somewhere where it can be easily retrieved
  • If you’ve already installed Tool Hub, look for the version you have
  • Then go to the home tab and the version will be shown in the bottom right corner
  • Following that, you must open the file you downloaded
  • Install by following the on-screen instructions and agreeing to the terms and conditions
  • Open the tool hub software by double-clicking the icon
  • Select installation issues from the tool hub
  • And finally, choose the option “QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool” and let the tool run in order to fix the issue. 


  • From Intuit’s official website, you may download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool
  • All open programs should be closed
  • Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool 
  • The time it takes to complete the process will vary depending on your computer’s speed and the speed of your internet connection
  • After the operation is finished, restart your system.

Method 3: Reinstall your QuickBooks Desktop 

QuickBooks install error 1402 can be caused by a variety of factors, and it can have a negative influence on your productivity.

  • Press the Start button and type Control Panel into the search box
  • Open the Control Panel, then select Programs and Features >>> Add or Remove Programs
  • Locate QuickBooks, select it, and then click the Uninstall button
  • Reinstall QuickBooks desktop after restarting your computer.

Method 4: Add QuickBooks Bitdefender Exclusion List 

It should be highlighted that while this strategy is not required for everyone, it can be used by those who use Bitdefender. If you’re using Bitdefender, you won’t be able to remedy the problem by simply turning it off. It is necessary for you to add QuickBooks to the Bitdefender exclusion list.

  • You must add  C:\Program Files\ Common files to the exclusion list for 32-bit Windows OS
  • C:\Program Files\ Intuit (C:\Program files (x86)\Intuit) must be included in the exclusion list for 64-bit Windows OS.

Method 5: Uninstall and Reinstall Adobe Flash Player 

If the error occurred during the installation of Adobe Flash Player, follow the procedures below:

  • To begin, download and install the diagnostic tool, then run it
  • Select the Start menu from the drop-down menu
  • In the search bar, type control panel
  • After that, click and open the control panel
  • Select the option to uninstall a software
  • In the list of programs, look for Adobe Flash Player ActiveX
  • Select the option to uninstall
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the uninstallation
  • The final step is to download and reinstall Adobe Flash Player.

Method 6: Fix the error using the Selective Startup mode 

You can get rid of QuickBooks error code 1402 by using the selective startup option. This problem could also be caused by third-party apps that prevent the installation from taking place. You can simply use the selective startup mode to attempt to fix the problem. In this scenario, the measures to take are as follows:

1st step: Prepare your data

  • You must build a backup of the company file as part of this procedure
  • Keep a copy of the product and license information for QuickBooks Desktop.

2nd step: Enable the selected startup mode on the system

  • To open the run command, hit Windows + R keys together from your console
  • Type MSConfig and then press the Ok button
  • In the general tab, select selective startup
  • In addition, you can choose or load system services
  • Go to the services tab and select Hide All Microsoft Services from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the Disable All option.

3rd step: Uncheck the checkbox named “Hide all Microsoft services” 

  • Going forward, go to the “List of Services” and confirm that the Windows Installer checkbox must be selected 
  • If not, choose the checkbox and click on the “Ok” option 
  • In the end, select the tab “restart the system configuration window”.  

4th step: Uninstall and install QuickBooks Desktop 

Uninstall QuickBooks 
  • Open the Windows Start button and look for Control Panel then open the same 
  • Select the Programs and Features or Uninstall a Program 
  • From the list of programs, choose the QuickBooks Desktop version that you wish to uninstall 
  • Select the Uninstall/Change option followed by selecting the “Remove” >>> “Next” tab 
  • If you don’t see the option, sign out and sign back into Windows as an admin. 
Install QuickBooks 
  • Search for the QuickBooks.exe file in the location where you downloaded all of the files
  • Follow the on-screen instructions after double-clicking the above-mentioned file
  • Click the Next button after you’ve read the software license agreement
  • Now, enter the Product key and License number that came with the software when you bought it
  • By clicking “Next”, you can continue.

5th step: Switch back to your Normal Startup Mode 

  • To open the run command, press the Windows + R keys at the same time
  • Choose the ok button after typing MSConfig
  • You should select a normal startup from the general tab
  • Select the Ok button
  • Last but not least, on the system configuration window, pick restart.


Chucking off Error 1402 when installing QuickBooks Desktop is possible with the steps discussed above. However, there can be circumstances when you might not be able to rectify such an error, in that case, you’re suggesting you connect with our technical expertise via LIVE CHAT.


  1. Does updating Windows & Install missing updates fix error code 1402?

    Improper QuickBooks Installation can also happen if the operating system is not updated efficiently. You can follow the below steps to do so: 

    Click on the Windows Start menu from the bottom of your Desktop
    Next, perform Windows Update and then choose “Check for Updates” 
    Now, you need to install the pending updates 
    Finally, restart your system once the updates are done.

  2. Can we perform configuration of Windows Registry Settings to overcome Error 1402 when installing QuickBooks Desktop?

    Yes, It may help you fix the error code 1402 in QB, you simply have to follow the below-suggested steps:

    To open the Run window, press Windows + R on your keyboard and type regedit in the text field
    Next, you have to click Ok or press Enter key from your keyboard 
    Before making any changes, make sure you have a backup of the registry
    Select Export from the File tab at the top
    Give the backup file a name and save it to your Desktop
    Now go to the Edit tab of the Windows Registry’s left side panel and click Permissions
    In the Advanced section, click Add
    For each object name, choose Everyone and then click Ok
    Exit Registry Editor after selecting the Full Control option.

  3. Can the damaged Microsoft Components cause QuickBooks error 1402?

    Sometimes, if the Microsoft components are outdated or damaged then QB might display Error 1404 when installing QuickBooks Desktop:

    Download the MSI file and save it to your computer’s Desktop
    On your desktop, press the Windows Start button and type “exe /fvaum “%userprofile%\desktop\msxml.msi  in the Search Programs and Files box
    After that, hit the Enter key 
    Once done with the above, repair the Microsoft.Net Framework.

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