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Features and Benefits of QuickBooks File Manager Application

Features and Benefits of QuickBooks File Manager Application

QuickBooks File Manager is a dedicated application, which is specifically created for QuickBooks Accountant. It is also an important part of the QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant. QuickBooks manager stocks company files along with the usernames and passwords. Everything is saved in an encrypted environment.

QuickBooks applications enables the accounting experts to smoothly import all the client’s QuickBooks files. Also, it enables the users to upgrade from one QuickBooks edition to another.In this article, we will find out more about the QuickBooks Fine Manager.

Also, you always have the option to know more about the QuickBooks file manager through technical team. Our QuickBooks professionals have all the answers to the queries linked to the manager.

Main features of The QuickBooks manage?

  • QuickBooks manager makes it easy for the users to fuse and manage the client folders.
  • It makes it easy to see the assembled client list in the ideal groups as per the clients.
  • Also, QuickBooks manager makes it easy for the users to group the files as per the year automatically inside a Groups drop down.
  • With the help of the QuickBooks file manager, the users can easily group and regroup.
  • You can edit, add or remove the Groups as well.
  • Also, the process of deleting a group with the help of the Delete Current group option is easy.
  • At the same time, with this QuickBooks file manager, the process of searching for clients is simplified.
  • Merging the client folders is a cakewalk through this manager.
  • You would just have to pick the folders, then right click on them, and click on merge option in order to merge the folders.
  • Whenever you choose a client from list, each and every detail will automatically get occupied inside files tab.
  • In case any file is opened via the file manager, in that case the details of the file are displayed in the information tab.

In case you work via a plenty of different various editions of QuickBooks on a plenty of files then in that case File Manager is surely going to help the user. Sometimes it may become a little tough for the QuickBooks user to remember all the important passwords for the QuickBooks data files. In order to help you remember the QuickBooks password you would need some assistance.

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QuickBooks has introduced a fantastic feature called the password vault. It is a very useful integration in the QuickBooks accounting solution, and it will be very helpful at the time of need. QuickBooks File Manager is one of the best additions in QuickBooks solution. It helps to make it easier for the accountants to manage the financials in a much better way.

How can the QuickBooks File Manager application help QB Users?

This application helps QB users in many ways like:

  • To create a list of the clients that can also create a virtual view of the hard drive, and contain clients’ company files location. 
  • Create groups of clients 
  • Upgrade multiple clients files 
  • Merge the folder just by right-clicking on the same and you can pick the Merge option 
  • All the clients’ information will automatically be occupied every time when selecting them from the list.
  • It saves your login information automatically. The Password vault lets you open the files of your clients without knowing the login information.
  • It enables you to edit, add, or delete groups as per your desires.
  • With this application, searching for clients is pretty simple.

Few important functions of QuickBooks File Manager Application

Apart from the list of features that are discussed, these are few more important features that come under QuickBooks File Manager Application:

  • QB report supervisor backup: This application has a backup system that saves your settings and directories as well. Using this QB File Manager feature, you can avoid data loss or you can restore your backup if you come across data loss.   
  • Batch upgrade: It is a powerful feature that helps you while upgrading from one QuickBooks version to another. With the help of this feature, you can upgrade multiple company files at once which might be time-consuming. It does not apply to the UK version of QuickBooks. 
  • Password Vault: If you’re working across different QuickBooks versions on multiple files then File Manage can help you. However, it becomes difficult to remember passwords if you’ve multiple QuickBooks Data files. The password vault is the QB File Manager Application features that may come to your aid from time to time.

Important Points to Remember

To remember the given points before moving ahead:

  • With the file manager you can manage your password through the password vault .
  • In case the similar list of the file and their login id and password is important for the multiple systems. And the file manager backup will be helpful and restored on another system.

Work Procedure of QuickBooks File Manager

  • The organization and client folders are made a user friendly directory depending on the user’s   original orientation(location).
  • QuickBooks files (.QBW, .QBB, .QBA, and .QBM)  are grouped for each client based on their format.
  • To make it simple for opening, just click to open the file from the file manager, and don’t forget the username & password for each and every file.

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How to Start A QuickBooks File Manager?

  • Firstly Open Accountant Menu->QuickBooks->QuickBooks File Manager.
  • On the desktop click QuickBooks File Manager.
  • Open QuickBooks and from the accountant menu, select QuickBooks file manager.
  • Then from the Windows start menu->Programs->QuickBooks->File manager.

1. Steps for Importing files in QuickBooks file manager

  • Go to QuickBooks file manager.
  • Click on the clients->add clients via->update client list wizard.
  • Import From client folder names, if you have already organized the company files and folders into a format to your liking.
  • Importing  from QuickBooks file names, if the files & folders are not organized, then file manager scan your system and import the file. The file name should be as similar as your PC or system name. 
  • Using a drag and drop option to shift the files into the QuickBooks file manager from windows file explorer.

2. Steps to open Company file from the QuickBooks file manager

  • Firstly open the QuickBooks.
  • Remember  that two files can be open simultaneously using the file manager.
  • Select Files then Restore to QBW or Convert to QBA, If you want to convert.

3. Steps to Managing and merging client folders

  • Users  can view the grouped list into desired groups based totally on your clients.
  • Using the groups drop down option of the QuickBooks file manager, files are grouped automatically.
  • To manage groups, firstly visit the company then add/edit or delete, if any group is currently selected.
  • Using the search option users can search any types of terms .
  • If  you want to merge the client folder then  select the both folders, now right click and select the merge clients.
  •  Using the files drop down option  you can easily merge the client file and folder.
  • After that when the client is selected from the client list, all the information about the client is populated in the file, files section. After opening the file via file manager, then the information is displayed within the data tab.

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 4. Steps to Password Vault in QuickBooks File Manager

  • The Password vault is the most useful and simple process of QuickBooks File Manager. It stores all the information ( username & password) of any  type of company file.
  •  It manages the already saved password easily.
  • Into the File Manager application , get an option to manage the password of the company file.
  • Before adding client files, Password Vault required the user to make user name & password for the security purpose. 

5. The Batch Upgrade feature

The batch upgrade feature is a most useful and amazing feature, when you  want to upgrade  all the selected files at once. And  If you are using the Accountant edition then you can upgrade all files at the same time.

To upgrade the files in the batch:

  • Firstly go to Batch Upgrade.
  • Then select Client.
  • Now Upgrade selected files.

6. The File Manager backup feature

The file manager, backup feature is useful in case the user experiences loss of data,  it  helps you to easily restore your data.

Need Professional Help?

All set to use the QuickBooks file manager? Or do you have any doubts? If you have any doubts, then our AccountingErrors technical support team is always there to assist you. For any QuickBooks related assistance, you can call our QuickBooks technical helpdesk at 📞. We are available 24 by 7 for you!

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  1. What are the methods of starting QuickBooks File Manager?

    💠 Go to the QuickBooks Accountant option and then choose QuickBooks File Manager.
    💠 Locate Desktop, hit on the QuickBooks File Manager icon
    💠 Discover the Windows Start option, discover programs, Click QuickBooks and then File Manager

  2. What do you mean by File Manager Backup?

    There is a backup system in File manager to save the directories & setting for future help. It is beneficial during data loss; it helps in restoring data.

  3. Can File Manager permit importing of the client’s QuickBooks files?

    Yes, QuickBooks File manager allows users to import data

  4. Is the file manager including usernames?

    Yes, QuickBooks file manager contains user names along with passwords.

  5. From where in QuickBooks file manager you can import QuickBooks files?

    You can import from Client Folders & QuickBooks file names.

  6. Which method of importing is preferred if you have already organized company files & folders?

    If you have organized files to import, then start importing from client folder names. You can find this by locating QuickBooks file manager and then hitting on the drop-down named Clients, choosing to Add clients via, and then selecting an update client list wizard.

  7. How can you utilize QuickBooks File manager in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Accountant Edition?

    We are already aware QB Desktop Enterprise Accountant is one of QuickBooks Advanced Edition. After going through the above point, you know that QuickBooks File Manager is an independent application that works with QB Enterprise Accountant and QB Enterprise edition to secure your company files including user credentials. You find this application helpful when you look to import your QuickBooks Company or want to upgrade your version with another advanced version.

    Though, this application is a standalone tool and can be accessed directly with your Desktop or Accountant menu that is available in your QuickBooks Accountant Editions.

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